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seeking dialogue...failed opportunity
The strategy below dated November 7, 2010 which involved dialoguing with CEO Jess Jamison was not successful! My voice, nor my son's voice or choice was never seriously considered in his treatment plan.
My son was initially sent to Western State Hospital for up to 30 days.
Despite numerous attempts to reach his treating Psychiatrist, Dr. Karnik, Dr. Karnik only recently contacted me, which was about the 25th day of my son's 30 day stay.
In our conversation of about 10 minutes, he said nothing about prolonging Siddharta's stay.
I expressed my concern about the maximum doseage Sidd harta had been given from the very beginning of his stay. I clearly expressed my desire to find a local psychiatrist who would help Siddharta  in a safe drug reduction plan.
I, then ask him when the 30 days would actually be over.  There was a day or two discrepancy between when we each thought the 30 days would end. He referred me to the woman who tracks that information to find out the specific date. The impression I was left with was that he was expecting Siddharta also to be discharged on the 30th day.
Later that evening, my son was given a copy of a petition by Dr. Oleger,  to extend his confinement and involuntary commit for up to 180 days.
Thus my attempt at dialoguing was in no way successful and now I Need Your help!
November 7, 2010
I will Contact CEO Jess Jamison and request to have an honest dialogue with him about the long term effects that psychiatric medication have had on my son. I will ask him and the treatment team to dialogue with my son about what HIS experience has been. And it is my desire and I am sure it is my son's desire that this time we try a different model that does not include force or coercion, but ongoing dialogue and relationship building.
Return soon for updates
A Mother's Fast
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             The Power of Fasting
There is power in fasting, both personally and for the cause. As an unexpected side note, I have a much more vibrant and energetic body. Despite the challenging times I am experiencing I am still also able to find places and spaces of inner and outer joy, beauty, and peace in my life.  Please consider joining me one to three days a week or one day a month fasting on Green Smoothies! When you have a cause to stand for, it is amazing how it gives you so much resolve to honor your FAST DAYS. Raising the village begins with each of us and becoming healthy is an important part of  a resilient, healthy village!
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