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"Other hospitals in Washington have to report their mishaps to the Department of Health. You can find long lists of surgical errors and other problems online. So you can judge for yourself which hospitals are safe to use. But you won't find anything about Western State or Eastern State Hospital. They are exempt from reporting their mishaps to the state."
quote from John Ryan's Interview  (Northwest Public Radio)
HIGH LEVEL PRIVACY (MOMCINDI prefers to refer to it as secrecy)
"For the better part of a century, thousands of Western State Hospital patients were buried here anonymously. There was such a stigma, such a sense of shame, attached to mental illness that the hospital kept its patients’ identities a secret – even after they died.Eight years ago, Gov. Gary Locke signed a law that allows the hospital to release patient names so their graves won't have to go unmarked. Volunteers have managed to put names on about a third of the 3,200 graves here. But even today, the law only allows the hospitals to name names if the patients have been dead at least 50 years. Today, information about the inner workings of any hospital is hard to come by. Patients' privacy is carefully guarded by state and federal law At psychiatric institutions like Western State Hospital, the privacy measures are even stricter. Cameras aren't even allowed on the grounds at Western."
Another quote from John Ryan's radio interview in April 2012 regarding the suicide death of Megan Ryan
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