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Sixth Grade Graduation
speech to parents received a standing ovation,
Washington State Elementary Chess Champion,
7th grade S.A.T. Scholar
MY Shock , Outrage and UnbelievableSadness
I recently completed a detailed review of 17 years of doctor, psychiatric and mental hospitalization records, notes , and so-called criminal records, I have felt  outrage, shock and unbelievable sadness in realizing how I,  the mental health system, and the criminal justice system have failed and criminalized my son. Among many other revealing and disturbing facts in these records, I discovered  extreme drug overdosing and failure of the authorities to report his rape at age 17.
My name is Cindi Fisher and I am the Mother of Siddharta Fisher. My son, age 34, is in Clark County Jail in WA waiting to go to trial for spitting on a policeman and trespassing. He is suffering from trauma induced psychosis that should have been diagnosed as PTSD many years ago and he has NEVER been treated for it; and he is also suffering from extreme overdosing and the dangerous withdraw effect from strong brain altering psychiatric drugs. These side effects vary among individuals and can last from 1 day to many months. These withdraw effects can and have caused  self harming acts, hallucinations, confusion, and aggressive, bizarre behavior in my son. These drug induced behaviors and acts  have been and are criminalized.   He has been in jail over 60 days and both his mental and physical health is deteriorating. He is in crisis. Please read his story below including how his adult  criminalization cycle began when he was overdosed 1200% with a neuroleptic  drug as a 17 year old minor  and read his story on the web  about  the year following the overdose  as well as how the authorities failed  mandatory reporting and investigation of his report of being raped at age 17…                                                                                                                                                                                                       then Please Support  Siddharta’s  Right to Heal by calling or emailing today through February 28,2012:
1.     Please call  Clark County / Washington Prosecuting Attorney Camera  Banfield  360-397-2261          
 Request that the charges against Siddharta Fisher be dropped.                                           
2.     Please call or email  Vanessa Gaskin  Director of  Community Services in Vancouver, WA
Phone   360-397-2130  X-7838 or
email:   Vanessa Gaskin
Request that Siddharta Fisher  be given:  1) non-coercive, 2) no or low dose,3) intensive trauma informed psyco-social CARE, where  he and his family, and support team are all allowed to be an intricate part of his recovery plan.
3.    HisBIRTHDAY is  February 28! If you are inspired, send him a card or letter of encouragement today.  
 Siddharta Fisher  #103258  Clark County Jail  PO Box 1147   Vancouver, WA 98666
4.    Please email me to let me know of your support  and share this email with others and on your face book and blogs …to keep updated check
                       OVER DOSED 1200%  as an African American Minor
1)    In December 1994, I  unknowingly allowed my son to be experimented on by the psychiatric profession;                     a  psychiatrist prescribed, my then minor 17 year old son, 6 mg of  risperdal, the maximum adult dose of this brain altering neuroleptic medication  (unbeknownst to me at the time FDA recommendation for minors age 5-17 was             .5 mg instead of 6. ) This was 12 times or almost 1200% above the maximum recommended dose for youth. This began a vicious cycle of  drugging and criminalization of acts that were drug or withdraw induced.  As he is continually drugged and stops due to extreme side effects, he continually displays confused  behavior, including  self harm, extreme physical distress resulting in increased confusion and aggressiveness, which in turn results in acts that are criminalized and the “treatment” is again mandatory drugging .                                                                                                                                                  * Read  DR. Peter Breggin’s  books entitled Targeting Children of Color   and   Your Drug may Be your Problem!                                                                       *********Please return to the top and call or email Supporting Siddharta’s Right to Heal****************
Mothersacross the Country in Shock, Outrage and Deep Heartbreak
I have since started a group called the M.O.M.S. Movement. It stands for the Movement  Of  Mothers  Standing-up-together.  I have been in contact, and now advocate for and with Mothers across the country. We each have experienced shock, outrage and deep heartbreak concerning the diagnosis, drugging, seclusion, and restraint methods, as well as exclusion of family and friends during the “treatment” of our  young adult children as mentally ill and the acts that are criminalized. You can read more Mothers’ stories and our advocacy and Keep updated on Siddharta on our web page at
 Failed Mandatory Reporting of Rape of a Minor
2) In November of 1995, the mental health system failed to legally and emotionally address several severe trauma’s told to them by my son, then, age 18, including rape as a 17 yr old minor. Instead he was heavily drugged. I only recently learned of this horrendous crime after reviewing the hospital records.
 Prescribed Drug Withdraw Effect InducesSelf-Harming Behavior
3)      Between December 1994-December 1995, my son experienced Severe and Dangerous side effects AND  withdraw effects of these drugs. ( intentionally giving himself 3 degree burns, superficially cutting his wrists with a razor blade, believing he was going to die from the tormenting sensation of being poisoned , threatening to kill our pet). All of this was ignored by Siddharta’s doctors, even though, again, unbeknownst to us, they were listed as dangerous side effects  and withdraw effects of the drugs he had been given.  Some of these bizarre actions were criminalized.
          Drug companies lose lawsuit but are still able to market dangerous drugs                                                                                   Short term Efficacy---Long Term Chronicity
4)       This experimentation and criminalization has continued for 17 years  including the most recent hospitalization in 2011 where he was given DOUBLE the FDA Recommended MAXIMUM Dose of a drug that was implicated in a lawsuit. The drug company was sued by a state and the state won . That state was awarded a 2.3 BILLION dollar settlement  in 2010. The drug company was found to have lied about their research of  the effectiveness and the dangers of this and several other  psychiatric drugs. And yet this company is still allowed to market these same drugs. These drugs are so strong they alter not only the brain, but also the body’s hormonal systems and have caused men to grow breast.
Due to homicidal deaths, suicides, and severe mania attributed to these drugs, the FDA forced the drug companies to put black box warnings on the inserts. These brain-altering drugs often do indeed cause  bizarre, unusual, confused and increasingly aggressive behaviors. These aggressive behaviors can be toward others or one’s self. The acts are criminalized by the law enforcement system and the drugs are never implicated as causal and so he (as do many other young and old adults) cycle in and out of hospitals and jails, where they are drugged to  competency as quickly as possible, short term, to stand trial and often later released in a stupor of  DANGEROUS side and withdraw effects which again cause bizarre, confused  and aggressive behavior in our communities in the long term.    It is called “Short Term Efficacy -  Long Term Chronicity.
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