MentalHealthRightsYES - for Mental Health Rights
April 21, 2011 will be DAY 100 of  fasting
(Cindi fasted 3 days/week from Sept.2010-April 2011)
April 21 and May 8, 2011 Mothers Day
I am seeking 
100 Mothers and Others 
to pledge and take one action to
bring awareness to the plight of our children and
and take one action to Raise the Village!
You can share your pledge and action on the guestbook page!
What that will look like in your home, your community, 
your world, will be determined by you and perhaps inspired by other Mothers. Feel free to be inspired by ideas in the guest book.
I am seeking
 1000 Mothers and Others
I am also seeking 1000 Mothers or Others to sign up as a member of the MOMS movement and donate $1.00. This can be a one time donation or a monthly $1.00 donation.
You will receive a blessing in return!
Everyone on our mailing list will receive an email newsletter update about raising the village; stories of Mothers and others who are fighting battles with the state; Mothers and others  who are creaating places of recovery, and you will also be on the Urgent Alert list. Hopefully as we become more empowered we will be able to effect the change and have less and less need for alert's!
To not receive alerts or emails, please email me and in the subject box write unsubscribe
1) The first $1000.00 will be used as a fund to hire Dr. Toby Watson as an expert witness for mothers or others who are scheduled for court hearings for forced drugging, or state guardianship for the purpose of forced or coerced drugging.
I  am in search of more  ideas and hopes of how we can unite and empower each other as we take back our children from the mental institutions and pharmaceutical drug companies, from the prisons,  from the streets. from the state, from sexual slavery, from wars of agression and greed...and
take them back to the village we are raising!
this page is still being birthed by us...please return often for updates!
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