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Hector Ilias (i-lee-us)
Hector Ilias was coerced into plea bargaining for a crime he did not commit.
Please call OHSU 503 494-7959
Tell them to release the 2009 video of Hector Ilias!
His own lawyer, Britt, insisted, the video proved him guilty! Hector adamantly disagreed, but no one would allow him or his family to see the video.
He proclaimed his innocence from the beginning but after being held in jail, sometimes in the hole and heavily drugged for
almost a half year
, he finally gave in and agreed to their insistence for him to plead No Contest to a crime he did NOT commit……still
being allowed to see the video.
He has spent 3 long cruel years in prison, mostly in isolation, often painfully drugged into unawareness.
NOW he is threatened with Deportation from this, his home country, since the age of 2; deportation from his family; and the only life he has ever really known. The video/s were subpoenaed for post-conviction hearing, but have not yet been released by OHSU
. Please Call OHSU 503-494-7959 Tell them to release the video/s.

For more info call Maribel  503-929-1290

A Short Autobiography by Hector Ilias at age 22. 
My name Hector Ilias, I am 22 years old known as
> proffesor Sol I have studied Capoeira for the past 6
> years with grupo Cordao de Orou . Originally born in
> Honduras where I lived till I was 2 before moving to
> the U.S.A. with my Mother becuase of political
> instability in Central America during that time.
> I Capoeira is a Brasilian art form created by
> the slaves during the colonial period. The slaves
> would disguise the fighting form as a dance this way
> the masters would not know they where training self
> defense. I mainly studied in the United States for
> Elemantary , Middle School and High school except for
> 2nd grade & 9th where I returned to Honduras to
> perfect my reading and writing in Spanish. Raised by a
> single mother having 3 brothers and 2 sisters we
> indured many hardships like living in a car,shelters
> having to survive of what my mom made and food stamps
> things where not always easy. With out a father it is
> difficult to raise 5 children. So from a young age my
> mother thought me to appreciate waht we have and to
> help others when ever possible. So that is exactly
> what I did the summer of 1999 I volunteered with an
> International organization called Amigos del Mundo
> there I chose to volunteer in Brazil and worked with
> community projects dealing with health sanitation and
> recreation. During this period I began to be exposed
> to Capoeira little by little and during debriefing
> there was a Demonstration, with fire,music &
> acrobatics. Lets just say it was love at first sight
> because I am still with the same group certified to
> instruct and do not have plans of discontiinuing.
> After returning to America I focused all my
> energy on returning to Brazil to study Capoeira and to
> be involved in Community elevation projects. In
> college I studied theater,Dance and languages. I also
> took up gymnastics and was part of a Capoeira
> demonstration team. There I was incouraged to start
> working with kids got a job teaching at summer camps
> and shools. I always remembered how my teacher said he
> founded a shool of Capoeira in 1996 to help endangerd
> youth and impoverished children become good citizens.
> Since Capoeira turned my life around in such a
> positive magnificent way I was all for creating this
> school. Along with other ongoing projects we founded
> an international exchange so people from around the
> world could experince Capoeira and Brazilian art
> culture while helping and fighting Brazils poverty..


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