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Update by Grace...
Day 6 Cindi Called me, shared and asked me to update others
Cindi reports that she is experiencing exhaustion: hauling her very heavy portable bannering kit and food for Sidd on up to 4 buses; traveling up to 5-1/2 hours a day; standing out in the cold; facing harassment by hospital security; and being close to the suffering of the women, men and children locked in the hospital, drugged and shocked against their will, and often against the will of their families.

She noticed herself becoming deeply frustrated at having to spend so much of her life fighting like this, when she remembered that the people on the inside spend so much more of their lives locked up every day, in some cases for years.

She noticed a lot of sadness. For all her work to bring whatever Sidd wants as she is able, he can be demanding, not showing appreciation or compassion. Sometimes she wonders, "Why do I bother?" Then she flashes back to how exceptionally sensitive and compassionate this son was as a young man. As a teenager, he left his comfortable middle-class home to understand the desperation of people living on the streets and in great poverty, and that's when the sadness comes so strongly: this isn't her son, but what the medication, being locked up for so many years, and being alienated from community did to her son, what him watching people walk in circles all day, in desperation and resignation did to him.

She is then able to begin to imagine how it may feel to Sidd, that he has to live this every day, while she gets to walk away free....
On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 12:28 AM, Cindi Fisher <> wrote:
So far things have gone well...except for that evening round with the security guard and police...Grace, can you write about that if you have time...  I called Grace and kept her on the phone, while I challenged Western State's security guard's order to go to the other side of the street...I held that the area between the wall and the street on the hospital side was public property. ...   So he called the police... 3 cars showed up... but I was right...and so Grace I guess I just told it...Am on day 5 of my green drink fast...It is actually quite  ahealthy way to clean your system...only really challenge is my craving for junk food...but when that feeling arises, I imagine one of the children at Western States "child study and treatment center, begging for ice cream and crying and insted getting electrochock... and my cravings subside and my outrage, renews my determination....  Sidd's guardianship hearing is Friday, so I am returning home tomorrow and stand in front of the Vancouver court Wed-Friday.  Hope to have more pictures then..
Grace will add Laura to this list, if she would like.  Laura and Grace were the two amazing women who drove me to Tacoma and stood with me the first day of my fast in front of Western State.  More info to come soon...CIndi
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