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                                          Western State Hospital
 is NOT licensed as a state psychiatric hospital 
as required by state law RCW 71.12   WHY!?!?!?

Why do we have very strict and stringent laws governing ALL private facilities that care for psychiatric patients and NONE (other than the medical test Site with waiver---which has very weak requirements compared to the requirements of RCW 71.12) that I could find covering our 2 state psychiatric hospitals.. Western State Hospital and Eastern State Hospitals.

Both of these hospitals have been plagued with murders and suicides!  When interviewed about a more recent murder at Western State Hospital, the medical director of Western State Hospital was asked WHY was Western State NOT licensed as a state psychiatric hospital....

And as an advocate for Mothers, fathers, and survivors of Western State Hospital, and  I, as a mother, and my son as a patient, have stories to share that are so grievous that I have fasted in front of the hospital beginning Thanksgiving Day 2012  and will return on Christmas Day!
Here is the definition from RCW71.12 , the title on this page is  Private Psychiatric Hospitals
As used in this chapter, "establishment" and "institution" mean and include every private or county or municipal hospital, including public hospital districts, sanitarium, home, or other place receiving or caring for any mentally ill, mentally incompetent person, or chemically dependent person.

Western State is licensed as a Medical Test Site with waiver!!! 
License number  MTSW.FS.60130805     

Why is it not licensed under the Department of  Health as a psychiatric hospital?
Go to this page and for facility type scroll down until you see psychiatric hospital and select it..
and then in the name box type in   Western State Hospital  ... then select search...
this is what you will see  
* No records exist for the selection criteria. Try again.
 It may seem like there is only a blank page showing, but just  scroll down until you see the response...

Now read about the penalties our state has established for those who practice as a psychiatric hospital without a licensed...  these stringent licensing requirements and penalties are meant to protect those who are considered some of our most vulnerable citizens.
RCW 71.12.460 License to be obtained — Penalty.
No person, association, county, municipality, public hospital district, or corporation, shall establish or keep, for compensation or hire, an establishment as defined in this chapter without first having obtained a license therefor from the department of health, complied with rules adopted under this chapter, and paid the license fee provided in this chapter. Any person who carries on, conducts, or attempts to carry on or conduct an establishment as defined in this chapter without first having obtained a license from the department of health, as in this chapter provided, is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or by both such fine and imprisonment. The managing and executive officers of any corporation violating the provisions of this chapter shall be liable under the provisions of this chapter in the same manner and to the same effect as a private individual violating the same.

Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following terms, whenever used in this chapter, shall be deemed to have the following meanings:

 (1) "Department" means the Washington state department of health.

 (4) "Hospital" means any institution, place, building, or agency which provides accommodations, facilities and services over a continuous period of twenty-four hours or more, for observation, diagnosis, or care, of two or more individuals not related to the operator who are suffering from illness, injury, deformity, or abnormality, or from any other condition for which obstetrical, medical, or surgical services would be appropriate for care or diagnosis. "Hospital" as used in this chapter does not include hotels, or similar places furnishing only food and lodging, or simply domiciliary care; nor does it include clinics, or physician's offices where patients are not regularly kept as bed patients for twenty-four hours or more; nor does it include nursing homes, as defined and which come within the scope of chapter 18.51 RCW; nor does it include birthing centers, which come within the scope of chapter 18.46 RCW; nor does it include psychiatric hospitals, which come within the scope of chapter 71.12 RCW; nor any other hospital, or institution specifically intended for use in the diagnosis and care of those suffering from mental illness, intellectual disability, convulsive disorders, or other abnormal mental condition. Furthermore, nothing in this chapter or the rules adopted pursuant thereto shall be construed as authorizing the supervision, regulation, or control of the remedial care or treatment of residents or patients in any hospital conducted for those who rely primarily upon treatment by prayer or spiritual means in accordance with the creed or tenets of any well recognized church or religious denominations.

Western State Hospital is licensed as a Medical Test Site with Waiver and is licensed by the Joint Commission.   DOH HomeUnder HSQA Online Searrch 

Laboratory Quality Assurance (LQA) 
Welcome to the Office of Laboratory Quality Assurance webpage. Here you'll find information regarding the licensing of 
Medical Test Sites: sites that perform clinical laboratory testing for the purpose of healthcare, treatment, or screening. Please keep in mind that this site will be continuously updated. Your comments will be used to improve our services to you. We can help you:
Find office contact information 
Mission To ensure that the public receives accurate and reliable clinical laboratory services and test results by monitoring and evaluating medical test sites for compliance with minimum standards of quality assurance for clinical laboratory testing.History and Background The federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), which requires certification of all sites performing clinical laboratory testing, was passed in 1988. Prior to 1988, the only laboratories that were regulated were those that did interstate testing, or independent laboratories and hospitals that wanted Medicare reimbursement. CLIA changed the picture dramatically by including all sites where testing was being performed, such as doctor's offices, clinics, health departments, etc. The legislature passed the Medical Test Site (MTS) Licensure law (Chapter 70.42 RCW) in May 1989 to allow the state to regulate clinical laboratory testing. The rules to implement the law (Chapter 246-338 WAC) were adopted in October 1990. In September 1992 the federal regulations to implement CLIA became effective. CLIA allowed equivalent State programs to apply for exemption from Federal regulation. Washington State applied for exemption in October 1992. In October 1993, Washington became the first state to have its clinical laboratory licensure program judged by the Federal Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as equivalent to CLIA and was granted an exemption. This exemption from CLIA retains the regulatory activity at the state level, rather than federal, where it is more accessible and responsive to local needs. In 1996the Joint Commission granted deemed status to the Washington State MTS program,. This allowslaboratories in Joint Commission accredited facilities to be inspected under the MTS program
.( cf medical test site program…this was meant for laboratories NOT psychiatric hospital…70.42 was meant to regulate Medical test sites such as laboratories  RCW 71.12 was meant to regulate psychiatric hospitals…  RCW 71.12 strictly regulates psychiatric hospitals and there are criminal penalties for those who operate as psychiatric hospitals and are not licensed under RCW 71.12)

And further more read how applying for the waiver further dminishes the requirements of inspection of this psychiatric hospital

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