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Daniella's Story   as told from her Mother's Aleshanee's blog

From Cindi Fisher...I have followed this story personally since Last year...Many Guardianship hearings are normally decided in 1 day. This family was forced to return to court again and again, financially devastating them. The last court appeals story  was December 31, 2010. And then the court determined unbelievably  it needed to time to review the case.  Daniella and her family had to wait over 50 anguishing days to get their answer. In the end the court gave guardianship of Daniella to the state of New Hampshire. The is another case of the state stealing our children.

.in a Nutshell from  for a detailed story click here---sorry this blog is no longer posted but here are 2 excerpts ...
After two years of mysterious allergic-type reactions, I took my daughter to a Boston hospital to have her evaluated. After 24 hours of separation and waiting, she was restrained and drugged against my consent. Two months later she suffered her first psychotic break, was committed, turned 18 and her guardianship was  temporarily assigned by the state of NH. She is now only being treated exclusively with pharmacological drugs and exclusively for mental illness in a long-term, high-security NH Hospital. Allergic  symptoms continue to be ignored. I want to retain guardianship and get her correctly diagnosed and have her receive a balanced treatment which would include healing  therapies along with any necessary drug treatments. I am seeking help with attorney's fees and with the high cost for an alternative mental health facility. I have started this blog with my daughters  knowledge and consent                                 
Thank you 
The Judges' ruling arrived by mail on Friday.
We have lost our case. Daniella has become a ward of the State of New Hampshire.
Friday afternoon Daniella was informed by a nurse that they would be committing her for another year, now that her first year is up. I did assure her that this was a premature statement  as a judge has not yet heard the case.
Sunday morning a man came in asking Daniella lots of questions about her mental state. Daniella was bothered by this mans' demeanor and said that he asked her many questions but acted like he didnt believe her answers, for example  when she told him that she is not suicidal.  and he informed her that she now has a different state appointed attorney for the recommittment hearing.  He  also informed her that she now has a different state appointed attorney assigned  for the recommittment hearing.
I just went up to see Daniella following Church with the children so that Daniella could have a brief audience with her younger sister Abby. Although much work had gone into pre-arranging this visit in advance, Abigail and Daniella were denied the visit  upon our arrival which was very upsetting for the children.
At present, I have not further words.
Please keep our family and esp. Daniella in your prayers.
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