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The M.O.M.S. Movement
The MOMS Movement is now a movement of mothers, survivors, fathers, and supporters  whose mission it is, to rebuild, empower and strengthen community bonds, through sustainable activities that create empowerment, connection and support among neighbors! It is the connection, empowerment, and positive vision of the community that we believe will raise the village, once again nourishing the natural wonder and curiosity of our young and creating a world worth "Living for" for our young adults! ( The 3rd leading cause of death of our young adults is suicide)
We support and empower the voice and choice of  individuals and their family when seeking help
with symptoms that are labeled as mental illness and we are seeking to create communities that are compassionate, empathetic and empowered; places where all hearts can heal and grow strong.

 When the Village is truly raised, a  wonderful inclusive, connected, resilient, sustainable community network is created and includes care for its young and old; those who have been marginalized because of their differences, as well as all other members of the community and the Earth.........
Here is a link that I believe personifies the power of  village building in Sweden click here

The M.O.M.S. Movement!
the Movement  Of   M others-and-Others  Standing-up-together
Re-Inventing Communities
ReClaiming Hearts!
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