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   Western State Hospital  is NOT 
licensed as a psychiatric hospital under state law (part 2)

KUOW's radio investigator/interviewer John Ryan, in his 9/2012  transcribed interview "Safety and Suicide at Western State" refers to an earlier investigative report in 2008 by a KIRO News Team, investigating another suicide at WSH. WSH refused to respond to Ryan's inquiries  regarding the followup to that tragedy.

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In 2008 the KIRO Team experienced similar refusals.

Now folks, finish reading this page and then return here and click on the full transcript of   KIRO TV's report:  I found it to be quite disturbing.

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Here is the partial 2009 transcript of
 The Suicide Bed: A Cover-Up At Western State Mental Hospital 

Kiro TV Transcript:"When a patient dies behind the gates of Washington’s largest state-run mental hospital, the Department of Social and Health Services tells us that it's none of our business. In addition, that agency refuses to provide thousands of the records KIRO-TV requested regarding multiple suicides there..."

Kiro TV Transcript: Although DSHS refused to provide us any relevant documents regarding the suicide, we obtained hundreds from a variety of sources anyway, and they are damaging."

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from MOM Cindi...
IF Western State Hospital and Eastern State Hospital were licensed as state mental health hospitals under RCW 71.12 as all other psychiatric hospitals  ARE MANDATED BY LAW UNDER PUNISHMENT OF FINES AND INCARCERATION;  would WSH have been held more immediately and publicly accountable?
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a note of outrage and concern from Mom Cindi   The answer our public  demands is why has our state allowed the largest mental health institution in the Northwest and in our state escape the requirement of being licensed as a state psychiatric hospital and thus be under the scrutiny it requires of smaller psychiatric hospitals, including reporting its errors and making them public. 

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