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  Update on attempt to BAN Mother & Son Visits and phone calls!
Friday January 18, 2013 I called my son as I usually do. 
I am his mother and I am the only meaningful connection he has with the outside world. I was informed that I was banned from talking to him and visiting him.
He has been locked up for almost a year, in a very oprressive and controlling environment, that is not supposed to be a prison; it is supposed to be a place of healing and recovery. And yet, he has begged me over and over to get him out of there. He has never ever expressed healing, comfort, acceptance or gratitude for this type of "recovery treatment?.?."
I am very concerned about his mental, emotional and physical well being. He has experienced many severe side effects from the drugging treatment, and is growing more and more stressed as his release continues to be delayed due to bureaucratic decisions and his original traumas have never been addressed. If he reacts to this isolation and restrictive measures, when he is already deeply stressed and upset about the continual delay, they will blame him...  I will keep you updated!
I have been requesting a meeting with the treatment team,  the guardian, medical director Dr. Waiblinger, myself and my son, since mid November, 2012. 
In late Novemebr, Dr. Waiblinger assured me it would happen within 7 days  and then he became sick and did not return to work for several days.  In the meantime the guardian's resignation was final on November 30, 2012 and the new temporary guardian ad litum (GAL), Lisa Rasmussen, was assigned.I have placed the same request often with her. Thus i have been requesting the same treatment team meeting over and over and over, and it still has never taken place. 
It is not necessary to beg, plead, demand, or pray for such inclusion!!!! Respecting Human Rights and Human Dignity are essential to their process. The OPEN DIALOGUE PROCESS has an 80% full recovery rate with people who have their first psychosis and are diagnosed with schizophrenia. In the OPEN DIALOGUE PROCESS Full Recovery means no sign of the psychosis, and integration back into society with no or very little stigma and functioning at the same or higher level prior to the break. In THE OPEN DIALOGUE PROCESS, such vulnerable people are seldom drugged, confined, restrained or hospitalized, and yet their recovery rate is phenomenal! The Center and Success of their recovery is building relationship beginning with DIALOGUE! Hellloooo!
My son has never complained about my calls and, when he is not drugged, sleepy, eating or bored to death, he will always answer my calls. Even though our calls are short, usually no longer than 5 or 10 minutes I have had more regular interactive communication with him than anyone on the floor, the entire 12 months he has been confined. The complaint has been that my son stays in his room and does not interact with staff and staff have not been able to build a relationship with him. They want to suggest that it is I that have prevented such communication in my 5 minute phone calls to him, when they have had thousands of hours of opportunity to dialogue and build a relationship. I would counter that they do not have the time and skills to communicate and break down the walls of resistance of someone who feels he is being kept and treated as a prisoner, and a strong Spirit. And if they were really concerned about recovery they would be including both he and I in regular meeting, treating him as human being with dignity and respect!
WHY WOULD THEY CUT OFF THE MAIN PERSON WHO HE HAS A POSITIVE STRONG RELATIONSHIP TO.  AND what kind of reaction are they hoping will happen, so they can point their finger at HIM??
According to OPEN DIALOGUE, they see relationships as KEY to Recovery! Perhaps that is why they have a recovery rate of 80% FULL RECOVERY and my son has returned to Western State Hospital over 15 times, and NEVER IN ALL OF THE REPORTS WILL there be the name of ONE STAFF,  WHO HAS BEEN ABLE TO ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SON!
How is this punitive, reactionary action carried out.
 He is placed on the ONLY floor in the hospital where the patients rights ARE VIOLATED because there is not a phone dedicated to patients use, which is part of WSH policy. Every call MUST GO THROUGH THE NURSES STATION and the calls are often screened or censored before being forwarded to a phone located on the nurses station desk. There there is no chair and there is no privacy... 
On Friday, when I was informed that I could NOT speak with him nor VISIT with him any more, I questioned upon whose authority... the answer to my question was that Social Worker Dave Getty had given the decree.
Since there had been an accusation against me previously and on which were based similart punitive actions were taken against me (the accusations were proven false) Clinical Social Work Director Laura Kelso, agreed that all future communication to me regarding restrictions would be in writing, prior to implementing restrictive measures. I have yet to receive a later regarding these punitive, anti-recovery measures
So on Friday, January 18, Laura Kelso returned my call regarding my outrage at having my son's and my International Human Rights violated, by preventing precious visits and communication and STILL,  NO inclusive meeting and NO letter; she stated she was reviewing the letter at that very moment, but the bottom line is (says Laura Kelso)when the guardian ad litum" gives an order for her charge, They MUST Follow it (and so clinical director Laura Kelso clearly lays the source of the ban at the GAL's feet).
When I challenged this outright violation of my son's human rights the GAL informed me in an email on Friday, that she is agreeing with the TREATMENT TEAMS DECISION( therefore laying the decision at the treatment teams feet)
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Read about Western States Actual License below in red and then please call, fax or email...
Tell Sen Murray the following 3 points
1. I am outraged and concerned about the licensing of Western State Hospital,
2.  Western State Hospital must be mandated to 
        a. apply for licensing  as a state psychiatric hospital under RCW 71.12
        b. begin training and implementing 
                        BEST PRACTICES of trauma informed, low or no-dose drug    treatment               
                         BEST PRACTICES for psychiatric drug withdraw practices
3. Restore visiting privileges between Siddharta Fisher and his Mother immediately. Release Siddharta Fisher and pay for treatment for culturally sensitive, trauma informed,  therapy sessions... the hospital has already wasted more than a quarter million dollars of  tax payer dollars in the 2012 year alone... and well over a million dollars over the last 17 years of so called treatment at great risk to Siddharta, his family and the community over the years...Enough is Enough!!!!
Western State Hospital (WSH) is NOT licensed as a state psychiatric hospital! (part 1) 
Instead they are licensed in Washington State only as a Medical Test Site with waiver. 

*WSH's  psychiatric hospital license is under the Federal Joint Commission.
*Although WSH has received the gold seal rating under the Joint Commission accreditation, if it were licensed under our state RCW 71.12, the hospital would be under much more public scrutiny.
*The following is a quote from a transcribed radio interview, KUOW's John Ryan had with WSH staff after their investigation of the recent suicide death (April 24, 2012) at Western State Hospital, of 20 year old Megan Templeton 4 days after her 20th birthday. It highlights Western State's  ability to avoid public scrutiny ... Click here for the full transcribed interview
' "Today, information about the inner workings of any hospital is hard to come by. Patients' privacy is carefully guarded by state and federal laws.At psychiatric institutions like Western State Hospital, the privacy measures are even stricter. Cameras aren't even allowed on the grounds at Western.
"Other hospitals in Washington have to report their mishaps to the Department of Health. You can find long lists of surgical errors and other problems online. So you can judge for yourself which hospitals are safe to use. But you won't find anything about Western State or Eastern  State Hospital. They are exempt from reporting their mishaps to the state."
Brian Waiblinger is Western's medical director.
Waiblinger: "I don't know why we're exempt from that. We already report to our accrediting agency."

Ryan "That agency, called the Joint Commission, generally doesn't release information on individual hospitals' mishaps." (KUOW filed a public records request with Western State Hospital to get the Joint Commission's investigation.)
For more details click here for part 2
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