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Isaac's Story by Isaac's Mom Becky Murphy
 I am the mother of two wonderful sons.   My youngest son has needed intensive mental health services since he was in preschool.  At this time in our lives, my children were in the State of Washington's foster care system due to my own mental health is what it is.  Isaac was placed in a home where he was severely traumatized  and that was when his need for mental health services started.  
It has been a long road for our family, and I am so very lucky to have my sons, and feel being their Mom is the best thing that has happened to me---of course I am not a Grandma yet!
I started writing this blog on September 4, 2010.  That was the day that "it" hit me like a ton of bricks.  "It" was the fact that crimes committed in which my son was the victim, were never going to be investigated by the State of Washington.  In spite of the struggles attempting to get appropriate and recommended treatment for Isaac; I had held onto the hope and the belief that justice would not be denied my precious son.  I do not know that I no longer believe it possible so much as I have come to know that whether justice is served or not, WE, as a family, have come through some very painful experiences intact.
Isaac's needs for psycho-social and cognitive-behavioral therapy were ignored, instead he was medicated--for years.  I can not tell you what it is like to have your child need treatment to be given drugs.  Drugs which were to deal with the symptoms of the complex PTSD that resulted from my little boy being beat up and locked in a closet by a foster parent.  
Ultimately, my son spent much of his childhood being further traumatized by a Child Welfare and Mental Health system which medicates distress and symptoms of trauma, whether it helps or not; and blames victims who do not get better, and can't cope with the lack of therapeutic care.
For the first (and hopefully only) time in my life, last summer I, did not believe in and could not feel the presence of my creator within myself.  I could not believe that forgery, perjury and psychiatric assault were not going to be investigated.  My son who can not effectively defend or advocate for himself, because of the damage done to him by the drugs, was victimized by employees of the local Mental Health agency, and there was not going to be anything done.   No investigation, no charges brought for the felonies committed, NO JUSTICE served.
Until last summer, I had not told our story in a public forum because Isaac did not want me too.  After the events at the end of July and the beginning of August, he said it was now alright to share his story.  My thinking was that I can make no one do anything, but I believe the world should know what is done to children like my son, Isaac.
I am a mother.  I am a warrior if need be, for my children.  My son spent more that half his childhood in psychiatric inpatient facilities---and was ultimately used in Drug Trials, without consent.  The Medical Director of Child Study and Treatment Center gave my son virtually every neuroleptic drug made; and told me I had no say in what he was doing!  The Law of the Land, the United States Constitution, and State law said otherwise; nonetheless, Jon McClellan was an authority unto himself, and his "medical practice" did not conform with the law or the Ethics Guidelines of Informed Consent.  I know now, that.the majority of the drugs were not approved for pediatric use, and that I am lucky my son survived Dr. Jack-ass's "Drug Trials."  
I am now an activist, because if my life is to mean anything at all, I must share what I've learned and hopefully spare another family the the same experiences.  None of us will ever 'be the same' and life can be bittersweet.   My sons and I agree that we need to reach out to others offering hope and whatever assistance we can.  
I am grateful to know the truth, and to be the mom of two of the best men on the face of the earth.  

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