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Mother  UNJUSTLY Banned from Visiting Daughter by DSS guardian
Coming soon. This scanned version of the letter from the DDS Guardian Brandy Basnight-Mann is not readable but I will soon post the contents of the letter transcribed by the mother that was banned

This letter dated March 18, 2011 is the first one Dare County DSS sent to the owner or director of Solid Foundations in Windsor, NC where my daughter is now being "kept" against her will, under DSS's orders, and not allowed to choose to shave her legs or cook oatmeal, much less what treatment she prefers, i.e. she's being drugged with a cocktail of drugs.  This is what the letter says:
Dear Mrs. Rogers,
As ____ Guardian of the Person, Dare County Department of Social Services (DCDSS) is responsible for her care, safety, and wellbeing [sic]. DCDSS has concerns about ___contact with her mother.  At this time, please do not allow any visitations for Ms. ...... Next week we will submit a letter regarding day and time of approval for visitations at the "partial hospital" in Ahoskie, NC, where ____ will be at [sic] during the day. Please do not release any information regarding _____ to anyone other that DCDSS staff, unless otherwise permitted by DCDSS.
In addition, DCDSS requests that your staff monitor any items given to her by her mother while she is there. Those items must be sealed and the product identified and approved by your staff.  If ......[her mother] brings in clothing, ______ is allowed to receive these items (as space permits) but they should be washed prior to giving them to _____.
Any complaints that you receive from [mother] should be directed to our agency during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thank you, in advance , for your cooperation in this matter.
Brandy Basnight Mann
Adult Protective Services Social Worker III
Dare County Department of Social Services
Malanie Corprew
Adult Services Supervisor III
Letterhead:  County of Dare, Department of Social Services, PO Box 669, Manteo, North Carolina 27954
Board Members:  Geniveve Perry- Chairman, Mary E. Gray - Vice Chairman, Doris Creecy, Stephanie Walker, Warren Judge
J. F. Burrus, Director
(252) 475-5500
Fax (252) 473-9824
On March 25, 2011 I received the second letter.  The reference in this letter to foot massages appeared after my first visit with _____ after DSS incarcerated her and refused to allow me to see her for over 25 days.  When I saw _____ she was so agitated by the drugs she was on (she'd also had a nosebleed, common with Risperdal), I offered to massage her foot to help calm her down. This is something we've done for each other for years, and it calmed her considerably.  Apparently calming her down without drugs is a big no-no for DSS.  The reference to agitation I find interesting considering the fact that the environment, full of fragranced products, is known to be agitating to anyone with chemical sensitivities, with which ____ has been diagnosed, among other physical conditions - also considering the fact that Risperdal causes agitation and a lot of other effects, often deadly ones.  The implication that _____ might become "non-compliant" is a downright mischaracterization of her behavior and an insult to her to even mention. as of DSS is trying to make yet another case against her to keep her under their control.  The reference to the subject matter of our conversation speaks to DSS's regard for the First Amendment.  I responded to this request by explaining that I tried always to be honest with _____ and suggesting that if DCDSS had any worries about "negative conversation" concerning DSS actions/behaviors, they might try to make the truth less negative.

Soon after these letters were written, a Doctor who was supposed to do a neuropsychological evaluation - even though DSS continued to drug  ______ inappropriately, nevertheless CONFIRMED that the drugs they forced upon her were "not helping her" and they were causing a serious adverse reaction -- AKATHISIA - a form of brain damage.  This did not sway Dare DSS at all - Dare DSS continued to force these drugs upon her, and she healed ONLY after getting free of their control, getting off the drugs, getting a new doctor of HER CHOICE - and taking vitamins prescribed by a psychiatrist she was prevented from seeing while DSS was in control.  To this day, Dare DSS continues to claim that  _____ recovered because of their forced - truamatic intervention --- which is completely unsubstantiated by the facts.
To Whom it May Concern:
As ____'s Guardian of the Person, Dare County Department of Social Services (DCDSS) is responsible for her care, safety, and wellbeing [sic]. ______'s mother,...., has requested that she be able to visit ____while she is in respite and partial hospitalization at Solid Foundation. DCDSS gives approval for visitation with her on Monday 3/28/11 and Tuesday 3/29/11 from 10 am to 11 am at Solid Foundation in Ahoskie, where _____ receives "partial hospitalizaiton " during the day. Ms..... is not permitted to visit ___ at Solid Foundation, in Windsor, where she currently resides.  We request that these visits be closely supervised by staff at all times. Ms. ...... is not to bring any items in with her during these visits. No extended personal contact (hand or foot massages, etc.) should be permitted. Please monitor the conversations between ___ and ... to ensure that [her mother] refrains from negative conversation in regards to the guardianship process and /or ____'s  treatment. If ____ becomes agitated, non-compliant, or disruptive during the visit, please end the visit immediately and report to DCDSS to determine future visits. Also, if these same behaviors are observed after a visit, please report this to DCDSS too. If, at any point, the staff feels that the visit is not in J____'s best interest, it may be cancelled. If Ms...... has any conflict regarding the visitation schedule, please have her contact the agency during regular business hours to discuss. DCDSS will discuss the outcome of these visits with Solid Foundation to determine when visits will be permitted the following week.
In addition to the visits, DCDSS request that Solid Foundation monitor any items given to her while she resides there. Those items must be sealed and the product identified and approved by Solid Foundation staff.
Thank you for your time and cooperation.  Please contact me with any concerns.
[Signed same as first letter.]
Note: After this one visit, Jennifer says she was called into the psychiatrist's office, and the monitor having repeated some of our conversation, it was explained to her that her discussion with me about whether or not the psychiatrist was a medical doctor was considered "paranoia," and therefore her treatment at the "partial hospital " would be extended another 7 days and the dose of her antipsychotic considered being raised. She was reprimanded for speaking to me "in code" also, she said.  Jennifer uses initials of people that she detests, so she doesn't have to hear the sound of  their names. She used the term "BB" for guess who.

Dare County Social Services Adult "Protective Services"  is basically a county to institution pipeline. I have no doubt this agency gets kickbacks for forcing psychiatric diagnoses on people, ignoring brain damage, drug reactions, nutritional deficiencies, severe insomnia and other physical causes of mental symptoms, and institutionalizing anyone, by questionable legal means and collusion with the local courts, who doesn't take the drugs they try to force on them.  This is criminal, police-state activity that should be ended and punished.

Recent revelations of war veterans deaths caused by this pharmaceutical company control systems influence on their Post Traumatic treatments, often complicated by traumatic brain injuries is finally getting the attention this crisis deserves.  Dr. Peter Breggin has testified before Congress about the unnecessary and multi-drugging of a large majority of the military population which is leading to vets dying in their sleep -- having strokes and heart attacks in their 20s and 30s.  Gwen Olsen's new book about her days pushing drugs for the pharmaceutical industry details how her niece's death began with being drugged for depression, followed by prescriptions spiraling out of control, one added to calm effects of the other - the other's dose increased until she was diagnosed with bipolar and then schizophrenia.  Between Vets and College students this story is being repeated over and over again, and it is about time our government started listening to the mothers and the victims rather than the Pharmaceutical lobbyists!~    

I don't want to wait for some newspaper like the Winston Salem Journal to get a Pulitzer for exposing this Eugenics program -- after millions are tortured and killed and their lived otherwise destroyed by prescription psychotropic drugs.  I want this investigated and stopped now.

Since this happened to my daughter, not only has military polypharmacy and psychotropic overdrugging come under scrutiny, but ABC news and others have highlighted Senator Carper's investigation into the overdrugging of Foster Children - and the way this system is now destroying little children's lives.

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