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DECEMBER 3, 2010
Please call, fax or email Gov Gregoire:
Phone: 360-902-4111 |
FAX: 360-753-4110 |
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    Ask Gov Gregoire to.please contact CEO Jess Jamison of Western State hospital and request that the petition to commit Siddharta Fisher for up to additional 180 days be DENIED. His court date is Thursday December 9, 2010.
60 year old mother/grandmother
Will be Fasting
for the freedom of her son, Siddharta Fisher, from Western State Hospital
.I am still fasting 3 days a week, but I have chosen to try once again and establish dialogue with Siddharta's treatment team instead of fasting on the steps of the capitol. Perhaps there will be a chance for bridge building, instead of polarization.
 I am fasting not only for my son to have a voice and choice in his treatment and recovery, but for the many other mothers I have heard that have had their children, (both minors and adults) locked up with no voice or choice in their recovery, often forced or coerced to take drugs and kept isolated from family and friends.
It is time we take a stand for choice and voice and end the violence of coerced "treatment".!
I would welcome emails from other Mother's whose voice has been silenced in the mental health system.
email me at
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