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Mental Health Rights YES!
 Eita Darguzhene and myself, Cindi Fisher, are two dedicated and determined mothers who came together to support each other as we attempted to support our adult children who were very distressed within the mental health system.
Our experience with the mental health professionals and systems were often very frustrating, and disturbing, and our adult children 's distress within the system were extremely traumatic.
Our challenges, experiences and successes  motivated us to work toward creating a support, advocacy and education group for others who might benefit from what we have learned and also to learn from what others have learned in their struggles in the mental health system.We were supported by many of  you and received critical support and information from Mindfreedom International, Carol Willey of Crossroads to Change, Steve Pierce of CCHR,  and Jim Gottstein of PsychRights
Join us for 1) information regarding mental health rights and advocacy,   2) experience community and support through gaining new friends, information and sharing experiences, 3) learn about successful models of alternative holistic recovery models and imagine what we might advocate for here.
It became clear to both of us, that any real recovery model must include
1) the voice and choice of the individual and compassionate and caring family members
2) empowered relationship building
3) empowered support from the community
4) peer run respite teams
5) peer run respite houses
6) Soteria-like residential homes
70 Long term rehabilitation retreat sanctuaries in nature

Thus Mental Health Rights YES evolved into Mental health Rights YES and The Village Vision...
The Village Vision and Mental Health Rights YES, recognizes that our modern lifestyles of extreme competitiveness and materialism,  labeling, and isolation have left the majority of us alienated, lonely and disconnected from the strength of  true community; especially vulnerable are the children in such disconnected communities; and especially alienated are those individuals that  have been marginalized through labeling and stigmatization with no or very little hope and very little support for real recovery  … If it takes a village to raise a child, then without a village the children will perish; and of course without a Vision the people will perish. Thus to meet the need of the children of our times;  to meet the need of those who have been marginalized and stigmatized; and to meet the need of those individuals and families who are  disconnected with out real  community,  The Village Vision and Mental Health Rights YES is dedicated to the Vision of Raising the Village.
Vision Statement
Our vision is a strong, vibrant, interconnected, resilient, creative Vancouver Community! Our community is inclusive and supportive of all of its members. Each individual from birth to death is valued by the community and is supported in discovering and sharing his or her unique gifts, talents and contributions; regardless of perceived abilities or differences. We live, work and learn together as expanded families, with relationships based on respect, honesty, transparency, integrity,  mutual support, shared responsibility and caring for ourselves, each other, the community and the earth. Our lifestyles foster simplicity, sustainability and stewardship of the entire community and the Earth. We also are aware that we are interdependent on other communities, both locally and globally, and are a part of the web of all life; thus we live and act as if all life matters; because we believe they do!
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