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Dear Friends, I am Balancing Love and Outrage!  
Siddharta is Closer but not home yet!  
I talk to Siddharta every day, and I travel to Kelso, Washington, an hour away, to go see him often.
After 1 year and 5 days I am finally able to see, touch, and talk to my son… an answer to a mother’s prayer. 

And after almost 2 years of forced confinement in a very abusive Western State Hospital,in Lakewood, Washington Siddharta was finally released, to at least begin the first leg of his long dreamed of journey to freedom and home.

For this I am so grateful and thankful to God, and to the Hearts and Hands of the Village who prayed for us, made many, many calls, and wrote many emails.  With the deepest of gratitude, please know you are Loved.
There is now a link on our website
to comment or tell your story as well.
Siddharta’s only dream is to be truly FREE AT LAST and go home to Vancouver to recover with REAL SUPPORT!  That is all he talks about each day when I call or go to see him in the locked psychiatric ward at Kelso Washington at St. John’s Peace Health Hospital.

Sidd says it is like being locked in a box… and I say, as I look at the observation windows where he is under a microscope, that…
He sleeps a lot and paces in this place to try and avoid the scenario they seem determined to create….these kind of abuses seem orchestrated to “make him aggressive and thus validate their claims that he was/is a danger to others”…
Kelso, Washington Police Report A14-48 Proves here for report
Despite the police report
that said he was innocent of the charges claimed by the adult family home staff
; he was taken to Peace Health St. Johns Psychiatric Ward from Cowitz Garden Adult Family Home after
 less than 3 weeks of precious freedom on January 4, 2014;

This report says that
there was no proof of the accusations of aggressiveness
by the Cowitz Garden manager; and after the first call  the officer refused to remove Siddharta from his new adult family home;

After the second call the next night, that official police report  
denies over and over again
that there was any evidence of  Siddharta being aggressive at the adult family home…

So why is he locked in the isolation unit of PeaceHealth St. Johns Psychiatric ward.
Read the details below, but know, so far he is displaying amazing control against such egregious human rights violations perpetrated against him, by his guardian, by Cowitz Gardens Adult Family Home, and by the PeaceHealth St. John’s Psychiatric team.

Need at least 20 emails to CEO Josiah Johnson...Will you write one Today or Tomorrow?

After reading the details below please email CEO Josiah Johnson and/or call… Washington State’s Sen. Murray

Josiah  Johnson is CEO of PeaceHealth Hospital in Vancouver, WA and Keslo WA.

Are there 20 of you
who could commit to emailing CEO Johnson. I hope there will be more, but 20 is a very powerful number. If you do email CEO Johnson,  and if you have the extra time, please drop a line to and let us know.

Feel free to write your own email request or use mine as your model…
 Email:  Peace Health (click on this link)
  write in the subject line
Attention: CEO Josiah Johnson  / Siddharta Fisher
Also if someone is able to find the actual email address, so we don’t have to go through the hospital website to email please send it to me at

Dear CEO Johnson
Please compare the Kelso Police incident report A14-48 with the evidence the Peace Health psychiatrist and lawyers used to illegally confine and imprison Siddharta Fisher at PeaceHealth St. John’s Hospital in Kelso.

Are you aware that the United Nations now recognizes the treatment you are forcing on an innocent man is a form of torture and is cruel, degrading and inhumane.
.. click here for more details 

Please use your influence to correct these grave human rights injustices inflicted by Peace Health Hospital  and support the unconditional release of Siddharta Fisher to his mother, Cynthia Fisher, in Vancouver, WA

Also please consider:
an investigation into your psychiatric treatment teams seemingly racist placement of Siddharta in the isolation unit;
an investigation into Dr. Schumacher (sp) violation of Siddharta's religious freedom rights, by denying him access to his Spiritual Reading material
an investigation of the  Cowitz Garden Adult Family Home, that seemed to use PeaceHealth to prevent exposure of their abuses of residents;
an investigation of guardian Tracy Zacher  for her refusal to agree to a conference with your staff, Siddharta, and his Mother, Cynthia Fisher, which could have avoided  escalation of the current crisis PeaceHealth is now facing.

 Hoping for 100 Calls to Sen. Murray
Please call Sen. Murray 206-553-5545
:  I know many of you have called before… Please do not doubt that your continued calls are building pressure to expose major corruption in the mental health field and expose the pervasive persecution of people labeled with mental illness…
The Village Hearts and Hands are making it happen! Tell Sen. Murray
1) Please FREE Siddharta Fisher immediately  to live in his hometown, Vancouver, WA   
2) Give his Mother, Cynthia Fisher  Guardianship
3) Investigate guardian Tracey Zacher’s role in the horrific human and constitutional rights of Siddharta Fisher, including isolating him from his friends and family for almost 21 days, and playing a part in fraud against the court.
4) Investigate Cowitz Garden Family Home in Kelso Washington for abuse of vulnerable adults and Peace Health Hospital in Kelso Washington, for failing to prevent the unjust confinement of Siddharta Fisher
Here is a more detailed update:
Adult Family Home Immediately Violates Siddharta’s rights
December 15, 2013
 After his long awaited release from Western State Hospital, on approx. Dec 15, 2013, his guardian disappeared him into an adult family home where he was told he could not leave the property. This restriction­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ was never lifted during the 18-20 days, he was at the adult family home, except to be transported to a medical appointment.  Such a restriction was not part of his conditional leave and is a violation of state and federal ADA laws for vulnerable and disabled adults.

His guardian Tracey Zacher, kept his whereabouts secret from all his friends and family. We now know the home was Cowitz Gardens Adult Family Home in Kelso, Washington.
Siddharta was kept hidden, and isolated even during the Christmas Season

As Christmas time was approaching and his whereabouts still kept hidden, there was a desperate effort made to call all the adult family homes in Kelso, Washington, , in an attempt to try and locate Siddharta, especially during the Christmas season. The first Adult Family Home listed in Kelso is the Cowitz Garden Adult Family Home. They denied they had a resident named Siddharta Fisher.

Guardian Zacher was informally and unexpectedly exposed in the court room on January 3, 2013
regarding the disappearance and forced isolation of Siddharta. In response to that exposure, she agreed to call a family friend after court at 4:00pm and informed her she would give her the details of Siddharta’s location in 3 or 4 days. 
So Watch What Happened During the 3 to 4 Day Count Down…
According to the Kelso Washington police report A14-48 that I have secured; the following timeline of incidents occurred after that call…
January 3, 2014 
Given a 4 day window before Siddharta’s secret location must be made known, (the place where Siddharata’s rights and possibly others were being seriously violated…)
at 7:00pm
 a Cowitz Garden staff member called 911 and tried to have Siddharta arrested on the grounds that he was a threat to other residents at the adult family home.
The police reports states, he investigated,but
found no evidence of threats or aggression and refused to remove Sidddharta.

January 4, 2014 with Only a 3 day window left before Siddharta’s secret location, must be made known
Around 7:00pm
, another call was made by the same Cowitz Garden Staff member,  to 911, the goal being to have Siddharta arrested on the same grounds as the night before; that he was a threat to other residents at the adult family home. 

The police report states, the same officer investigated again, but
found no evidence of threats or aggression and again refused to remove Siddharta. But the Cowitz Garden staff is adamant that he must be removed on  grounds of aggression. The policeman again clearly states there is no grounds for an involuntary commitment based on Siddharta being a threat to others, or himself and again refused to arrest him. Finally the staff calls the Lower Columbia Mental Health crisis line, and crisis operator Tim Fletcher  gives the order to the police to arrest Siddharta for what appears to be false reasons, but ones the police does not have the authority to question.

The police report ends, stating that, Siddharta was completely cooperative the whole time…including the trip to Peace Health St. Johns Hospital in handcuffs, where he was delivered to the locked psychiatric ward. After the policeman left, Siddharta faced  further abuse, which appears to have  been racially motivated, because despite the police’s statement that there was no evidence of aggression and the crisis line’s fraudulent reason for arrest; he was transferred to the back ward  isolation unit.

Yes, he was still cooperative, even though he knew he had just been framed and his last breath of freedom’s air had just ended…

Cruel, Inhumane, Degrading
In this locked unit, there is no opportunity to ever go outside; the 4 or 5 bedrooms that line the walls have combination locks where I imagine individuals get locked in at night; or if these oppressive and cruel conditions force a human reaction, they then serve to punish and isolate during the day; the bare stark common area  is no bigger than a living room, barely room to pace, the center of which has a metal round table … These are the conditions that the United Nation’s states are torture; cruel, inhumane and degrading.
Outraged at His Persecution? Please be one of the 20 People who Email CEO Josiah Johnson …contact info is above!

Why is he still there?
When Siddharta went to court to see if he might gain his freedom back, Why did the Peace Health Hospital court hearing only include testimony from Cowitz Garden staff, stating that Siddharta was guilty of being aggressive and a threat to others, and not include the official police report; that said he was not a threat, but cooperative.
Why did his guardian fail to show up at court and produce the official police report?
Why do they have this African American man, who the police report states was totally cooperative locked in the back isolation wards of a hospital that serves mostly white people.
How can Peace Health deny Siddharta his right to have the only books he has requested in this forced isolation. Indeed, it is his form of religious expression. The astrology and tarot books I bought him at his request, are in a locked cabinet in the nurses’ station, by order of the psychiatrist, who I believe is Dr. Schumacher (?) and he is only allowed to read the rich “safe” material they have available “Woman’s Day Magazine.”

And yet as the Village People stand together and demand that justice be served we will save a Heart, one by one by one, until hopefully one day the Dream of the Beloved Inclusive Village, where All Hearts Can Heal will be manifested.
Standing Together, We Are Being the Change We Want to See In the World!
Thank you Thank you Thank You once again for your support!

For more information, contact:
Cindi Fisher

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