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UPDATE:  Today, Monday, March 14,  2011
Celebrating Siddharta's return  HOME!
And tomorrow we are having a celebration dinner!
Sadly he is heavily drugged after 5 months of  forced confinement in the hospital and the effects are of grave concern. It is our hope and prayer to help him recover while trying to keep him out of harm's way and the system's reach.

UPDATE March 3, 2011 : My son has now been on the maximum doseage of Geodon for 5 months. This drug causes increased aggression and bizarre behavior. Pfizer, the makers of geodon lost the biggest lawsuit in pharmaceutical history in 2010. They lied about the effects of geodon and several other drugs and were found guilty to the tune of 2.3 billion dollars. And yet they did not have to or choose to take any of those drugs off of the market. They are still being massively prescribed to adults and children. Where have all the flowers gone... On the graves of the childen and adults who were part of the lawsuits in which deaths by drugging(simply collateral damage to Pfizer and i guess others)were part of the evidence
I pleaded with the doctor to lower Sidd's doseage even by 10% the last month prior to his release. He refused. The doctor is concerned that Sidd has criminal tendencies, since he has returned to Western State eleven times since 1995, often under a criminal charge. What is not acknowledged is that often those returns were drug induced behaviors which include toxic withdraw effects from a brain that attempts to compensate from massive doses of  drugs that become toxic in the long term.
Siddharta is also now on diabetic medication, which is a known side effect of the drug geodon. His eyes are glazed over and he walks and talks slowly. Five months of massive drugging has left him interacting very little with staff or patients and on his birthday, we had a very limited conversation. Is this truly what 5 months of "recovery" treatment should look like?"

UPDATE: February 22, 2011  In our last January meeting, before the doctor and I reached an impasse', he told me Sidd would probably be able to go home in one month. YEA!!!!!!!!  (around March 15) and I will be able to take him out on an outing on his birthday,  Monday February 28, 2011. We are planning to have a big Welcome home Bar-b-Q and celebration when he comes home!!!

UPDATE: January 2011 Sidd and I have met with the new treatment team  3 times since he was first transferred. The first two meetings, almost felt like what might have been a mini version of the open dialogue process. I was very hopeful and full of suppressed research information to share with the doctor and team. I gave the doctor an autographed copy of Robert Whitaker's book, An Anatomy of an Epidemic, as well as  Robert's affidavit. The 3rd meeting ended  with  both the doctor and I leaving very frustrated. I was in a state of disbelief, when the good doctor countered all of the research information I gave him with the statement to the effect that  anyone can manipulate research results for their own benefit.  Indeed that is whyPfizer and other major pharmaceutical companies have been forced to pay Billions of dollars in lawsuits filed by the states for falsifying data results.
UPDATE: December 31, 2011: I called the nurses desk to speak to Sidd's RN. She was unavailable because she was transferring Sidd to the Civil side; YES! more freedom, a new treatment team and perhaps more voice and choice 

UPDATE: December 30 Today I questioned Sidd's Social Worker Daniel Stecky about a more exact date for Sidd's transfer to the civil side. The forensic side is very restrictive, dangerous, and painfully noisy with screams and shouts of folks being VIOLENTLY assaulted while they are involuntary forced to the ground to take medication. Being locked up long term on high doses of psychotic drugs, with human and constitutional rights violations create an environment of danger and with very little healing opportunities. I was shocked when Daniel informed me that there was actually another person from the floor that had been waiting to be transferred to the civic side and he would need to be transferred first and in additional there were no beds open (seems there has been a shortage of beds on the civil side for several months, because of a ward closure and the redistibution of patients waiting list to go to the other side. No one told Siddharta or I this when he signed away his freedom in exchamge for a transfer to least a less restrictive environment.  I will call Sidd's attorney today and inform him I am about to send out another alert from MindFreedom regarding the lack of integrity by the hospital staff's part and request that they keep their end of the agreement.
UPDATE: Christmas Day: Fast Continues   DAY 50This week Sidd's attorney promises to work on getting him transferred to the civil side where he is supposed to be. He will then have a new treatment team and our goal is to work with them to agree to the discharge plan the attorney.

Your Help May be Needed Soon: I applied for guardianship of my son and his court date is January 17, 2010. Siddharta is in agreement with my request and I am fully capable of being his guardian. However, the court's guardian ad litum has suggested that perhaps a professional guardian could better meet Siddharta's needs. I can not imagine a professional guardian advocating for my son's needs as I have done. I can imagine such a guardian agreeing with the mental health "professionals" and allowing my son to be at the mercy of his "treatment team." If the guardianship is given to this stranger, I will not even have the durable power of attorney rights, I presently have. I will have no rights whatsoever as his mother and main advocate.  My intention is to resume my fast in front of the court house soon. When I do, I will send out an alert once again. I hope you will have time to support me in a mother's fight to advocate and care for her.
UPDATE: December 18, 2011   I sent out an alert through Mindfreedom to prevent Siddharta from being involuntarily committed and forced drugged. His court date was to be Thursday, December 18, 2010.
Honoring Siddharta's Choice
Because Siddharta was/is anxious to get out, he felt it might take too long to set up a hearing with Dr. Watson as our expert witness. I think that having Dr. Watson testify as an expert witness would have been the best route to take, and I think he would have been released, at the very least, before New Year's, with the tremendous support you gave. But I too must give serious consideration to my son's  voice and choice.
Siddharta settled for an option that should give him a bit more freedom right away  within the walls of the hospital and then we will begin to immediately work with his new treatment team. He continues to say he wants to come home as soon as possible, but he wants to at least to be sure he has  more freedom inside, if somehow our plan for his freedom does not work.
Assurance Our Voice and Choice will be Heard
We have been assured by the Chief Defense Counsel and his Assistant that our voice and choice will be heard by the new treatment team, and I am expecting that team to see the value and validity in the discharge plan we  proposed earlier.  So for the moment we shall wait and see...
Treatment Team Decision on Hold
Please check back in approximately 2 weeks, around December  29 to see if your powerful support is needed again to inspire the new treatment team to honor Siddharta's and my Voice and Choice!
UPDATE: Friday December 3, 2010 Psycholigist Oleger has petitioned for an involuntary commitment for up to 180 Days.  CLICK HERE
UPDATE:On November 9, 2010 he was transferred directly from jail to Western State Hospital for a civil commitment. The length is undetermined, although my son informed me, the doctor told him he would be there probably 30 days or so. 
I am celebrating and offer gratitude for God for the charges being dropped! I am praying and advocating for our voice and choice to be included in his recovery program at the hospital. Return here to Cindi's story for more updates!
UPDATE:  November 3, 2010 All criminal charges against my son have been dropped !!!
UPDATE: November 3, 2010 During the same hearing that his criminal charges were dropped Siddharta was court ordered to be civilly Committed to Western State Hospital in Lakewood Washington for approximately 30 days.
UPDATE: October 14, 2010 Although he is still behind bars, the restraining order was lifted completely October 14, 2010! Thank you Judge Hagensen
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