MentalHealthRightsYES - for Mental Health Rights

Often when those experiencing trauma or their loved ones seek help, the only option they are offered is one of coercion with focus on psychotropic drugs - one often creating more trauma.

Even some desperately in need of help choose no treatment rather than one that is painful and creates more trauma

Here we offer other choices to the standard form of "Help."  They are not the only options available, nor are they necessarily the best for everyone. We offer those we have researched and found to be helpful to many and are backed by sound science and/or studies. We offer this information so others will have more than one choice of  "Help."

We put these choices into two basic categories: Alternatives and Resources. You will find these Alternative and Resource in subheadings under our HELP page/category.  We sincerely hope you find this information Helpful.


This refers basically to Non-drug or Natural Treatments or organizations who provide this type of care.


Websites of Organizations,  Doctors, and Advocacy groups that offer further suggestions and sources of HELP

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