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UPDATE   Lisa Finally FREED :  To read about her Mother's Activism to transform the system, See Turqoise Column on Home page entitled
Mothers being the Change!!!
Lisa's Story by her mother Marcia eyers

My November 4, 2010 letter was sent to Dr. Julie Anderson, Psychiatric Physician, Cristy Kennedy, Supervisory RN, Diane Bowman, LCSW and Nancy Griffith, Assoc Program Director all employees at the Oregon State Hospital, Portland Facility (POSH). As I said, I received no reply to my letter or my requests. I would like their name's and credentials included in the article.------------------------------M
My dear ______________, I just want you both to know how much I appreciated your lovely and thoughtful birthday e-card. Thank you so much for thinking of me! This was 65 so I felt it was especially significant. Knowing that you two were here with me in spirit added to the specialness of my day.  Yes, Lisa's and my challenges continue around the whole mental "illness" system. She has been recommitted until her next hearing at the end of January. I discovered at the last hearing that she has three main things going against her. One she will not say she is mentally ill and if she will not say she is mentally ill she is simply in denial and therefore seriously mentally ill. The second is that she continues to reject the medication for the mental illness that she does not believe she has which again shows just how sick she is because any "sane" person would start taking the pills rather than have themselves subjected to forced medication whether or not they thought they needed the medication. And third she has a mother who does not believe she is mentally ill so is also in denial - and her mother also believes that she should take medication if she wants to but that she should not be force medicated against her will - and therefore "in all due respect to you, Ms. Meyers, it would be detrimental to Lisa to reside with you as you are complicit in her denial of her mental illness." So she continues to be taken "care" of by the state at the cost of $13,850.00 per month,  in a ward where fear and power and control are the main sources of treatment. I am very proud of her for her ability to have sustained the incredible brutality she has been subjected to but needless to say I am also fearful for the damage the drugs, the environment and the whole brutal situation is having on her.I have included a letter at the bottom of this email that I sent to the ward psychiatrist, social worker and supervising nurse as well as the supervisor of the state facility where she is being held. I sent it a month ago as of yet have had not response.So the nightmare goes on. What it has done is to wake me up to the insanity, brutality and oppressiveness of our mental "health" story  - a story that is totally based on the profit making motive of both the pharmaceuticals and of psychiatrists. Pschiatrists also having the added motivation of their insecurity about being able the "fix" people using the medical model. The damage that is being done is staggering - with more and more children being subjected to this mental "illness" story every day and being set up for a life time of biological psychiatry to "fix" them. I sincerely think I have found my life's work in changing this story and taking back our lives and the lives of our children from the mutli billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations.Robert Whitaker, the journalist I mention in the letter below, has written a book, Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness In America.  I can't recommend it highly enough. It's very readable, totally based on scientific and medical research and pretty much validates what most of us know intuitively - and that is that we have been taken to the cleaners physically, emotionally, spiritually and of course financially by the "mental illness" story that has been perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry for the last 40 years. It is truly amazing and so, so painful and it has to end. Please do take a look at his work. It is causing a stir across the US and especially here in Oregon and I'm doing all I can to articulate and accelerate this essential movement. I am organizing a presentation by Bob Whitaker at my church on Feb. 10 and I plan to have the place packed. He is also meeting with policy makers here in Oregon so that change can be put into place that the grassroots movement can actively support.So, my friends, I continue to ask you to keep my Lisa and me in your loving thoughts as getting her out of the nightmare she is in is most important - and then after that to start working to change the system so that it won't continue to happen to others.I love you both and wish I could just drop by for a long and caring visit. With love and appreciation! Marciay
-------------------------------------------------------Nov. 4, 2010Dear Dr. Anderson, Ms. Bowman, Ms. Kennedy and  Ms. Griffith, I am writing to express my extreme concern for the deteriorating emotional, physical and spiritual health of my daughter, Lisa Coppock. She has now been in the care of the State Mental Health System for almost seven months and in that time I have seen her self respect, her sense of self worth and her physical health plummet as she has been subjected, against her will, to drug after drug.  Previous to this confinement Lisa was a very active individual recognizing that being in nature, exercising and her eating habits were the basis for her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. To see her now, with her spirit close to broken, becoming, for the first time in her life, more over weight by the day as she eats compulsively, refusing to even walk the halls as she originally did - choosing rather to sit and withdraw and eat - I am extremely fearful for her. I wrote to you, Dr. Anderson, on October 3rd expressing these same concerns and asking that you cease the forced medication of my daughter. You disregarded that request as you have disregarded Lisa's continual request from the time she entered your care to stop the medication and now more than a month later I am again asking, no, begging you, to please begin a humane withdrawal process so that Lisa's request is honored and so that she has a chance to begin recovering from the extreme trauma of the last seven months. As you know Lisa is an acutely sensitive, quiet and private individual -  much preferring nature to socializing in groups.  To be subjected to the sights, sounds and energetic pain and desperation of your ward, as well as the total lack of privacy she has sustained during the last 6 weeks of constant, one to one, 24 hour surveillance, has been an enormous challenge to her. All in all, considering all of these elements as well as the extreme indignation and physical assault of being held down and having her body taken over by others - both on the inside and outside - I think she has done amazingly well - but as I said before, as I've seen her become more and more hopeless and demoralized, I am truly in fear for her emotional, spiritual and physical well being. That her system has been subjected to at lease five powerful drugs, one on top of the other - with no time for one to clear her system before another is introduced - has been totally amazing to me as has the perspective that any acting out she has done in this situation has been a direct result of her "disease" rather than even possibly a result of the drugs, the environment or the physical assault she has sustained.  Please, again, do honor her, her knowledge of herself and her own sense of balance and self value and listen to her. I am attaching an affidavit by medical journalist and author Robert Whitaker which I hope you will read. Please just consider that there may be more than one way of looking at how to help and support an extremely sensitive and caring individual who is being mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenged by the contradictions of our society. There is so much more to all of us and our reactions to this world than our brain chemistry. Biological psychiatry is a reductionist perspective not only of the incredible intricacies of our minds but of the amazing complexity and potential of our humanness - as well as of the incredible ability of psychiatry to support and actualize thispotential. I am asking that this request be acknowledged and responded to in writing. I am also asking that I have a copy of the drugs that Lisa has been injected with since last April including the names, dates and amounts of the injections. Thank you! MarciaMeyers503-665-3957
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