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Drug Treatment Endangers My Son, the Family and the Community
You can read more details of WSH's long history of failure  to  treat my son for trauma by clicking on Siddharta near the top of the left beige side bar . The most serious trauma  happened almost 17 years ago, however,I became aware of  it through reading WSH's records just two years ago and have been begging, pleading and demanding trauma-informed treatment for him ever since..  And of course there is the current retraumatization over and over again of being treated like a prisoner, in a place that is considered a recovery hospital.

My son, our family  and the community have been endangered over and over again, as demonstrated by his repeated admittance to WSH and being criminalized for drug induced bizarre and unusual behavior, and being criminalized for acts  induced through the tormenting side effects of Akathisia and the underlying trauma never, ever addressed.

Cost to the state for just this most current 
11 month forced
 non-best practice treatment
Over a Quarter   $$$$$Million Dollars$$$$
Just to bring you up to date.  Siddharta, age 35, has most recently been confined  at Western State Hospital(WSH) almost a year.  And he has been prescribed the most expensive and toxic injection form of the neuroleptic drug risperdal since fall of 2012. He is civilly committed. The hospital bills medicare approximately $550 day PLUS additional charges for medication and doctor visitation charges...Thus his current forced non- best practice treatment has cost the state over a quarter million dollars

"Treated and Drugged over 15 X at Hospital  NEVER treated for Trauma"

Although they have never treated my son for trauma they continually want to lay the blame for his return visits on his lack of compliance with the drugs.  

Drugs DO NOT take away pain and agony of trauma, they only mask it to a degree. The death of Megan Templeton is a perfect my memorial to her on the home page.

Siddharta has been "treated" at WSH over 15 times and the only thing that changes is the drug of choice and no doubt the increase cost of hospitalization and the drug.

He first experienced extreme drug toxicity poisoning,(neuroleptic malignant poisoning)when he was prescribed his first neuroleptic drug, Risperdal at age 17. It was a 1200% overdose. They have continued with massive drugging almost every time he returns. It is only in the last few years that I have become aware of the extreme toxicity of these drugs and the self harming behaviors as well as the aggressive behaviors they agitate in people.

To DO the Right Thing is 
Here are the results of their repeated multiple treatments!

He now has serious diseases and long term very debilitating side effects... 
  • insulin dependent diabetes, 
  • neck enlarged to over twice its normal size with 
  • huge mass extending beyond the enlarged neck, 
  • severe short term memory loss, 
  • possible long term brain cognition decline, 
  • and bouts of tormenting akathisia; 
  • past drug induced symptoms include heart problems, high blood pressure, and more that I can not remember at the moment
And now they want to treat him for thyroid problems, and of course they get to charge for the  insulin for his drug induced diabetes, and they want to test for alcohol addiction---but why won't they treat for trauma first...and perhaps the addiction would take care of itself!!!!!  Its just not good for business I guess!
And further more, when he is released, there will not be ANY of that $550 a day for him to seek REAL SUPPORT.  He will have to pay out of his own pocket...oh wait..NO the housing they are forcing him to live in will take ALL of his social security money except a hefty $60 a month  to learn how to manage his finance....but his choice of medical/mentalhealth providers will all be trained and married to the medical model...more drugs...  However, I have found a psychiatrist that will work with us to treat Siddharta for trauma and I will find a way to make it work....It may take years for him to recover and slowly be able to heal from the pain of his trauma and his "traumatizing hospital treatment" and the drugs, because they too are VERY dangerous to withdraw from...but at least we will finally be on the right road.
 Monday, January 14, 2013  It seems that the Western State Hospital Treatment Team does not want to include me in the conference meeting I have been requesting for weeks.  My son has signed an ROI and I am his main support and contact with the outside world.  My guess is that they will have this very important, long delayed meeting without Siddharta OR I present.  He probably doesn't even know it is going to happen. Let us hope that he and I will at least be thoroughly updated in writing , since somehow the stories often change .
 Sunday January 13, 2013  Siddharta is still waiting for discharge. I have found a home in Oregon that is culturally sensitive and will have an opening in 30 days.   WSH and Vancouver Local Mental Health Staff claim the delay has been mostly because they can not find housing they agree on. So if they were to act expeditiously perhaps Siddharta could soon begin real recovery, with support of a trauma informed specialist, and perhaps even cure his drug induced diabetes with exercise, lots of fresh air,  healthy food, and much less stress since recovery will not include lock down with minimal fresh air, exercise and opportunities.
Siddharta still waiting  for discharge...and real support for healing his trauma
Sunday, January 6, 2012
As of Friday January 4, 2013, Dave Getty the social worker, has  not contacted the Guardian Ad Litem to set up a team meeting with her, Siddharta and myself..  
Sidd and I are still in the dark about what is going on and he has NOT yet had a Drug and alcohol assessment, nor any update on housing possibilities. He now paces more often when I visit him.  The usual response to a display of  drug induced side effects is even more damaging drugs to cover up the side effect.  I would rather see him released and treated for trauma and drug induced side effects with non toxic drug
 Monday, December 31, 2012
I left a message for Dr. Waiblinger on the telephone of his administrative assistant Amy Mays. I requested that Dr. Waiblinger meet with me and my son's treatment team this week to get clarity on the continual delay of his dishcarge. Dr. W. was going to meet with the team several weeks ago, but became sick. 

I also talked with the G.A.L. We should be meeting Tuesday January 8, 2013 to further discuss SIddharta's placement.

We are now entering 3 1/2 months since Siddharta and I were told the main delay in discharge was finding him housing that all could agree on.  

I called Siddharta early afternoon today. He wanted me to buy him a Dungeon and Dragon box kit from Amazon. He says he is extremely bored.
  Friday, December 28, 2012
I called Siddharta this morning around 8:00 am. I was not forced to identify myself on the phone; patients have a right to not have their phone calls monitored, but the head nurse on this floor, believes differently. Yesterday we had an extended, heated discussion about the violation of patients right to privacy.
Siddharta seemed better today. Yesterday and Christmas he seemed to be experiencing bouts of akathisia...on Christmas day, he couldn't remain sitting for very long and began pacing the floor.  The day after he was still experiencing the effects and was agitated when he answered the phone.

It seemed that his agitation was not from anybody or anything, but what I now call drug fever---  a growing drug toxity effect. And of course delaying his discharge for over 4 months has not helped his stress level. Of course if anything happens their remedy will be to add another toxic drug to his forced medication regime or abruptly change what he is now on.  

I will continue to advocate for his release and for trauma informed, culturally sensitive, low or no-dose drug treatment.


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