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February 7, 2013
Message from Cindi Fisher,
MOM who just completed a Hunger Strike and Co-founder of the M.O.M.S. Movement

Hello All,

Beginning on MLK Day, I began a Hunger Strike! For 14 days I drank only water with a slice of lemon and cayenne and occasionally added maple syrup. The last 2 days I consumed clear vegetable broth and water. After 16 days and losing 17 pounds, on February 5, I completed my Hunger Strike, tired, hungry, a bit weak, but feeling emboldened.
This 16 day hunger Strike was quite a journey, but I felt desperately needed to raise public awareness, build courage and embolden myself and others to action!
And indeed, new powerful allies were gained from coast to coast. Many wrote or called to tell me I was on their prayer list. I also received lots of support, care, concern and letters of support for Siddharta's guardianship petition . To all of you, I offer my deepest gratitude. For me, it feels like the hunger strike and your support has taken my advocacy to the next level.

One of the most beautiful, and at the same time, one of the more difficult parts of my hunger strike, was being at an extended gathering or as I like to say, a "meeting of the minds," near the end of my strike.  I was having these amazing conversations with comrades, from across the country, who very quickly became friends, and who were also thoroughly enjoying the amazing meals that were catered in. I developed a very keen sense of smell and sometimes would retrain my mind to concentrate on the delightful aromas, instead of craving the tasty, succulent, beautifully prepared meals I was missing.  This new sense of smell is quite delightful!

Watch for updates on my website to see how you can continue to help grow the Movement. Together we are reclaiming mental health care from big pharma and the psychiatric establishments, and transforming Communities into Places Where Hearts Can Heal.

Peace and Power,

Cindi Fisher  (
co-founder of the M.O.M.S.
62 year old Mother's Empowering Hunger Strike Ends! 
16 Days , 17 pounds lighter, and the Transformational Work Continues…
Creating Communities Where the Heart Can Heal while
Reclaiming Mental Health Care from the psychiatric establishment and pharmaceutical Industry : 
Support MOM Cindi’s Hunger Strike ACT of 16 days
Her main goal was/is to raise public awareness, build courage and embolden people to action! 
TODAY- through March 29, 2013  Call Washington’s Sen. Murray 360-696-7797  Tell her…
·         Release Siddharta Fisher and Ronnie Russell  from forced drugging and restrictive psychiatric lock up 
·         Grant them financial support to secure alternative trauma-informed care; include their voice and choice, at the lead of the decision making table; and include families and allies as a vital and respected part of the team.
·         Grant Siddharta's choice for guardian--his mother, Cindi Fisher. The court date is March 1, 2013.
Future  actions  you can take to demonstrate community determination for transformation:
  • February 28, 2013:  Let us gather 100+ people at the rally on Sidd's Birthday in front of Vancouver Courthouse at NOON 1200 Franklin Street Vancouver WA-- to build a presence for mental health transformation and for Cindi to gain guardianship, as her son request
  • March 29-30, 2-day workshop Learn about and begin to draft a template for transforming mental health care through legally binding community bill of rights ordinances –space limited to 35 serious participants
Thurs., Feb 28  Rally  noon-1pm, on Sidd’s Birthday
 Creating Communities Where the Heart Can Heal
Reclaiming Mental Health Care 
from the Psychiatric Establishment and Pharmaceutical Industry: 
(make your  candle prop to symbolize shining a light on our broken mental health system)
Rally: Free Siddharta Fisher and Ronnie Russell
Support their right to heal,
Memorial for young Romanian Man who died in Clark County Jail
Clark County courthouse 
1200 Franklin Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
(Clark County Jail, behind the courthouse, has become a warehouse for many labeled mentally ill, and the jail has a  very high attempted suicide rate compared to other jails its size.)
Contact: Cindi Fisher    ( or 360-254-8703
Please join us for…
A Community Bill of Rights Workshop
On Creating Communities
Where Hearts Can Heal
Reclaiming Mental Health Care
from the
psychiatric establishment &
pharmaceutical industry
Friday, Saturday, March 29-30, 10am to 5pm (postponed until May 31 and June 1)
(Vancouver, WA)
Led by:
Paul Cienfuegos ( ) &
Cindi Fisher ( )
RSVP required Space limited to serious participants
For more info & to register, contact: Cindi Fisher or 360-254-8703
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