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Below the Community Urgent Alert, is a summary of Jeri Olson's meeting with Lynne Saxton where her solution  included the words "Or we could do nothing." 

And  below that is Jeri Olson's letter to Jeremy Vandehey of the Oregon Health Care Policy detailing the torment and nightmare of what she and her son are now currently living through, due to the failure of the county to follow through on her son's doctor and mental health therapist's recommendations for recovery.

Please read the summary and the nightmare details and then RETURN HERE TO SUPPORT JERI by calling

Gov Kate Brown 503-378-4582 and leave this message:
1. Please immediately demand that the services that Jeri Olson has requested for her son be may go to the website for the details under "Or We Could Do Nothing."

2. Please publicly promote and have your local, county and state employees attend one of the monthly Truth and Reconciliation Circles  for the Receivers and Givers of psychiatric services held specifically by the M.O.M.S.
Thank you for your support... 
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Jeri's summary of  that  meeting was this; " Meeting with Lynnes Saxton was a complete waste of time. Her words in our meeting, "Or we could do nothing," echoed in my ear as I read her written response 17 days later. 
Jeri wrote this letter to the Oregon health Care Policy after receiving Lynne Saxton's reply letter. It summarizes what is needed and why!

Jeremy Vandehey
Oregon Health Care Policy

On Oct 27, 2015 I had a meeting with Lynn Saxton OHA Director to assist in getting the services my son's physician is requesting to avoid another traumatizing state hospital forced civil commitment.

Friday she sent you a copy of her reply to me, clearly ignoring all issues brought to her attention by document package given to her and 2 other state employees at the meeting.

My son has been civilly committed 3 times in 3 years after enrolling in county mental health. This happened as soon as three months into enrollment.

That is pretty unbelievable since he was diagnosed 9 yrs prior with no commitments and has always complied with meds.

We turned to outpatient clinics to get inhome care assessment, medication management, and applied for housing. None of these services were provided but instead they collected 6000.00 for services they did not provide and started their repeat pattern of civil commitments.

Doing business with multnomah county mental health has proven to worsen my sons condition as he now has an added diagnosis of post traumatic stress from their unethical unmanaged care. This is not a theraputic relationship and we are afraid of these people and the false reports they are allowed to create.

Each stay at the Oregon state hospital has drastically worsened my sons mental and physical health as the treatment consists of maximum doses of mind alternating drugging and ignoring all concerns. It is oppressive and harmful to the disabled.

The past release my son could barely walk, barely talk, his eyes were jittering back and forth and he felt like he was dying. All concerns ignored. He was released back to me creating daily crisis in our lives.

Please help us!

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