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What Mothers' DO NOT WANT
Mental Health is something that we all strive for. 
In our fast paced, disconnected society, alienation and isolation are common, and often threaten mental  and physical health.  Whenever challenges and whatever illness are experienced, what is needed is compassion, care, support and empowerment
When we as Mothers or Other individuals, seek OR need help or support for raising or healing our children, adult or minor;
1) We do not want, nor need the state or other agencies to step in with tyrannical control and power over us, backed up by the police and kidnap our children; (Michigan -read Maryanne Godboldo's Story here) The State is seeking to take guardianship of Maryanne's 13 year old daughter. The hearing begins September 29, 2011...see urgent alert on Home Page for Maryanne Godboldo! Update: Maryanne's daughter was allowed to return home September 30, 2011!
2) We do not need or want  locked "treatment facilities," that keep our children  imprisoned, isolated, alienated, abused, traumatized and drugged;
3) We do not need or want locked "treatment" facilities" that often keep loved ones locked out!(Oregon-read Marcia Meyer's Story here)Lisa released from hospital Confinement  March 2011!!!! Lisa's story is the amazing will of a young woman who refused to accept their false diagnosis and treatment and  was forcefully medicated against her will for 11 months... Welcome Home Lisa Congratulations on your powerful advocacy Marcia!
4)  We do not need or want  "treatment" that includes the most gross violations of human rights; and null and voids our loved one's most basic constitutional rights; (North Carolina read Susan Vaughan's Story about daughter Jennifer) Jennifer released August 2011...thanks  to all your support and her Mother's persistent advocacy
5) We do not need or want our children  medicated against their or our will, this especially includes medications that have been proven to do more harm than good for most individuals; (Washington read Cindi Fisher's Story here)September 2011 Siddharta is currently in Western State Hospital and given double the FDA recommended daily dose of Geodon. Pfizer lost a 203 billion dollar lawsuit in 2010 regarding lying about the effects of Geodaon. This drug is known to increase violence and aggressiveness. He recently was put n a mood stabilizer BECAUSE he  became more agreesive and threatening!
6) We do not  need or want hospital courts to decide for us, what is best for our children
(New Hampshire-read Aleshanee's Story here)Miraculously Daniella was released June 2011(a horrifying 1 year after her commitment) despite an unbelievable 5 year commitment sentence...thanks for your amazing support and advocacy and her Mom's incredible blog
It is not good for us as Mothers, it is NOT good for our Children, it is NOT  good for our Communities, nor is it good for Our Country OR Our World!
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