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Saturday March 2, 2012
Siddharta was transported from the Clark County jail yesterday to the forensic side of the hospital, that is the criminal side...I am confused right now, because his charges were dropped so he should be on the civic side. Because it is the weekend, at present no one has been able to talk with him, because his whereabouts inside the hospital (like what floor he is on)  are not being divulged by  the call answering center.  
His guardian, who I work closely with, has not been able to find out very much information either. She has suggested that since we can not do anything else tonight, that I think positive and imagine that he is doing fine, being treated with respect and is happy to be out of the jail! I will update as soon as I know more, hopefully tomorrow.
Sunday, March 3, 2012
The guardian still was not able to make any contact with Siddharta. No one has heard from him. We will find out in detail tomorrow how  his first few days at Western State were. I am wondering if he is still at the effect of the drug created aggressive withdrawal state?   Tomorrow...we will know more
July 20, 2012 Siddharta was forced to stay on the forensic side for almost 5  weeks. It appears there is a loop hole that allows the hospital to still hold him based on the charges that were dropped. He was only transferred when I began to advocate to others on his ward. Shortly after I began advocating for others, Sidd was transferred to the civil side, to a floor that has a broken phone and so patients can only get calls through the nurses station.
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