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   The Power of Psychiatrist and the Correlation with Yet Another Mother's Story
 No, not every psychiatrist qualifies as unethical. But there is no other tool better than psychiatry which can so easily incarcerate children and adults without due process, isolate them including, excluding all contact with friends and family; and there is NO other field of medicine that is used to force "treatment" on someone besides psychiatry (and such treatment is known to often cause permanent harm). is often used as a tool to oppress or violate inherent Human Rights and the Sovereign Rights  granted in the Constitution of the United States
And Yet Another Mother's Story
by Rose
September 14, 2012
To Whom It May Concern,
Ronnie  is going to be sent back to Western State very soon. Hopefully he will go directly to the civil side because all his charges have been dropped. I am writing this letter because I want Ronnie to get the best care Western has to offer. Ronnie has been at Western for over a year on the Forensic side. He has had a very difficult time there. For a good part of the year he was drugged so severely he couldn’t talk. He was swaying and shaking. Every few months he was moved to a new ward where he had to start over with a new Doctor and a new team. There was no continuity of care. Finally he was sent back to his original Doctor who started the process of bringing him back to normalcy. This was only a short time before he was released to the jail. Ironically, since Ronnie has been in jail for the last three weeks he is better then he was in the hospital. He still isn’t back to normal but he can have complex conversations. I would like the doctors who take over his case to find out what medications he was on in the jail. I would also hope that Ronnie be put on a ward where they are open to receiving goody boxes as he has been denied this privilege for eighteen months. I love my son and I want to visit him regularly. In the year that he was on the Forensic side I only had 5 visits because they said his levels weren’t high enough. He was so drugged he couldn’t stay awake to go to classes. (He told me that this side effect has subsided since he has been in jail.)
Thank you for hearing my concerns,
read more from an interview with Rose by another mother
And Yet Another Mother's Story'
by Terry
I first became aware of Robert Whitaker’s book, Anatomy of an Epidemic in the summer of 2010, and found I could not read it without experiencing debilitating grief and panic.  I was reading what sounded like the story of our three daughters in the pages of his book.  For 15 years, I had subordinated my maternal instincts to medical professionals who had put our daughters on an entire array of psychiatric drugs.  As a pediatric physical therapist with 10 years experience, I had been a full participant in the medical model of treatment.  Part of our professional ethic is to first, do no harm.  I was shell-shocked as I realized that our younger two daughters who had both received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder probably did not have the stigmatizing mental illness with which they had been saddled.  The very medicines first prescribed them as pre-teenagers had most likely created what is called an iatrogenic illness: an illness caused by the drugs.  After seeking non-medical treatment for the emotional pain I was experiencing, discovering terms like Secondary Post Traumatic Stress, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and dealing with my guilt, I was able to finish reading Whitaker’s book.  Now, I was compelled to take action. read more
And Yet Another Mother's Story
Maryanne Godboldo was looking only for help.
Last year, the Detroit mother went to the Children's Center, a group that works with troubled children, to seek advice and a treatment plan for her 13-year-old daughter. The girl, who'd never had behavioral problems before, was suddenly irritable and not her usual self following a series of immunization shots.
As part of the center's treatment plan, a doctor prescribed the child an anti-psychotic medication. But the child's symptoms only worsened. As a result, Godboldo sought another physician, who quickly recommended taking the child off the psychotropic drug.
The mother agreed and, according to her attorney, who spoke exclusively with MLive Detroit earlier today, Godboldo began following that doctor's orders. 
Unfortunately for Godboldo, the state didn't agree. Child Protective Services wanted Godboldo's child medicated according the center's plan, and CPS workers essentially told the 56-year-old mother — who was never under any court order to follow the plan — to agree to their program or surrender her child.
She refused both. And so, on Thursday, CPS workers showed up at Godboldo's house with the police, who said they had a warrant to take the child. But according to Godboldo's lawyer, Wanda A. Evans, officers never produced a warrant even after Godboldo repeatedly asked to see one.
A standoff ensued. A gunshot was fired from inside the house — though, according to Evans, not at officers. Finally, after long hours of tense negotiations, Godboldo — a mother, a teacher, a dancer and a respected figure in the city's arts circles — surrendered, was jailed and, on Sunday, was arraigned on multiple felony charges.
And Yet Another Mother's Story
Below is my letter to holocaust survivor Thomas Buergenthal, former judge on the International Court of Justice.   I wrote him last week in care of the NPR program "The Story."  Since I sent this letter, my daughter has been released from Cherry and has been taken to Chapel Hill to get evaluation for brain damage.  It's nearly 10 pm and no one has called me to tell me how she is or what the results are.  You see, as her mother, I do not have the right to know unless my daughter tells me, and I know she would if she were allowed to make a phone call. 
She has been moved from Cherry to a private-owned company running a grouping of group homes - set up to continue her on drugs and help her "manage" "her meds," as if they were made by God just for her.
I know what these "meds" do to people and I KNOW she doesn't need to manage them; she now needs to find an expert to help her wean off them so she can get back her life, her health, and her mind.  A lot of people know this, and a few ethical ones are willing to stand up for the truth -that anti-psychotics kill - and they do little, if anything, to heal.
I am going to need all the help I can get from all the ethical people who are willing for the upcoming hearing to change guardianship, as I have already spent everything taking care of my daughter and fighting this very sick system on her behalf.
This story is not just about my daughter. All those at Cherry Hospital are being abused and forced-drugged - her roommate was forced on Haldol. more
Another Mother's Story 
                by Sarah Smith           
    "My 21-year-old daughter is one of those individuals."
    Special Message from a Mom of a Psychiatric Survivor
    bySarah Smith
    MindFreedom International Development Director
Spring is a time when MindFreedom International asks everyone to renew their commitment to activism for human rights in mental health.
But first, let me briefly tell you where I am coming from.
My name is Sarah Smith. I am excited to serve as MindFreedom's new
Development Director. I am passionate about the environment, justice,
and human rights.
One of the first things I see out my favorite window in Spring is
daffodils. Sadly, today, not all people can enjoy these simple pleasures because many are involuntarily hospitalized or incarcerated due to our broken mental health care system. They sleep and eat in rooms without windows. They walk down hospital corridors, wearing plastic flip flops, eat processed reheated food, and drink soda pop. They receive 15 minutes per week with a psychiatrist who speaks downto them when they are not compliant with the rules or do not appear to tbe grateful for the "treatment" that they are receiving.My 21-year-old daughter is one of those individuals.
Little over a year ago, she was a spirited and loving person as well as a gifted artist with deep connections to Earth.
Today she is a broken and traumatized individual in need of healing from the harm caused by the psychiatric "treatment" that she received in our more
Another Mother's Story read more
                by Becky Murphy                                                                      
Involuntary Transformation               Isaac's Story
My intent when I started this blog was to talk about my family's experiences with the mental health system. I find that it has for me become a way to share my experiences, observations and opinions about mental health issues in general, and how my son's treatment more often than not, caused further harm. Mental Health Transformation is happening--for some individuals and groups, it is too slow in occurring; and for others it appears to be an Involuntary Transformation
Another Mother's Story    read more 
    The Deadly Corruption of Clinical Trials                           from Mother Jones magazine Sept/Oct 2010
                                                                       Dan's Story
When you risk life and limb to help test a drug, are you helping science—or Big Pharma? One patient's tragic, and telling, story.
a good feeling about the institution that destroyed your life, which may be why Mary Weiss initially seemed a little reluctant to meet me. "You can understand my hesitation to look other than with suspicion at anyone associated with the University of Minnesota," Mary wrote to me in an email. In 2003, Mary's 26-year-old son, Dan, was enrolled against her wishes in a psychiatric drug study at the
. Less than six months later, Dan was dead.
Another Mother's Story read more
                                                                                  Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Emily's Story
Vancouver, Washington's Emily, FREED from Western State Hospital
Emily, a 29 year old young woman from Lithuania, entered a local Vancouver Emergency Hospital room in September 2009, experiencing severe menstrual cramps.  Read her tragic , but now victorious story of how instead of treatment for menstrual cramps, she was unfairly and  involuntarily committed to Western State Hospital as gravely disabled for almost a year. After months of advocacy and exposure of this injustice Emily was released on August 24, 2010. Read her story from the  link below.
Read full story at
Another Mother's Story
Friday Nov. 4, 2010
Lisa's Story
Dear Dr. Anderson, Ms. Bowman, Ms. Kennedy and  Ms. Griffith, I am writing to express my extreme concern for the deteriorating emotional, physical and spiritual health of my daughter, Lisa Coppock. She has now been in the care of the State Mental Health System for almost seven months and in that time I have seen her self respect, her sense of self worth and her physical health plummet as she has been subjected, against her will, to drug after drug.  Previous to this confinement Lisa was a very active individual recognizing that being in nature, exercising and her eating habits were the basis for her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. To see her now, with her spirit close to broken, becoming, for the first time in her life, more over weight by the day as she eats compulsively, refusing to even walk the halls as she originally did - choosing rather to sit and withdraw and eat - I am extremely fearful for her. I wrote to you, Dr. Anderson, on October 3rd expressing these same concerns and asking that you cease the forced medication of my daughter. You disregarded that request as you have disregarded Lisa's continual request from the time she entered your care to stop the medication and now more than a month later I am again asking, no, begging you, to please begin a humane withdrawal process so that Lisa's request is honored and so that she has a chance to begin recovering from the extreme trauma of the last seven months. 
Story in a Nutshell
Another Mother's Story  read more     Daniella's Story
After two years of mysterious allergic-type reactions, I took my daughter to a Boston hospital to have her evaluated. After 24 hours of separation and waiting, she was restrained and drugged against my consent. Two months later she suffered her first psychotic break, was committed, turned 18 and her guardianship was  temporarily assigned by the state of NH. She is now only being treated exclusively with  pharmacological drugs and exclusively for mental illness in a long-term, high-security NH Hospital. Allergic  symptoms continue to be ignored. I want to retain guardianship and get her correctly diagnosed
and have her receive a balanced treatment which would include healing  therapies along with any necessary drug treatments. I am seeking help with attorney's fees and with the high cost for an alternative mental health facility.
                                                                                                                   I have started this blog with my daughters  knowledge and consent 
                                Thank you
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