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 Urgent Alert: Call Lynn Samuels     360-993-3000
Ask her to drop the No trespassing order against Cynthia Fisher
 About the NO trespassing order
Informing supervisors of intent to videotape
About two years ago, I informed the top Columbia Rivew Mental Health Staff, who I had met with several times previously, that I would be arriving the next day to video their refusal to put their position in writing regarding a decision they had made. Their decision caused both my son and I serious harm.I arrived with another MOM in the Mom's movement, and with a camera that was also a video camera.
Videotaping for 10 minutes in plain sight
The quality control director and another supervisor met us in the lobby and did not invite us into their office to talk. The camera was in direct and plain view, pointed only at them, and I began filming even before they reached us. We remained seated, while they stood standing, so the camera was pointed directly up at them, being held by both my hands, positioned at about heart level, in plain sight and not at other clients. They talked with us for approximately 10 minutes, explaining their lawyer's refusal to put his response in writing, and then quite surprisingly ask if  I were videotaping them...duh--- perhaps they had not seen a camera that was also a video camera...
Immediately Stopped Videotaping when requested
I responded 'of course, just as I told you I would.' One supervisor immediately and quickly left the room. The remaining one ask me to turn the camera off and please leave. We did so immediately and respectfully, as their lobby cameras will verify. I can only guess that they thought it was just a camera and that at the end I would ask to take their picture, before it dawned on them that their was a reason why I kept holding the camera pointed directly at them, throughout the conversations
At last, received lawyer response in writing
Approximately two weeks later, I did get a response in writing from their lawyer, but, of course, not the one I had requested. No, it was a "no trespassing letter" informing me that I had violated their "no picture taking" rule, which I did not know about, and was therefore banned from their property and subject to arrest if  I stepped on their property in the future.
And thus based on this Columbia River Mental Health is denying my son housing at their main supported living facility, which is several miles away from where I was videotaping.
Please Call  Columbia River Mental Health Director
360-993-3000 Lynn Samuels, (ask for her voicemail)
Tell Her
1. Drop the No trespassing order against Cynthia Fisher
2.  Offer  no or low drug alternatives,
      staff training on psychiatric drug withdrawal.
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