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Urgent Alert: Wife needs your help Please call or email
By Cindi Fisher of The M.O.M.S. Movement
Urgent Alert: Wife needs your help advocating for her husband. Please call, email or write.
By Cindi Fisher of The M.O.M.S. Movement,
Power of attorney ignored
Bill and Rose West need your help! Rose’s power of attorney (POA) was ignored and a written promise by the local psychiatric hospital was violated.
Bill and Rose have been happily married for 18 years. In the bitter cold Nebraska winter of December 2009, their apartment building was sold. It was difficult finding a place in the middle of winter and Rose was pushed by the mental health team to voluntarily admit Bill to the local psychiatric hospital until she found a new home. Since Rose was leery of this plan, she had it put in writing that as soon as she found housing, Bill would be released. Though Rose found a wonderful small house for them in just two weeks, Bill has not been allowed to return home as promised since January 2010!
Guardianship given to stranger
Bill has not been allowed to return to live at home with his beloved wife as promised and is now under the court appointed guardianship of someone they had never met and rarely see. Bill is forced to live on the 3 floor in a group home with three strangers and take psychiatric medication. He wants desperately to be given his freedom so that he can live with his wife once again and choose his own medical practitioners.
Couple’s health and morale in serious danger
Bill’s health and morale have seriously deteriorated. Rose explains that Bill’s “morale is very low and since he has been coerced to take these psychiatric drugs he now has challenges with his breathing, energy level, blood pressure, blood sugar and weight gain. He also has gotten very sick several times while being there.”Meanwhile, Rose is exhausted visiting Bill every day and fighting for his right to come home.
Overcrowding in 10 block Radius of Homes
Since Rose’s POA was disregarded, she is also fighting to be Bill’s guardian. The owner of the 10 block radius of homes that house folks such as Bill is being pressured to reduce the overcrowding. It would seem that Bill would be a perfect candidate to  be released, since he has a home, a wife who has taken care of him for 18 years, and health practitioners waiting to care for him.
Bill’s parents strongly advocate for His wife to be guardian
Bill’s parents advocated for Rose to be his guardian. They wrote: ”We thank God for Rose as she has been responsible for Bill’s care, keeping a roof over his head, and being his loving companion and wife for 18 years. She has consistently been his guardian in practice and effect for this entire time. She has been his advocate in legal matters, coordinated with mental health and medical practitioners to ensure his health needs were met, and worked every day to take care of his daily needs. This has been a lifesaver for him and we are most appreciative and proud of her for this challenging and divine role.”
What you can do
Please call, email or write:
1) Tim Shaw, CEO of Nebraska Advocacy Services: The Center for Disability Rights, Law and Advocacy (NAS).
134 S. 13 St., #600
Lincoln, NE 68508.
Request that:
a) NAS investigate the practices and legal proceedings that led to Bill and Rose West’s forced separation; 
b) Rose be given guardianship of her husband immediately;
c) NAS also investigate whether others living in these group homes have experienced similar violations of human and constitutional rights.
2) Lutheran Family Services’ Targeted Adult Services Coordination Department.
643 S. 25th, #11
Lincoln, NE 68510.
Request complete dismissal of Bill West’s outpatient plan at the time of discharge on November 10, 2010, giving Bill and Rose the freedom to choose Bill’s care.
3) Bob O’Gara, court appointed guardian 
530 S. 13th St., #100
Lincoln, NE 68508-2795.
Request that:
a) Bill West immediately be allowed to live at home with his wife Rose; and
b) Rose become his payee.
Please help us track our support by emailing Cindi Fisher directly when you respond to this alert at .
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a more detailed story as told by Rose, and Bill’s mother follows
 In the bitter cold winter of December of 2009, my husband and I needed to find new housing, because our apartment building was being sold. Although my husband was under outpatient care under the local mental health team, I was his main caregiver and support for 18 years.  It was difficult finding a place in the middle of winter and when our lease ended and I had not found a place. I was pushed by the mental health team to put my husband in the local mental health hospital until I found a new home for both of us. I was leery of this plan-but I was assured and it was put in writing that as soon as I found housing he would be released.
Just two weeks later I did find a wonderful home…Bill and I have always lived in apartments and this was delightfully perfect for us. There were 2 good adult day care centers nearby and I had also found 2 local nearby doctors who were willing to see him.
Well instead of letting him go as they had promised, they held a mental health board meeting without informing me as his POA and somehow coerced Bill to sign to go to the awful state regional hospital much further way.  I talked to the supervisors of the hospitals, the mental health team, even the pros attorney trying to get them to honor the promise of allowing Bill to return home as he desperately wanted to do. I was told he would probably be released in one month and that legally there was nothing I could do. When one month passed they decided to hold him and instead petition for guardianship of Bill. But they didn’t have the guardian trial until September 2010, almost 9 months after I had found a home for us. At the guardianship hearing I was not allowed to enter any information into the court, my attorney did almost nothing to support my petition for guardianship…both of my letters from Bill’s parents and a longtime family friend were dismissed by the judge as hearsay, and yet their attorney was allowed to slander and libel me with no supporting evidence. I was denied guardianship and had to choose between 5 unknown guardianship possibilities and thus we reluctantly chose Bob O’gara. When Bill was finally released from that horrible hospital in November 2010, his outpatient commit for case management was to TASC under Lutheran family Services and his guardianship was assigned to Bob Ogara. Mr. Ogara, refused to allow Bill to live at home and instead placed him in a group home where 3 to 4 adults share a home and Bill is coerced into taking very toxic psychiatric drugs. The group home is part of 10 blocks of group homes, owned by one person, where many people have been ordered to live and I am very concerned about health and safety standards. Bill just recently began receiving $60 a month for his allowance…the remainder of his social security money is completely managed by Mr. Ogara…medicare is billed for every ride, every appointment, every test that Mr. Ogara decides Bill needs to have
        At this time TASC under Lutheran Family Services has authority to modify Bill’s outpatient plan or contact the Mental Health Board for a change in plan or a dismissal; and/or the guardian could allow Bill to live at home.
Please call or email and advocate for my husband and I to be reunited in our home.
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