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Hello Friends,

I would like to share with you two projects that I am very excited about and involved in!

I am hoping many of you will be moved to join us in at least one of them!

Although your involvement can be electronically, and that would be Welcomed, I hope that a few of you will be inspired enough to actually  make the beautiful Northwest your new home, to help create the desparately needed alternatives.

Join us by telephone or move here and become part of our growing vision of a Beyond Soteria Coop House, which will also be key to our long term vision of  creating and passing a legally binding Community Bill of Rights, which would prevent forced drugging and commitment!

You are Invited to Join Us!

1.) Beyond Soteria! A small dedicated core group are currently looking for two houses together to purchase in Vancouver, WA., (20 minutes from Portland OR and our Rethinking Psychiatry friends.) We envision creating two empowering, safe Village-like-Co-op houses that will model how neighborhoods can support individuals in crisis and/or moving beyond psychiatric drugs; including the crisis induced from trauma or psychiatric drug- induced violence, and at the same time build sustainability and real community among neighbors.

The original Soteria House is our beginning inspiration! And yet, Soteria focused on first time psychosis experiencers. TODAY there are so many that experience and/or suffer... some from multiple psychosis episodes; others from the torture and trauma of forced inhumane, degrading, treatment in the mental illness and criminal justice systems; and still others from the effects, after effects and withdrawal of  psychiatric drugs. So embracing all of the rich lessons from Soteria, we are holding the vision of what comes next; Beyond Soteria.

We are working with a wonderful and very successful real estate investor, who has successfully created several houses of real recovery in the Portland metropolitan area. We are tapping his expertise not only to find two houses that are a solid investment, but also learning from his challenges, successes and quite innovative real estate investment ideas.
If you are looking for a solid investment or are interested in joining us in planning Beyond Soteria, Please write me, Cindi Fisher at TheMOMSMovement

2) A Community Bill of Rights. Imagine a legally enforceable Community Bill of Rights, that would include, among other rights; the right of its community members to be free from forced injections and forced commitment.

Sounds like a pipe dream??? Watch these two 10-12 minute videos  interviewing Paul Cienfuegos, from Portland Oregon, explaining how 160 communities in only the last 12 years, have taken back many different rights and empowered their community to protect the safety and welfare of its citizens. I studied under Paul for a year.

Tina Minkowitz (of CHRUSP), Joanne Baek, and I just finished a 6 weeks, weekly teleconference session, studying the history of the Community Rights Movement,and the possibilities it has for  abolishing forced drugging and commitment . 

Next we envision inviting You to join us in our next 6 week teleconference, (OCtober 2014 -dates TBA.) We will use that history, with Paul as our consultant, to embolden us to begin to craft our first bill of rights draft to protect a community from forced treatment, in all of its forms, and create a mandate for alternatives; as well as strategize on how to actually pass such a legally binding ordinance, in our first town.

It is indeed, a long term project, and we have already taken the first baby steps. If you would like to know more email me at and put in the subject “Bill of Rights Teleconference."


Cindi Fisher
P.S. Rethinking Psychiatry's  "Healing Hearts, Minds, and Bodies Symposium" was a very empowering success!
 Healing Hearts, Minds, and Bodies Symposium May 16, 17, 2014 Hearts, Minds and Bodies-Symposium-May-16-17/ in Portland, Oregon featuring Dr. Gordon, the founder and director of The Center for Mind Body Medicine in Washington DC. It will be 1 ½ days of likeminded people inspiring each other and having fun while we are at it. Come early and tour Portland!

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