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Concerning Retaliation...

 Dr. Watson requested as expert witness
When I petitioned the treatment team in April 2010 to include my son and I, in a meaningful way in dialogue about his treatment, they ignored us once again. I informed his attorney that I did not not want him forced drug and if a petition were presented we would exercise my son's legal right to request an expert witness to challenge the petition to force drug and commit my son.   I informed the lawyer that Dr. Toby Watson, Director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, would testify about the dangerous and life threatening long term effects of psychiatric drugging.           Dr. Watson travels around the world testifying about the negative long term effects of psychotropic drugs and in 75% of the cases the judge denies the petition of forced druggimg and often involuntary commitment! 
April 18, 2010
Retaliation for demanding expert witness to challenge their treatment
It seems like my son became a hot potato; On Wednesday April 13, I was told my son appeared to be gravely disabled and would probably be there a full 30 days and possibly longer. I insisted on a hearing with Dr. Watson. On Monday, April 18,  he was evaluated as sane and with no real discharge plan in place, he was put on a bus that did not even stop in our home town; by midnight I placed a missing person's report with the police and at 2:00am in the morning he called me from the streets of Portland. The local mental health team was shocked at the entire process and after their concern about the poor discharge plan fell on deaf ears at Western State, they told me they were going to file a complaint against western State...

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