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The Brain Bio Centre in London provides anyone who visits its website with free information on how one can be easily screened and treated for a number of nutrient/vitamin deficiencies and other physical conditions often diagnosed (without even consideration of physical screening) as mental illness.

The website is easy to navigate.  Just scroll down a bit and look in the right sidebar and click on any of the 8 common "disorders" that usually prompt a prescription for psychotropic drugs and find, for each, a number of conditions to screen for, as well as suggestions for treatment.

Under Schizophrenia, for example, conditions known as Pellagra and Pyroluria can be misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.  Pellegra is simply a niacin deficiency or personal need for extra niacin and people with pyroluria need extra B6 and Zinc to avoid symptoms.

As Dr. Gualtieri, a Chapel Hill, NC doctor explains in his book about brain damage that it is common for people presenting with psychiatric symptoms to suffer from B12 and/or Folic Acid deficiency.  He adds that vitamins are protective of some of the harmful effects of neuroleptics (tardive dyskinesia, for example), and that in some cases these drugs are ineffective unless the patient also takes vitamins.  It is indeed well-known that vitamin deficiencies are often the cause of psychiatric symptoms.  Gualtieri adds, in his book, that since screening for B12 is quite expensive, he sees no reason not to go ahead and prescribe B12 and folic acid and other vitamins as well.  Go to the link below for details:

The main website for Orthomolecular Treatment info on this website under: ORTHOMOLECULAR

Below are links to comments on Dr. Abram Hoffer's orthomolecular treatment:

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