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Sensitive to an unjust world; Aware, Black, and Gifted, he experienced Traumas that lead to extreme emotional distress. What he needed was community based support that would validate his awareness and his pain and support him in finding ways to heal and make the changes he so deeply desired 

Here is a timeline of his early years, including his successes, dreams and challenges. Also is included the public criminal record misinterpretations-and missing context.

Age 11,12
WA State Chess Champion and Omsi Chess runner-up
Age 12
John Hopkins Univ. Award for SAT score-
Scoring in top 25% of college bound high senior
Age 12-13
Enters junior high school for the first time…Experiences extreme racism from teachers in mostly all-white school
The court records refer to Siddaharta having trouble in junior high school/they do not mention the extreme racism he experienced
Age 13
Age 13 Falsely accused in court by school  ass’t principal and counselor Gregg Wallace. Siddharta was found guilty of a crime he did not commit. Wallace later admitted to me, his mother, why he lied under oath against a 13 year old young African American male… he felt that  Siddharta’s needs would be better met by Juvenile Services…
Incorrect public record
The records state he he has extensive criminal record as a youth beginning at age 13 with theft of a coat...  Siddharta was returning the coatt and Wallace used this as an opportunity to get Siddharta temporarily removed from the school by lying to the court.
Age 13
Age 13 Made decision that
if I am going to get in trouble for trying to do the right thing, I might as well get in trouble for doing something wrong
Age 13
Parents separate-
Sidd ran-away, lived on streets for 3 months
Returning home deeply grieved and sharing about life on the streets----tears staining face as he shares how  “America throws away its young and old”

Rebellious youth /
Missing context
parents separation
Throwaway society

Age 13
Becomes self-proclaimed “crime-fighter”
Fighting against racism, youthism and a system that throws away its young and old…
Parents separate for first time, 
Parents reunite and separate several times---mother dates during separations---
Sidd reacts with  anger
Age 14
Age 14 Was with new friends when one friend left the house party with the owners gun but friends did not know…Siddharta and other friends, after leaving the party later, were  arrested and all charged with theft of a firearm
Charged with theft of a firearm/
missing context
the  boys did not know their friend had taken the gun during the house party

Age 13-17
Struggles against an education system that is extremely racist and also that he asked the deeply reflective question “why should the school determine what my intelligence be used for” and begins intensive self-guided independent study and mentorships in the community, while skipping alternative school classe/alternately lives “2 life” on the streets”

The records say he did not finish 8th grade...missing context; after passing the SAT in 7th grade with extremely high marks, he began a course of mentoring and self-guided study

Age 13-17 Lives between home friends and the streets. Young crime-fighter  also begins to self medicate his anger, rage and depression with alcohol and  later with street drugs…

charged w/theft of  a vehicle
Charged with theft of a vehicle—I reported he took my car without asking…it  was found the next day nearby, undamaged...  other minor charges mostly involving family such as throwing cold water on me, his mother
Age 13-17
Counseling for young crime-fighter is mostly just one hour a week ---
Counseling doesn’t address the ails of a throwaway society, the bitterness between arguing parents, the racism experienced in schools and unjust conviction, but instead focuses on mostly  “fixing” the young black crime-fighter
Anger, stress, rage against the society and against parents breakup  and experimenting with street drugs, begins to cause trauma induced psychosis and he commits acts that are criminalized but does not harm person or property.
Age 17  Autumn
Raped by a local white man who housed and gave drugs to homeless or run-away teen-age boys ---  he did not tell his mother or the woman  psychiatrist about this major abuse…He did report it  when he was hospitalized 1 year later---they failed their legal responsibility to report rape of a minor to authorities…again he reported it to the police when he was 20 and nothing was done
        Now suffering from an untreated severe trauma
Age 17
Kaiser Doctor recommends Psychiatric treatment
Local psychiatrist  writes prescription without INFORMED CONSENT-no warning whatsoever to parent and son about possible dangerous side effects to be alert for or dangers of sudden withdraw***FDA recommended maximum daily dose for minors age 5-17
.5 mg /
psychiatrist writes prescription for young minor African American Male for
6 mg the maximum adult dose.  This is 1200% of the recommended doseage
Massive overdosing of brain altering drug called ---follow up appointment by psychiatrist is scheduled  1 month away
Siddharta’s depression deepens and he experiences
severe muscle cramps and stiffness and other dangerous side effects.
Mother believes these symptoms are part of his illness
We were not informed of any side effects to watch for and thus not told to call the Dr. immediately if  side effects were experienced …increased depression , and dystonia, which is severe muscle cramping are  side effects that one should immediately call the doctor when experienced…again no warning was given by the Dr. and follow up app't was 1 month away
Siddarta Begins to take medicine off and on because of the severe side effects he experienced…
NO WARNING was also given about the dangerous effects  of abrupt withdraw!
Within 6 months after being dangerously over dosed Dec 2, 1994 , as a minor, and starting and stopping the medication over and over again, he began to experience akathisia, a drug induced inner torment that can drive one to suicide or homicidal murderous thoughts…during that period there are notes from Kaiser hospital emergency telephone line stating that we called because he threatened to kill us and we wanted to get him help; there are also notes from the hospital that said that he called 911 for help the day he thought he was dying… later that same day he broke a window believing it might help save his life and  he was criminalized for it. It was his first act as an adult under the spell of these drugs and he was tried as a criminal.

What Happened? He left our home to get help early that morning, June 10, 1995, believing he was dying from being poisoned by us. Little did any of us know,  he was experiencing “akathisia”, a toxic poisoning side effect that some people experience from the drugs and their withdraw effect. A few blocks from our house, in an almost all white neighborhood at approx..7:00am, he desperately tried to get someone to call for help…he knocked on two doors and no one answered, he stumbled to the third door, sure that if no one answered he would soon die.  Again no one answered, so in the moments of what he thought would be his last breaths on earth, he took a stick and broke the picture window of the house and then stumbled to the middle of the quiet neighborhood street and sat down hoping the police would be called in time enough to save his life. Once again, this gifted, young sensitive, African American man met a racist response…as they arrived he cried out that he was dying from being poisoned and please take him to the hospital. They surrounded him, read him his rights, and took  him to jail. He is first booked on malicious mischief and then later on burglary charges. There are two police reports that are written. One describes the scene exactly as Siddharta later relates when I, his mother bailed him out of jail, and took him to a hospital. The other police report states that he ask to be taken to the hospital, but adds that a neighbor saw him, caught him and restrained him in the streets until the police came…there is no mention of the neighbors name in the report nor is the neighbor ever brought up again as a witness. He was NOT restrained he was desperately waiting for HELP!
Since my son’s first dangerous maximum adult overdose of psychiatric mind-altering drugs, when he was only a 17 year old minor, he has been hospitalized locally or in state hospitals over 20 times in the last 17 years. Not once has he ever RECEIVED trauma informed care. Always in all of the hospitals he has been coerced or forced to take psychiatric drugs and never given fully informed consent or choice.
As  my son has been increasingly drugged and also often suddenly stopped taking the drugs on his own(because of the side effects) soon after being released; he has consequently been hospitalized or jailed for increasingly bizarre, confused or aggressive acts that have been criminalized, over the last 17  years. 
Never once has  the  withdraw or side effects of the drugs been implicated as a plausible and strongly contributing factor by the treating staff and/or arresting authorities…despite massive lawsuits penalizing the makers of these drugs.
It has only been through research of    Dr. Breggin’s  book  “Your Drug May be Your Problem”,                   Robert Whitaker’s  book “Anatomy of an Epidemic”,   and many, many others and websites like          Mindfreedom.orgRethinking                                                               And  organizations like ISEPP (the International Society for Ethical Psychiatry and Psychology )  at that my eyes have been open to the terrible fate that has truly befallen my son and  others. As well as our community!
Today he sits in a jail, still never having received intensive trauma informed care, still struggling for sanity, often in torturous jail isolation cells, still exhibiting the withdraw effects of aggressive, bizarre, and unusual behavior, still hoping to someday have real support to heal                                                                                          and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.
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