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After years of researching the effects of toxic exposures from drugs and other chemical/pharmaceutical industry products, I found the nutritional approach to healing, coupled with avoidance of unnecessary toxic exposures, to be essential to healing and optimal health. Below is info on one approach to nutritional healing
Video, Dr. Hoffer:
Many may remember Margo Kidder, who starred in the Superman movies and was later publicly exposed and humiliated as suffering from a schizophrenia-like disorder.  Kidder has since become a supporter and active spokesperson for Orthomolecular therapy and a new foundation (not yet off the ground) called New Hope.
Though Kidder believes in using a combination of therapies: orthomolecular, diet, drugs and other approaches to healing, certainly screening first for physical causes is optimal before trying the more toxic approach.
For more on SCREENING see headings on this website:  "First: Screen Physical Causes" and  "Solution: Brain Bio Centre"
Below is a main website for ORTHOMOLECULAR Medicine, which gives a listing of practitioners in its Resources section
[NOTE:i When I chose to supplement with niacin, I found it most effective to follow the recommendation of research practitioners and I started I fwith very low doses and increased gradually or sometimes I followed the alternative recommendation to use use a no-flush version]
Below are links to comments on Dr. Abram Hoffer's orthomolecular treatment, presented in his popular book about successful "Schizophrenia" treatment. (which  can be ordered for about 1.00 and shipping from Amazon)
The website (below) gives a basic protocol for treatment of mental symptoms. I have found this basic vitamin regimen very helpful for me and my daughter.  MY suggestions [in brackets] are added including brands I have used or use now.  Though I do not endorse any product, I would suggest using only the best quality vitamins, usually available at health food stores.
Vitamin B3 (niacin or niacinamide) 0.5 – 2 grams 3 times daily.   [2 g is 2000 mg - so 0.5 would be 500  - I use this gradually to avoid flushing- or I use no-flush B3 (Niacin)]
Vitamin B6 [for some individuals] 250-500 mg daily. 
A general B vitamin formula.  [I have used Twinlab B Stress Complex ]
Vitamin C, 3 or more grams daily.    [ I use Allergy Research or Nutracology - BUFFERED C capsules ---at least 3,000 mg a day]
Zinc (gluconate or citrate) 50 mg daily.  [ I find personally and in my research that zinc is good for immune system and for pyroluria]
Manganese 15-30 mg daily ( I used this when  I felt there was danger of tardive dyskinesia).
I also use omega three essential fatty acids rich in EPA and less rich in DHA. I look for preparations preparation that contain three times as much EPA as it does DHA. I use four large capsules twice daily This product I use is Kirunal." 
[This site  LEFT OUT B12, WHICH I BELIEVE IS VERY IMPORTANT - I USE  IT AND FOLIC ACID]  -- I order combination in drops or I order from Dr. Vinitsky, Enlightened Medicine -- Hydroxy B12 and Folerinse drops    (301) 840-0002
[ I also add a multi-vitamin/mineral capsule -- I  use Nutracology brand (Allergy Research) or EMPower Plus] -- see a video about this supplement detailed below.
The Truehope website offers a one-combined-supplement approach to treatment in its product EMPower Plus,  I sometimes  use it as a good alternative to taking many separate vitamins.  Although I add niacin and omega 3 sometimes.
*****Again, it is best to find a practitioner who can test properly for deficiencies, but these are suggestions and solutions that I have researched thoroughly and used.  This program offers a free video with the story of its development and success.
Here is another of my favorite websites for screening suggestions and more natural, non-toxic solutions: 
the  Brain Bio Centre website
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