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(more details of the story and info on what you can do will soon be posted)
Western State Hospital, in Lakewood, Washington retaliated against patient Edward Milne on floor F2 for requesting a release of information -ROI on April 27. He was given the ROI paper, which when filled out would allow me, Cindi Fisher, Human Rights Advocate, to access his  records  . Within in a few hours he was told by Psychiatrist Dr Ruiz-paredes that he would be returned to jail the next day.  If he is not returned to jail, he will most likely be transferred to another floor, apparently as a way to discourage outside advocacy. (I talking with
Edward Milne, whose cultural heritage is South Pacific, ask me for help. He stated that he has been rotated between King County Jail and the hospital, after already being brought before the court and pleading guilty to a second degree assault. He does not have any family or others to advocate for him and so he is on his second forced hospital stay. He is fearful about going back to jail and wants to be released. He states he was beat by jail guards so badly he could not get out of bed and still has neck injuries from that unprovoked attack.
 I have talked to more than one patient who has told me evidence that supports the need for investigation of the petition to label one incompetent to stand trial. .
           on Siddharta's Birthday  TUESDAY FEBRUARY 28  
  UPDATE: A DAY TO CELEBRATE                             
  It was confirmed to me this morning February 28 that                       The Charges were dropped!!!
Thank you Pros Banfield for doing the right thing!
Witness the Celebration here through photos, and video here.
Thank You Thank you Thank You All who supported us through calls emails, letters, and prayers from around the country and even from around the world; including Brazil, France and England!
                                                                                                                                     My new friend and photographer extraordinaire
Kathryn Kendall, made it so you could relive this Magical Day of Celebration with us!
Watch for more pictures as several wonderful friends and photographers showed up with camera and video in hand!
(Thank you Joe Anybody for the video)
Return soon for part 2 update...
We still need your support to Support Siddharta's  Healing Journey!    Click here if you would like to donate ...
 Mother's  FAST DAY 15 (1-2 days/week)for her Son
Day 1, 2012   61-year-old Mother/Grandmother
fasting in front of the courthouse
Be sure to scroll down and read about
The M.O.M.S. Movement
       A Movement OMothers Standing-Up-Together
 We are Mothers and Other Individuals who have experienced grief, pain, shock, outrage and deep heartbreak,  in response to the treatment our loved ones received in and through the mental health agencies and institutions and the criminal justice systems. 
When we asked for help for our Loved One in crisis, this is what happened to many of us...(Click here to read the heartbreaking stories of Mother's across the country)
We, as Mothers and Other concerned Individuals, gather together to inspire,empower, console, educate, care and advocate for each other.
We ACT Together:
  • for Freedom of Choice
  • for Compassionate Safe, Effective Care with Dignity
  • for Compassionate Safe, Empowering Sanctuaries for Healing
  • for Justice
  • and to Shine a Light on our local, state, and federal broken systems.
             It Takes A Village
       We are Mothers and Other Individuals
            RAISING the Village and
      RECLAIMING Our Children
                      Click here for more information
The Movement  OMothers Standing-up-together
We Support Fully Informed Consent, Adult's right to choice concerning treatment, and Parents' rights to non-drug options. We provide resources to those seeking complementary or alternatives to the current standard "care" for conditions labeled mental illness.
Susan Musante, Director of Soteria-Alaska House
 Live recording
Each Month we feature videos or audio talks on drug-alternative options to consider for LONG TERM, EFFECTIVE  TREATMENTS FOR BEHAVIORAL, MENTAL, AND EMOTIONAL TRAUMA...
Click here for Live Conference call on 12/30/2011 with
 Susan Musante, Director of Soteria-Alaska
Copy and paste the url below to see the
Dr. Doris Rapp Demonstates How Food or Environmental Allergies Cause Symptoms Often Misdiagnosed as Behavioral or Mental Problems
See More, more, & more, on other causes & OFTEN SUPPRESSED nutritional approaches.
One of the MOMS needs help saving her house
Please sign this petition and forward to anyone that may be able to help Susan. She lives in North Carolina and has owned her home for 20 years.
Susan worked tirelessly to free her daughter from unjust force hospitalization earlier in the year and now is fighting to keep their home. Susan is very chemically sensitive (she can't be near any scented products, new paint, carpets, deodorizers etc.), so the reality is that there are, on the average, 1 in 300,000 houses she could even walk into without getting very sick.   Thanks for signing the petition .  Cindi
___SIGN PETITION NOW!    OPEN DISCUSSION IN MEDIA WITH WHITAKER'S RESEARCH MORE....________________________________________________________________________________________
Maryanne Godboldo
Previous Ruling: September 30, 2011
Arianna freed to live with Mother, Maryanne Godboldo!
Judge states parents, not the state have the right to determine what medicine to give their child!  A big thankyou for your tremendous support!
updated  9/29/2011...listen to 1 hour you-tube show ...
first the TV Version and then an  interview with Maryanne, as she gives the details that are not shared on mainstream TV. click here
***Be sure and scroll all the way down to read more than 20 articles including Mother's 100 day fast; Stories of Mothers of adult and minor children in the mental health system;  Stories of Mother's creating a new paradigm of psychiatric care; Terry Dorn's  inspiring story of surviving the mental health system; the military and psych drugs;  preschool children and psychiatric drugs; targeting children of color; Pfizer found Guilty,The Insider Newspaper
We are joining the wave toward a
new paradigm in psychiatric care
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
September 2011 Hannah Released!
MOM Sarah now raising funds, writing grants for Mindfreedom's MOMS INITIATIVE
 August 2011Jennifer FREED!
All Constitutional Rights restored as state agency gives up guardian control. Now Mom Susan is focusing on bringing Robert Whitaker, author of "Anatomy of an Epidemic" to North Carolina!
May 2011 Daniella Freed from Hospital!
Mom's blog is full of inspiration and determination...
April  2011 Terry's two Daughters are Recovering
Using Alternative Care.
Terry is extremely grateful for the information she discovered in Robert Whitaker's book "Anatomy of an Epidemic". To Check out her facebook page click First Do No Harm
 February 2011  Lisa Freed!
Mom Marcia lead the way in hosting first "Rethinking Psychiatry" lecture in February 2011 and first Annual 2 day"Rethinking Psychiatry Symposium" in  April. 
Total attendance was over 500!!! 
Watch for Reth inking Psychiatry website coming soon! 
                   Coming soon...more success stories and
                            MOMS BEING the CHANGE
Click  below and read about  care for the mind and body based on Empowerment of Individuals !
 4/19/2011 yet Another Mother's Story (Oregon) by Terry Daniels
I first became aware of Robert Whitaker’s book, Anatomy of an Epidemic in the
 summer of 2010, and found I could not read it without experiencing debilitating
grief and panic.  I was reading what sounded like the story of our three daughters
 in the pages of his book.  For 15 years, I had subordinated my maternal instincts
 to medical professionals who had put our daughters on an entire array of
psychiatric drugs. 
3/28 /2011 yet Another Mother's Story (Michigan)
Maryanne Godboldo put her duty to protect her daughter over any concern for her own personal safety.The state came with police to take her daughter and she refused. She has been jailed and charged! Read her story here keep updated at
 for April 8th update click here    Mother Released Today   04/01/2011   click here            
3/22 /2011 yet Another Mother's Story(North Carolina)
Susan ___ drove all the way across the state through the snow with her daughter, Jennifer, age 32. Her mission was to get to the compassionate treatment center they both wanted  Jennifer to be treated at, fleeing the psychiatric drug treatment the state was demanding. read more  
3/21/2011 yet Another Mother's Story  (Oregon)
Little over a year ago, she {my daughter}was a spirited and loving person as well
as a gifted artist with deep connections to Earth. Today she is a broken and traumatized individual in need of healing from the harm caused by the psychiatric "treatment" that she received
in our more
Fast Day 100   April 22, 2011
60 year old mother/grandmother
Cindi Fisher//website author
in front of  the Vancouver, WA Court House       
 Day 1 September 1, 2010 
Day 50 Christmas Day 2010
Day 100 will be April 22, 2011
please join the MOMS Movement
A   Mother's 3days/week
Liquid fast on water and green smoothies
for her 34 yr old son, Siddharta Fisher.
and for
1) Mental Health Rights for All,
2) Raising the Village and
3)ReClaiming Our Children! 
Start Date September 1, 2010 
It Continues indefinitely!
UPDATE:  Today, Monday, March 14,  2011
Celebrating Siddharta's return  HOME!
M.O.M.S. Movement  click here to read more
Siddharta of modern times (my Son's story) read more
Six Mothers' Stories read more
The Power of Fasting read more
...scroll down this column to read about the
3rd leading cause of death of young people age 15-24;
millions of preshool and older children being drugged;
1 in 6 soldiers in war given antipsychotic drugs... and then you will understand the need for
Raising the Village! 
The Village Vision
Empowering the Individual through 
Real Community Connections and Engagement!
Mental Health Rights! 
It is the role of the community/village to create a compassionate, 
caring and connected, empowered,  environment where all grow strong 
mentally, physically and come to know there is a power greater than themselves!
All support for recovery, when there is a traumatic break in relationships to self, family, loved ones,community, or society, must include the voice and choice of the individual, and (with the consent of the individual,) the voice of other loved ones or allies.
FACT: The 3rd leading cause of death of young people age 15-24 is suicide! Many more attempt it and are hospitalized!
What is it about our society, our community, our families, that our Young People
are saying NO to with such  finality! Could it be
the village could give them a
vision worth living for?
 FACT:  Psychiatric drugging of  preschool and elementary children to "fit in" our schools, our communities, and our homes has risen 35 fold in the last 20 years!"As of 2008, upwards of a million children in the United States—in many cases preschoolers—are on "mood-stabilizers" for bipolar disorder alone, even though the condition remains unrecognized in the rest of the world.
Is the natural wonder, curiosity, and desire to learn really broken in millions of  our preschool and school age children; and the antidote is drugs as strong and addictive as cocaine???(250 children a day are added to the social security disability roles.) or is it that the mentorship, and true education  are a function of the village
FACT: Military doctors are medicating 1 in 6 soldiers with psychotropic drugs.
Use of psychiatric drugs has spiked; concerns surface about suicide, and 
The war on terror proved to be a major deception of the worst kind...perhaps it was/is a war on us! Will 1/3 of these US Soldiers return home only to become the new generation of prison inmates, homeless, or death by suicide or homicide statistics ...NOT because they suffer from PTSD, but from the horrendous side-effects of homicide or  suicide thoughts and actions induced by psychiatric drugs? Not only are they given these drugs while fighting  on foreign soil, but they are often given them when they return home to deal with the nightmare war, waged in their own mind.They too need the Village to heal and keep from perishing .
I believe...
It takes a Village to raise a child.
Without a Village the children will perish ,
Without a (Village) Vision the people will perish!
Its Time to Raise the Village!
Extra Extra!!  READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!
Download your copy of the
Insider Newspaper Today! click here
Over 4000 copies distributed state wide!
Terry Dorn  and his publishing company ConsTal Publishing recently distributed several thousand copies of his newly published newspaper,"The Insider"!
ConsTal Publishing stands for CONSumer TALent! Many of you may already know the founder, Terry Dorn. Terry has been a long time advocate of empowering people all over the state of Washington, who have been marginalized, stigmatized and labeled as mentally ill. He has published several books including his own powerful Recovery Story,
"The Cross and the Psychiatrist."  Recently, Terry decided there was a strong need to start publishing his newspaper again! He heard the stories of Mothers with children in the mental health system, and decided to give them front page picture and headline coverage. The latest editions headline is Mothers and Mental Health Rights! Click to read pdf file
Over the years, many of those he has touched with his ministry of seeing the person behind the symptoms, AND their  Gifts and Talents,  have credited Terry with turning their lives around. He is affectionately known as "The Chaplain of the Streets.
Mental Health Rights YES
started as an advocacy organization for Mental Health Rights!
and continues to offer advocacy,  and education to those who are voluntarily or involuntarily  in the mental health system and their family members who want choice and inclusion in the decision making process, or  desire information about alternative recovery models. Our informal advocacy and education meeting is at the Village Vision House. Bring your questions, concerns or let us know how we can support you...  call us at 360-254-8703
UPDATE:  Today, Monday, March 14,  2011
Celebrating Siddharta's return  HOME!
And tomorrow we are having a celebration dinner!
Sadly he is heavily drugged after 5 months of  forced confinement in the hospital and the effects are of grave concern. It is our hope and prayer to help him recover while trying to keep him out of harm's way and the system's reach. Read prior updates here...
Click here to read about the 
M.O.M.S. Movement            
It matters not the age.
A Mother's Love is forever.
Click here to read the tragic and painful stories of Mothers whose children were/are involuntarily trapped
(treated) in mental institutions...
Click here to find out about alternative, successful, healing,empowering models  in other countries!
Targeting Our Children:
This is what we are up against!
(This is a quote from Dr. Peter Breggin's Website...)
The widespread diagnosing of children is a subtle form of social control that suppresses children rather than providing them with what they need to fulfill their basic needs in the home, school and family (and I would add, the community/village).
"... the medical and scientific authorities, and the weight of the universities and government, wholly support this rampant abuse of children. From the systematic abuse of women, children and minorities throughout the ages to the institution of slavery and the Holocaust, those in authority have condoned and benefited from these abuses. Authority at the top of society always justifies these widespread abuses, otherwise the abuses would never get started, nor would they persist.
Reject the authorities. Rely on common sense, sound ethics and real science. Allow yourself to become empathic toward these abused children. Then become angry, energized, motivated and engaged. Educate yourself. My books and those of many others will introduce you to a new world of science, education and philosophy about childhood and children. Find your own way to protest and to make a difference. Join us at in our efforts to protect our nation's children from psychiatric abuse and to offer them genuine love, inspiration, service and education."
For more information about social control and youngsters see the Children's section under Special Topics and Children's section under Scientific Papers, as well as several of Dr. Breggin's books, especially
Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry
(1998).  Dr. Breggin's blogs often address current children's issues.
InToxic Psychiatry (1991)
Psychotropic Drugs and Children Video
by Award Winning Research Journalist
Robert Whitaker
The National Institute of Mental Health's 3 year long term research  results of the  effect of psychiatric drugs on children: increased mania, additional bipolar diagnosis, stunted growth, weight loss, increased violent aggression, brain damage (research was suppressed until 2010) WHY?
Thank you to the Over 500 people in the  area who came to hear Robert Whitaker lecture on his book
Anatomy of an Epidemic
in Vancouver and Portland!
Robert will return to the Northwest (Seattle,Olympia,Tacoma, Vancouver, Portland)  in May 2011!
You Must Hear Him for Yourself!
"The FDA has put the interests of drug companies and the psychiatric research establishment ahead of those of America's children. It is time for the public and concerned professionals to take a stand against unethical pharmacological research on children." Dr. Peter Breggin
"False claims, kickbacks (to doctors)
felony crimes and civil fraud... it seems that the truth about pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer is finally starting to emerge."
"The FDA has put the interests of drug companies and the psychiatric research establishment ahead of those of America's children. It is time for the public and concerned professionals to take a stand against unethical pharmacological research on children. Dr. Peter Breggin
Read about the
The War Against Children of Color
Psychiatry targets children of color especially foster children.
The diagnosis of African American men as having schizophrenia, by public and private institutions, is 15 times as high as whites Click here to read about the exploitation of minorities:by Gary Null
Dear Reader, the following is a quote from  Dr. Peter Breggin, the author of the book"The War Against Children of Color." Words in parenthesis are mine, Cindi Fisher
by Dr. Peter Breggin
I am white and Jewish. It feels like a special honor to work in close association with African Americans on behalf of human liberty and mutual respect. As I look back on the fight against the first and second violence initiatives,(these initiatives are actual government documents that focused on targeting Afrcan American children) it strikes me that the victories would not have been won without the vigorous participation of African Americans. Often the dominant white society seems indifferent to the various psychiatric abuses, whether they affected blacks or the entire society. For example, I had little success in opposing the return of lobotomy until its effects on the blacks aroused their concerns. Right now the drugging of children in general escalates in America, with millions of school-boys and girls on Ritalin and other psychiatric medications. Yet it is only among blacks that I have found any concerted ethical or spiritual outrage over the medical diagnosing and drugging of America's children. It is ironic indeed that the black community remains a bulwark of ethics, social conscience, and empathy for children within the very society that so oppresses it.
9/02/2010 A MOTHERS FAST Day 2
for dignity and long term recovery
for her son, Siddharta Fisher, and for empowerment for the Movement of Mothers Standing-up-Together!
UPDATE: December 16, 2010
  • Thank you for all the many many emails,   calls and prayers.
  • Your Voice Was Heard
Your Support was/is critical
Your support was very effective and I am certain that Gov. Gregoire has a deeper insight,  and clearer picture of how critical, voice and choice is, and the need to change how individuals are treated within the walls of Western State Hospital.
I have saved some of your empowering email-letters to the governor to use as a models for future use by other
(On hold for now)
I want him to come home and recover in a way that empowers him. Although the mental health teams, both local and state, do not offer  support in alternative empowerment and recovery models, almost all of the non-mainstream research indicate that relationship building is the core of healing and empowerment. I believe, I have the support of a team now that will become like a village for Siddharta. 
DECEMBER  10, 2010
Day 44
email or fax
Dear Governor:
There are no other illnesses, and certainly only rare instances where patients with physical illness are treated against their will or without the consent and cooperation of their family.  I am writing to request that you please contact CEO Jess Jamison of Western State Hospital and request the petition to commit Siddharta Fisher against his will for up to additional 180 days be DENIED!  Please also be sure that he has a proper discharge plancoordinated with his mother and that he is released no later than one week after the petition is dropped! His mother wants him home where she has built a team of community and professional support for him to begin working towards recovery. Thanks to the tireless advocacy work of family and patient organizations over the past 3 decades, the leading medical establishment now firmly believes and the evidence is irrefutable; collaboration with families and empowerment of patients is key to real recovery for people with chronic mental illness. Yet this message is slow to reach deep into the individual institutions who provide services. NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) ranks WA State with a grade of C overall in their mental health care services, and F when it comes to coordinating with families and patients.   Please step in to help this family.
Your Name
I want real and lasting help for my son.
I want him and our family to  have a voice and choice
in his recovery process...

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