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WSH Floor S-10  
Watch this section for retaliations by An----a  on Floor S-10 or other administrators at Western Satet Hospital 
Saturday January 12, 2013
Details of Western States recent retaliation for my advocacy work...

S-10 nurses station told me I could not visit my son
I talk to the nurses station on S-10 every day, so if they needed to communicate with me they easily could and of course they have my telephone number. 

On Tuesday January 8, I traveled 2 1/2 hours to visit my son. I had been visiting him 2 to 3 times a week.  It was cold, rainy, and getting dark. I called up to his floor to ask to be let in. Shortly after that a staff member came to the door and informed me I COULD NOT VISIT MY SON...
Decision arbitrary with no prior communication or discussion
I was in shock and disbelief, and filled with righteous indignation! How could they just arbitrarily deny  a mother visiting privileges, without any conference or prior notice. And yet, I knew from my own experience over the years and from other mothers' experience with this hospital that indeed this is often how things are done.

Fabricating a story
When I insisted on an explanation I was told I had threatened a staff member and the entire staff now did not feel safe.

This was a total fabrication.  My strategy is clearly to expose the truth, no need to threaten when the truth will do that for you. When I talked to the CEO's assistant, I was told they would report my concern to DR. Laura Kelso, but she would not get back to me for 2 days?  What? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I called the medical director's office and left a recorded message, determined that I was going to be able to visit my son that day. I called back to the floor and demanded to know what it was I was alleged to have said and to who?  They said they were not allowed to divulge that information. I asked to speak to their  supervisor, RN 4 Nurse Sandhu...Long story short.  Director Kelso, Nurse Sandhu and the medical director's office eventually agreed I had not made any threats, but no-one including Laura Kelso, seemed interested in finding out who  made these false allegations and why they were used to retaliate against me.
My son and I visit and share food 
I will say that thanks to my dogged determination and Nurse Sandhu's integrity, I was able to visit my son that evening and also able to thwart another effort to retaliate against me...which was to try and limit that visit to 30 minutes.

New Retaliation---and again no conference, no discussion

Now I have been told by the guardian ad litum that the treatment team has decided that I can no longer bring food, this---without explanation or conference. The treatment team consist of social worker Dave Getty, Dr. Aulekh and the nurses. Food from the outside has been the highlight of my son's painful prolonged imprisoned life. If they are concerned about his drug induced diabetes, I wish they would be concerned enough to stop injecting him with diabetes inducing  drugs. One of the nurses said that it was the perishable food that I could no longer bring, and we talked about other possibilities,and I agreed but even that changed the next day, to NO FOOD even during visits.

Hoping to see the food policy in writing
 It is also a hospital policy that food can be brought at least to be eaten during a visit.. Dr. kelso says that it is the treatment teams final call to make for even that patient's privilege. And I ask can the treatment team violate hospital policy and retaliate at will... after all she did just admit that indeed there had been no threat made by me
I have also asked to see the food policy, which I have been told exist but so far no-one seems to be able to locate.

Looking forward to all  communication now being in writing from S-10
I have asked Dr. Kelso to request that all of S-10 communication with me be in writing. She has agreed to make this request of them.

Is the Daily Hospital Cost $550 or $584
Stay tune for the next chapter of my son's imprisoned life, the total dollars earned so far this year by his imprisonment, and any further fabrications that may be made against me.
.Just for the record, I do believe the daily cost the state now pays is$584/day not $550. I will confirm this soon.


FLOOR S-10 Communication report: Ratings for Dr. Aulekh   Friday January 4, 2012  Grade C  January 5/6 Soc Worker Dave Getty for contacting Guardian for meeting with treatment team Grade FJanuary 5/6 Dr. Waiblinger, Medical Director, for following through with proposed team meeting Grade FJanuary 8 RN  Nurse Sandhu for communication  B+

Reflections of a Mother who visits her son at Western State Hospital floor S-10

We began looking for housing for my son, Siddharta Fisher in September,2012 with housing being the main obstacle standing in the way of his release according to the guardian and the doctor at that time.
Now almost 4 months later $550/day is a real good reason to delay housing.. gosh we could have put a down payment on a house and hired staff that would do trauma informed care and REALLY help him actually recover, rather than treat for guaranteed recidivism and cause life long debilitating diseases, that WSH gets to prescribe and charge for even more medications...

 (4 months X 30days X $550/day = $110,000), it seems clear to me that my son's release might be delayed for several reasons...but it also seems the bottom line just might be for financial gain...a good cash cow...
One of my Mothers of the M.O.M.S. Movement reported to me that WSH got in trouble in the past for using the SS numbers of deceased patients to bill medicare for, and to add to that, more recently put the discharge date of her son one month after the actual discharge date...since their privacy HIPAA policy is not to disclose the death of patients to the public, for 50 years... it seems that indeed they might be in the cash cow business...

Violations of  International Human Rights on S-10  and the consistent abuse and misuse of the HIPAA LAW
1.Patients do not have the right to a fresh air break--they must earn the right to breathe fresh air... 
        Fresh air is a human right...and hospital patients are NOT PRISONERS

2. Those who smoke can earn the right to breathe fresh air easier than those who do not smoke...thus it encourages one to take up breathing nicotine so one can also see blue skies and breathe air through the nicotine

3. Patients phone calls are monitored
        Every hospital floor is suppose to have a phone available for patients private use... S-10 DOES NOT HAVE THAT---scroll down on my home page to find out why my son was transferred to a floor without a patient is under WSH retaliation on the home page

4. Patients phone calls are monitored..
   Because S-10 does not have a patient phone one must call through the nurses station to ask for the patient---the nurses have decided that they need to screen calls to patients, and so they ask who is calling under the guise of HIPAA...this is part of the way HIPAA is abused and misused and keeps patients cut off from the outside world

5. A Patient is threatened with loss of levels if they talk with visitors, who come to visit another patient.. again this is another way that HIPAA is used and abused...they say it is to protect the privacy of the patient...but given what I have seen, what I know from other mothers who have adults in the hospital, this is clearly a way to maintain secrecy... concerning violations of human rights and dignity...

6. Patients are kept isolated, alienated and cut off from the world
A young woman was desperate to talk with someone from the outside world...her parents are both severely disabled and she has not had visitors the entire time she has been there...I gave her my number and she called me collect...she was so excited to talk to me... she quit calling after 2 calls..on Christmas she told me they said she couldn't call me and took my number from her... I know she was threatened with loss of levels...and probably will get in more trouble after I write this...and guess what their excuse is  you got it!! HIPAA

7. Patients are kept isolated, alienated, and cut off from the if they are prisoners...under the abuse of the HIPAA Law...  do they really expect recovery under these terms
on Christmas day I happily arrived with factory sealed food and a gift requested by this young lady for Christmas and gifts and food for my son...she was sooo glad to see soon as I arrived at the desk I was given a number I was to call rightaway...a very rude woman's voice told me I am not to "roam the halls" but to go straight to the visitor room and not talk to any of the patients and stay in there...and I could NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO ANYBODY but my son---its the HIPAA law...I angrily responded if I needed to go to the bathroom, talk to the nurses, or ask a question of someone I would do so and I hung up.  The young woman was totally crestfallen when I told her I had bought everything she asked for, but could not give it to her.  AND NO she was not on dietary restrictions, but if she was and they cared, they could have told me what she Could have...again another ABUSE OF HIPAA... her last words to me were to pleeease pray for her...  I will R____n...

Here is greater details of my story
I have been visiting my son for over a year now...He has been on S-10 since April, I believe.  I met a young woman there who immediately seemed drawn to me and since I always bought Sidd food she ask me to bring her something.  When I first met her, she seemed a healthy weight and had good color to her skin ...She began to interact with Sidd and I more and more often when I would arrive. She told me her parents were gravely disabled and she had not had a visitor the entire time she was there.  She ask me to bring her some food from the outside.  Finally, months later, watching her lose weight, lose color, and lose hope, I told her to ask the staff if she could have me bring something. She asked a floor RN and they said yes...  I did so on Christmas day...and you read the rest of the story above

regarding my son, Siddharta Fisher...
December 27, 2012
I have been visiting my son now for over a year.  They began discharge plans in September, 2012 Supposedly they could not find housing.  I have a beautiful place he could stay at.  They will not OK it. At the end of  October 2012 because they still could not agree on housing, they made  two other conditions that needed to be met before he could quit bringing them in $550.00 day plus doctor visits and pills.....I would say that he averages them at least $5,000/week, including the medication they must give him for the diabetes and thyroid imbalance they caused.

They said he must first have home care assessment and then drug and alcohol assessment.  And then they told him that it would be at least 60 more days after the assessments were made before he would be released..
OK here we are  2 months after they declared he needed an assessments...about $10,000.00 dollars later and NO assessment has been given, unless it was in the last week, and no arrangements for housing have been found...$550./day is a real good reason to delay housing...gosh we could have put a down payment on a house and hired staff that would do trauma informed care and REALLY help him actually cover, rather than treat for guaranteed recitivism

His empty bedroom that he could have for free and a psychiatrist I found that believes in trauma informed care wait and wait and wait for him.

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