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                         The M.O.M.S. MOVEMENT
Dear Mothers,

It  Matters not the age..
A Mother's love is Forever             

To the  Mothers who contacted me and others who are also struggling to rescue their child, adult or minor... We are working toward the dream of raising the village, so that we may create  interdependent, resilient communities, reclaim our children and  where our children are safe, nurtured, and empowered to be all that they are meant to be...Let Us unite!!!
Mothers wrote me to share their support and prayers and then shared similar stories of their adult children taken  against their will; forcefully drugged and detained, dignity and constitutional rights forsaken, the parents voice completely silenced or ignored!click here to read some of their stories
Movement Of Mothers Standing-up-Together!
Judging from the passion, courage, determination and number of  Moms that have shared their story with me, I think we need only join our voices to amplify our courage, strength, determination, and creativity to do what needs to be done to Save Our Children and Surround them with the care, compassion and inspiration of the Village!

A MOMS Movement is needed and paramount to protect our adult and minor children from a system that has orchestrated the right to unjustly imprison them and then cripple them through massive drugging and the denial of dignity and hope.

We ARE Uniting!!! Bold, Creative, Determined, Brilliant, Resilient and Empowered!!!
We will  come together in our towns, churches, homes, coffee shops, or other organizations and strategize on how to raise the village  and then call on each other to present a united voice to take the next steps to bring our children home safely.
An Unbeatable Combination
I think that the only thing stronger than a Mother's Love is God's Love and the combination is unstoppable!Whether you believe in God or a Higher Power, or  not, you are invited to Join Us in
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updated: 4/19/2011
The M.O.M.S. Movement!
the Movement  Of   M others-and-Others  Standing-up-together
Raising the Village
ReClaiming Our Children
People of ALL Faiths and NO Faith are invited to join us,
For those who believe in a Higher Power,
However you pray, may your prayer be that we be guided and inspired!
The M.O.M.S. Movement is calling Mothers and Others across the nation to begin to form local support and advocacy groups of Mothers and Other Individuals. And then let us link with each other nationwide Creating a United Voice and a grassroots movement of
Mothers and Other Individuals Raising the Village and ReClaiming Our Children!
The M.O.M.S. MOVEMENT'S  Goals can be divided into 4 categories
1)  To create a UNITED National Movement of Mothers and Others Individuals Raising the Village and Taking Back Our Children, Guided and Inspired by a Higher Power
2) To Emphasize and Model Self Care as a critical element of Family Care, Community Care and in being guided and inspired!
3) To IMAGINE and CREATE local community based grassroots projects that
"Raise the Village" by empowering, supporting, and inspiring our children, families, and community to live life fully and interdependently
4) To IMAGINE and CREATE local community based grassroots alternative recovery, respite, care and support places for healing and empowerment for those in our community in need of extra care
5) To PROTECT our children from being taken from our care or homes. If  help is needed let there be a dialogue with the family, loved ones and community and then follow with a family included Community Agreement for support and care
6) To  FREE our children, adults or minors, from unjust guardianship control, from forced confinement and drugging, and from unjust incarcerations
7) To inform the community of  suppressed research regarding psychiatric medications
8) To inform the community of the suppressed REALITY of what really happens in   "psychiatric treatment facilities" and be aware of what other actions, places and laws are being abused such as the HIPPA Law.
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