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Megan Elise Templeton
I never met Megan Templeton. I didn't even know her. But she touched my life deeply.
A friend sent me an article about her life, and even more sadly, her death just 4 days after her 20th birthday on April 24, 2012.
I found her obituary and read about her big family, her twin sister  and how much she would be missed, and  my heart ached for this young woman who so desperately and with finality said No to life...I wanted to know more about her... so I searched and found her facebook page.
Megan had so much hope when she arrived in my city, Vancouver, WA in January 2012. She was excited and getting ready to start Clark College.
When I read her facebook page I just wished that somehow a whole community had been there to support her in her dreams, in her goal of starting anew.... to be there when the dark times might try to overtake her again, to be a place where her heart could truly heal... What if there had been others who had been through what she had been through and would listen to her utmost despair and anguish of what she had lived through...and held out hope, from their own lived experience, and open arms for her to cry in ... could we have kept her from taking her bedsheet and using it as a way end her pain in the hospital she had been locked up in.
This is what she wanted to share with the world when she arrived in our fair city...what she wrote on Facebook  when she was so full of hopes and dreams
  • I am not the adventurous type...however I have just moved across the country but I am loving it so far. I like to talk but only around people i know. I love music and art. I have went through alot in my life but its made me who I am today. I believe in second third and a hundred changes. Never give up on anyone..never give up on yourself!
  • Lives in Vancouver, Washington
And what is most disturbing for me iswhat we "did" offer Megan in those dark times.  According to a radio program about her life, Megan tried to end her life when she was in Vancouver, and what she was offered for that expression of pain and despair ... that expression of deep truama overtaking her mind, body and soul,was not truama intensive was not peer respite care, it was a trip to Western State Hospital, a pill for her inner pain, quite possibly the major tranquilizing pills that are used to sedate animals, and straps that were used to tie her to a bed, as if she had committed the crime that was perpetrated against her.
Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death of young people age 15-24. Should that not be a cause for alarm, not just for watching for signs in our young adults to prevent them from leaving us, but what about the signs in our community that say that what we have created for them is not worth living for...
For so so many, both young and old, veterans and homeless, the oppressed and the poor, the rich and some the thoughtless, we must come together and create Communities where the Heart Heals...or we won't have to fear global warming...we will become extinct from unhealed broken hearts, who were given a pill for our pain and straps in place of arms to connect us heart to heart. 
Please take time to learn more about alternative successful ways to heal truama, and broken hearts...
For a beautiful tribute to Megan google "Megan Elise Templeton you tube".  What a light...
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