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                   Neglect, Abuse and Exploitation Report concerning North Carolina "Treatment Center"
Susan ----- North Carolina mother of( name withheld), has filed  the following neglect, abuse, and exploitation report regarding the "treatment "of her daughter by DDS!
Subject: ADDITIONAL report of neglect against Dare County DSS
To: "Linda LBrumsey-Moore" <
Date: Saturday, April 2, 2011, 12:29 PM

Ms. Brumsey-Moore,

I need to make an additional report of neglect and now exploitation of my daughter by Dare County DSS, her legal guardian. Obviously, despite my earlier reports of neglect, my daughter has not been removed from the control of DCDSS.
This additional report, in bold, per your specifications ( in italics), is below:

The statue requirements for receiving a report states: that any person having reasonable cause to believe that a disabled adult is in need of protective services shall report such information to the director [of the department of social services]. The report may be made orally or in writing. It must include:
1. The name and address of the disabled adult;
_______________Current residence: c/o Solid Foundations, 224 Ward Rd, Windsor, NC, 27983
2. The name and address of the disabled adult's caretaker;
Solid Foundations, 224 Ward Rd, Windsor, NC, 27983 or
1313 1st St W.
Ahoskie, NC 27910 --- under the control and guardianship of Brandy Basnight Mann, DCDSS/APS, Manteo
3. The age of the disabled adult; and
4. The nature and extent of the disabled adult's injury or condition resulting from abuse, neglect or exploitation.
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, a condition (name withheld) is diagnosed with, is systematically ignored in her general care and facility accommodations.
She is too often fed the cheapest foods, ie Canned Ravioli, frozen Pizza, fish sticks, ALL UNSUITABLE for someone with chemical sensitivities and EXPLOITATIVE of her money being used to pay this multimillion corporation, a private, for-profit company for her "care."
She is not provided with ANY organically grown or processed foods, which should comprise the bulk of a diet of someone with chemical sensitivities. A diet she always has access to at our home.
She has to pay for any foods purchased outside the group home with her OWN money, which DSS has not provided her. She has used all her disability benefits left over before DSS took over her funds, which I gave to her months ago, and I, her mother, am not paying my OWN bills so she can have things she needs, and she is still being systematically deprived of basis needs for her condition.
She doesn't even have water hot enough to take a sufficiently warm bath, nor has the facility or Basnight Mann allowed the Epsom Salts or Vitamins I provided for her, which are doctor-prescribed for her specifically to help with detoxification.
Jennifer told me Dr. Wesson approved the vitamins, she took a few and felt better, and then "Solid Foundation" on Mann's instructions, took them away. She has been deprived of basic needs for over 11 weeks. Vitamins are essential to metabolizing and detoxification of all chemical exposures from foods, to pesticides to medications, and it is ABUSE to withhold these from her.
Since I am not allowed, by DSS's orders, to visit the facility in which my daughter is now imprisoned, I am not able to check for fragrance and pesticide use within her living quarters, however, I know that cleaning products used are not the least toxic available, and she has complained of the fumes and the constant cleaning (not a bad thing if proper products are used).
I have, however, visited the so-call "partial hospital" and found the use of "plug-in" "air fresheners" in the waiting room, contaminating the air with toxic chemicals known to be environmental hazards for anyone, more so for one suffering MCS. This use, as well as perfume-wearing by staff that works closely with (name withheld) would not in any way be considered reasonable accommodation for her ADA-recognized and protected disability. It also shows an ignorance about new policies in place to make all health care facilities fragrance-free.
I have not had time to see what poisons the facility uses for pest control, nor do I believe DSS has made any effort to do so either, though avoiding these exposures is also essential to ____ well-being.
I have had to supply ____with a cell phone, and am paying for her minutes, when DSS has control of her money, and Solid Foundations should be providing her needs. She told me she wanted a phone book so she could get legal representation, and she was not provided one.
She is NOT given proper time to handle legal affairs, like getting counsel and help with restoring her competency, because the staff keeps her in constant motion - moving from one house to the next for their convenience (early in the morning, waking up sooner than necessary) and carting her off to Ahoskie for their "programs" where they apparently teach about the wonders of drug therapy, and how to cope with their side effects, all of which would be unnecessary if___were allowed to have the Proper treatment, accessible to those who are given CHOICES about treatment and those who are properly informed of the serious risks of drug treatments.
I am having to look up phone numbers for her from a distance, and, also from a distance, try to help her find help she's requesting to restore her CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, that DSS has taken from her.
The NCGA Guardianship manual, clearly states that a guardian should be working to help a ward restore competency, become independent, and be very much in tune with the wards wishes and needs.
And yet (_____) was reprimanded by the staff at Solid Foundations for simply trying to cook for herself!
 (____) is MISERABLE in this place that doesn't accommodate her disability, doesn't consider her sensitivities to drugs, her wishes, her desires, and constantly monitors what she says and does and uses it against her to keep her there longer.
DSS, continually insisting and assuming I would be some harm to my daughter, refuses to allow her to return home, to her pets and her appropriate surroundings, where she would have access to organic foods and home-cooked meals, clean air, and activities and a therapist of her choice, despite the fact that Jennifer has repeatedly expressed her desire to be here.
DSS's unsubstantiated accusations that I am adamantly against all prescription drugs and their ridiculous insinuation that I would harm my daughter by taking her off the dangerous, brain altering drugs she's on now without the help of an expert is absurd. DSS has NEVER shown any proof that I have done anything to harm my daughter, intentionally or not. I have EXTENSIVE research showing that the drugs DSS has forced upon her ARE INDEED far more damaging that any benefit they may provide, especially if she is continued on them long-term. They, in fact, CAUSE psychosis and a worsening of any prior psychotic symptoms. This is fact!
Many experts now know and are publicizing these facts about these drugs and insist they be used only in the lowest dose for the shortest possible duration, and ONLY if there is substantial benefit - that continued used shortens life-expectancy by 25 years, cause diabetes, brain shrinkage, and other life-threatening effects and offers absolutely NO long-term benefit at all.
For DSS to force these kinds of risks upon --------, against her will, when there are proven, less toxic, and far more effective alternatives to treatment (see Open Dialogue and Cooper Riis) and then try to characterize me as dangerous to her, simply because I provided her with non-toxic alternatives is absolutely absurd, to say the least.
My daughter is being exploited by this high-profit company that is keeping her dependent upon them and providing her with the least expensive care possible, when she could COME HOME and her money be used as she would prefer and for better and less-damaging treatment. SHE IS MISERABLE THERE, yet expected to be thankful she's not in a prison like Cherry Hospital.
This is continued and blatant neglect and exploitation of my daughter's life, her happiness, her future, her rights, and her funds, and DSS's control of her life MUST end immediately.
The accusations made about me by DSS are unfounded, unfair, and unproven. They have no reason to keep Jmy daughter from coming home where she will get the BEST of care until she is ready to live on her own, which I hope will be soon with others' help -- doctors SHE has chosen to work with, not whom DSS has forced upon her.
In many other ways, too numerous to mention, DSS continues to fail to meet the requirements of a competent guardian, laid out by the NCGA Manual.
DSS's incompetence and choices of treatment continue to amount to clear neglect, abuse, and exploitation of my daughter..
Susan -------------

Note: After this was written, one of the staff at Solid Foundation hit my duaghter for trying to get some crackers from the kitchen on her own.  This facility is nothing more than a babysitting service, with caretakers who spend most of the day on the phone or watching loud, irritating TV programs, something my daughter hates to hear since her head injury - -- the head injury an issue that has been completely ignored throughout DDS's process of taking over her life. This facility does nothing to help rehabilitate anyone who's experienced TBI/head injury as my daughter has or help them become independent again.  As the neurologist who examined her noted, the drugs she is being forced to take are NOT doing her any good and she is experiencing akathasia, paranoia and other adverse effects.  She also developed a rash over most of her body.  After that was noted - recommending a change in drugs (though the Dr also ignores the head injury concerns I have) - no change was made at all. Only after vitamins were reintroduced, at my insistence,  did she begin to improve.
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