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Update  December 2011:
Double Victories for Maryanne Godboldo and Family
By Diane Bukowski
December 13, 2011
DETROIT – Maryanne Godboldo expressed both joy and pain after Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Gregory Bill upheld the dismissal of multiple felony charges against her Dec. 12.
In a separate proceeding, Godboldo is reporting on her Twitter feed that the child welfare case against the family has been dismissed.
But prosecutor Kym Worthy says her office will appeal the dismissal of the criminal charges – again.

UPDATE JULY 18, 2011From Maryanne...

An Update on Maryanne Godboldo July 15th, 2011 at 3:40 pm (Uncategorized) There is another opportunity to help the Detroit mother going through a criminal and custody trial because she refused to medicate her child with psychiatric medications and chose holistic remedies including dance instead. From the Godboldo family:
Maryanne’s criminal trial on the 25th and Ariana’s custody trial on Augist 1st (pre-trial July 27th). It’s time for another calling campaign. We are asking that people bombard Judge Lynn Pierce’s office again with complaints about CPS, forcing children on medications and the ridiculousness of this trial. If you could please send this message out to your members, friends, family, ANYONE that would be wonderful.
Please begin calling Judge Lynn Pierce on Monday July 18th and continue through NOON on August 1st. Issue formal complaints against CPS, their ability to force children on medications, take children from their parents without substantiated evidence or official court orders from judges and the ridiculousness of this trial.
Judge Lynn Pierce: (313) 833-0165 8-4:30pm Est Mon-Fri
Thank you so much for your support!

sign the petition to FREE Arianna here
Arianna's story as told on the Justice4Maryanne website. 

Fact Sheet (04.18.2011)

The Godboldo Family alleges that Ariana has been unjustly deemed a Ward of the State and is being unlawfully held hostage at Hawthorn Center in Northville, Michigan.  Detroit Police Department did not produce a  legally validated court order,  after Godboldo made numerous requests for them  to do so. The Godboldo Family further contends that legally Maryanne Godboldo is within her rights to have custody of her child; that  Ariana has been unjustly deemed a Ward of the State and is being unlawfully held hostage at Hawthorn Center.
The Aunt Penny Godboldo and the father, Mubarak Hakim, both are willing and have requested to care for Ariana, as well as Uncle Dale Godboldo. 

Maryanne Godboldo’s child had a meningococcal and Tdap vaccines Sept. 2009 and had a severe, adverse reaction. 
At the suggestion of Children's Hospital, Godboldo took her daughter to New Oakland Child-Adolescent Adult Family Center. They prescribed a mind-altering drug by the name of Risperdal, which compounded child's problem.
When the medication made her severely worse, New Oakland wanted to institutionalize Ariana. Godboldo refused and sought a second opinion. 

Godboldo voluntarily sought help elsewhere only to find that this facility continued to medicate Ariana who was becoming dependent upon drug, Risperdal. Godboldo was still seeking drug-free treatment for her child. 
Godboldo sought a second and third opinion and located a medical doctor who agreed to wean child off Risperdol and offer a combination of integrated (traditional and alternative) treatments. Ariana’s mental health improved dramatically as a result.
Godboldo mentioned that she had weaned child off medication to clinician at the facility where child was treated on an outpatient basis and clinician reported Godboldo to Child Protective Services. Child Protective Services (CPS) representative, who had only been involved in this case for two weeks, contacted Detroit Police Department. 
Detroit Police Department demanded entrance into Godboldo’s home but she contended they did not produce paperwork sufficient for entry, even after she made numerous requests. Subsequently, a special response team, including military vehicles, helicopters and sharpshooters surrounded Godboldo’s home.
Police alleged that one shot was fired, and attempted to break into the home.  A 12-hour standoff ensued.  Godboldo peacefully surrendered to the Detroit police after members of the community and her church, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, came out to assist her in negotiations, strengthening Godboldo’s belief that she and her child would be secure once a settlement agreement, negotiated between Judge Deborah Thomas and Detroit police was reached.
Godboldo was promised by the Detroit police and Judge Deborah Thomas that child would be turned over to her sister immediately after physical exam at Children's Hospital. This did not happen. The child was taken to Hawthorn where she was immediately medicated.  CPS immediately took possession and refused to let child's aunt near the child, which was also contrary to what was promised.  Ariana was taken to Hawthorn without Due Process nor the family’s permission. 
Ariana was taken to Hawthorne Center in Northville, MI, where she was immediately medicated. Godboldo had to get court order to have medications discontinued.  Judge Lynne Pierce rescinded that order, giving Hawthorn permission to medicate Ariana.  
Godboldo was contacted by Hawthorne Center and told that child had tested positive for an STD after being in their care for 11 days.  Ariana was not previously sexually active, leading family to believe that child may have been sexually abused by someone at Hawthorne Center.
Godboldo filed report of criminal sexual assault with the Detroit Police Department.

36th District Court granted a Stay of Criminal Proceedings against Maryanne Godboldo based on an appeal on matters which will be heard in the Michigan Supreme Court later this year.  People vs. Morano, the matter to be heard contends that an individual has a reasonable right to restrict the entry of a law enforcement official into their home when a valid warrant or court order is not produced.
Next hearing in Juvenile Court is scheduled for April 22, 2011 at 9am
Judge Lynne Pierce’s Court

Pre-Trial Hearing is scheduled for May 11, 2011  Location To Be Determined
Judge Lynne Pierce’s Court

Maryanne Godboldo’s Trial for child custody  June 8, 9, 10, 2011 
Location To Be Determined

About Us
Our parental rights are being undermined. Maryanne Godboldo sought to provide the best health care for her child; she disagreed with The State of Michigan, Department of Human Services and Child Protective Services' demand that she medicate her child. Maryanne was forced to protect her daughter in the wake of an over-reaction by Child Protective Services and the Detroit Police officers on the scene. Providing health care for one's children is not something that should be surrendered to any state authority.
Here are some links to the story.

 And a web news release story....
Maryanne Godboldo was looking only for help.
Last year, the Detroit mother went to the Children's Center, a group that works with troubled children, to seek advice and a treatment plan for her 13-year-old daughter. The girl, who'd never had behavioral problems before, was suddenly irritable and not her usual self following a series of immunization shots.
As part of the center's treatment plan, a doctor prescribed the child an anti-psychotic medication. But the child's symptoms only worsened. As a result, Godboldo sought another physician, who quickly recommended taking the child off the psychotropic drug.
The mother agreed and, according to her attorney, who spoke exclusively with MLive Detroit earlier today, Godboldo began following that doctor's orders. 
Unfortunately for Godboldo, the state didn't agree. Child Protective Services wanted Godboldo's child medicated according the center's plan, and CPS workers essentially told the 56-year-old mother — who was never under any court order to follow the plan — to agree to their program or surrender her child.
She refused both. And so, on Thursday, CPS workers showed up at Godboldo's house with the police, who said they had a warrant to take the child. But according to Godboldo's lawyer, Wanda A. Evans, officers never produced a warrant even after Godboldo repeatedly asked to see one.
A standoff ensued. A gunshot was fired from inside the house — though, according to Evans, not at officers. Finally, after long hours of tense negotiations, Godboldo — a mother, a teacher, a dancer and a respected figure in the city's arts circles — surrendered, was jailed and, on Sunday, was arraigned on multiple felony charges.
March 28, Detroit News:
 Godboldo is accused of barricading herself inside her west side home with her 13-year-old daughter and a gun after being confronted Thursday afternoon by Child Protective Services workers who had a warrant to remove the girl because the mother had withheld her medication. Detroit Police said Godboldo fired a shot and refused to leave the home until negotiators, including a Wayne County judge, helped talk her into surrendering.
"We talked that day mother-to-mother. I asked her to come out on her porch and I promised I would come here today to walk out with her," Wayne Circuit Judge Deborah Thomas said Sunday after the hearing. "I'm shocked by the amount of the bond. I never dreamed it would be set so high and she wouldn't be free to care for her daughter."
Meanwhile, according to Evans, the daughter, who has a physical disability, remains in the custody of the state even though several relatives and family friends have repeatedly volunteered to care for her in her mother's absence: "They had a hearing that they didn't notify anyone of, and a woman from CPS said that no family had come forward to take care of the girl. That's just not true. Relatives were all at the house when this incident happened, saying they would take care of her. It's like, the state just wants to medicate this child."
But for now, at least, the drugs are off the table. A Wayne County Circuit Court judge ordered the medication discontinued until further review.
How isn't this entire incident a travesty?
How does a woman who voluntarily goes looking for help wind up behind bars because she's trying to do what she thinks is right by her child? How can the state make a mom who, by all accounts, has done a wonderful job of parenting give her child medicine that she and a doctor both think only worsens a problem? And how is it that we can respect a judge ordering the child off the medication but not a mother acting on her physician's advice?
Evans compares Godboldo to comic Jenny McCarthy, who has railed publicly against vaccines as a potential cause of autism in children. Granted, the science weighs heavily against that theory, but as Evans says, "Nobody is kicking in Jenny McCarthy's door. She has the right to do what she thinks is in the best interest of her child. Why can't this woman?"
Hell, this isn't about vaccines even: Godboldo had gone along with the shots. She wasn't some religious nut denying her child a life-saving medical treatment. This was a mother who, along with her doctor, didn't believe her child benefited from psychotropic drugs.
As Judge Thomas' remarks suggest, the incident has sparked shock and outrage among many in Detroit who believe that Child Protective Services overreacted (and that state agencies are often far too quick to recommend medication for kids, especially black children). A rally of support for Godboldo is being held at Detroit's Hartford Memorial Church on April 2.
I doubt that anybody's trying to justify standoffs with cops or warning shots or any of the other sensational elements of this incident. But early evidence strongly suggests that the CPS workers overstepped their bounds in a major way. 
If so, then how could Godboldo not resist? Because regardless of whether it's to mental illness, physical disabilities or state agencies, good parents do not simply surrender their children. 
From The Detroit News:
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