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    "My 21-year-old daughter is one of those individuals."

    Special Message from a Mom of a Psychiatric Survivor by Sarah Smith
    MindFreedom International Development Director

Spring is a time when MindFreedom International asks everyone to renew
their commitment to activism for human rights in mental health.
But first, let me briefly tell you where I am coming from.
My name is
Smith. I am excited to serve as MindFreedom's new
Development Director. I am passionate about the environment, justice,
and human rights.
One of the first things I see out my favorite window in Spring is
Sadly, today, not all people can enjoy these simple pleasures because
many are involuntarily hospitalized or incarcerated due to our broken
mental health care system.
They sleep and eat in rooms without windows.
They walk down hospital corridors, wearing plastic flip flops, eat
processed reheated food, and drink soda pop.
They receive 15 minutes per week with a psychiatrist who speaks down
to them when they are not compliant with the rules or do not appear to
be grateful for the "treatment" that they are receiving.
My 21-year-old
is one of those individuals.
Little over a year ago, she was a spirited and loving person as well
as a gifted artist with deep connections to Earth.
Today she is a broken and traumatized individual in need of healing
from the harm caused by the psychiatric "treatment" that she received
in our community.
Today, I hold her pain, as do thousands of other mothers whose
children have been harmed by the mental care system.
But we mothers also hold our children's hope.
And our hope is justified!
We know that with groups like MindFreedom International leading the
way, our sons and our daughters have many opportunities to heal,
become empowered by networking with their peers, and -- hopefully --
organize with us for change!
Please join or renew your MFI membership today. MindFreedom's all-new
secure online donation system is much easier to use:
Together, we consumers, survivors, loved ones, and allies are moving
forward in a dynamic, unified, international movement to create a new
paradigm of mental health care throughout the entire world!
We are on the transformative edge of a revolution and we are helping
one another heal while we set about to refurbish the human spirits of
free thinking individuals everywhere!
Today, we need your help to fight for our sons and daughters rights,
and keep these issues on the national front burner.
Please remember that unlike many other advocacy groups in this field,
MindFreedom does NOT receive money from big Pharma or taxpayers. We
exist and operate only by the grace of your membership fees, and a few
Today, MindFreedom is celebrating 25 years as one of the leading
groups in this movement. With your support MFI can continue the
following important work:
    Challenge the globalization of this broken system!

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