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Terry Dorn and Wayne
Terry personifies the Village Vision in many ways. He, as a child, was tortured until he ran away and lived on the streets at the age of  9;  and as an adult, he suffered from 2 different breakdown. (The village was missing) He was institutionalized several times, before he was 15, and also later on in life, but real Recovery happened for Terry outside of the institutions and therapy offices!
A "village" minister saw Terry behind the symptoms and reached out to mentor him; encouraging and drawing out Terry's  gifts and talents. Terry went on to become a minister an author, a publisher, a TV show producer, a business owner, a newspaper editor and journalist, and many other accomplishments that we will  soon experience and be uplifted by, as the Village Vision grows.
When Terry hit another downward spiral in life, Wayne found him. Wayne was a frightened miniature Doberman Pinscher, that had been badly abused. Terry nursed him back to health, and Wayne, in turn has been a great healer and companion for Terry. Wayne is also an amazing companion  for helping "the chaplain of the streets" do his work; even the very shy or deeply-hurt ones, are drawn out by Wayne's presence.
What is so empowering is that each gift developed out of his desire to help others. Terry's own personal autobiography entitled "The Cross and the Psychiatrist" and the the book he published of poetry, (poetry given and submitted to him from "closet" poets around the state) entitled, "Memories," has inspired others to go for their dreams. Click here to order his inspirational books today and give them as gifts to those you know who need inspiration or a role model. Terry has also produced stationary cards that feature the work of artist from around the state of Washington.
One of the elements of Terry's latest dream to empower others and himself,  is a Mental Health Support Group for people in recovery. Terry is creating a workbook that newly forming groups can use to inspire to empower each other in their recovery.

If you are already on your trek to recovery, or if you are stalled at the
railroad crossroads, not sure which track to take, then watch for TREX (at the track or already on your trek) support groups.
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