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OVER 100 plus phone calls
OVER 1000 Plus Emails and Letters

Still Desperately Needed Services DENIED!

Read the brief summary below and then Please HELP
Jeri Olson advocate for  her son by clicking here!

UPDATE: February 18 2016: Sadly, Jeri never received the help for Jacob she had
been advocating and begging for, for over 3 years. Finally, he reached a state of 
desperation and confusion; he went out in the rain, on  a cold, dark night with his belongings in a 
black garbage bag. He was picked up by police and then later released to the local psychiatric hospital. 

There, they proceeded to drug him with the very same drugs Jeri had told them he 
had the worst reactions to and they did so at very high doses. As to be expected under
the spell of such toxins he vacillated back and forth from anger to childlike behavior. 

OHA, now someone gets to pay the hospital and doctors over a thousand dollars a day. 
when all MOM Jeri was asking for was real care at less than a thousand dollars a month, 
(and remember this was needed to UNDO the serious harm done by last "forced treatment" 
by the hospital!
Let's see, a thousand dollars a day for a month is $30,000.00 for drug induced 
regression and aggression behavior versus LESS than ONE thousand dollars a month
 for REAL recovery support!


big pharma $$$$$ care!

Be sure and click the link to read more of Jeri's letter.

Please return periodically for updates to support MOM Jeri in her never-to-give-up fight to Save her Son's Life!

For over 3 years, MOM, Jeri Olson has had multiple meetings with city,
county, state and police officials; written emails on a daily basis;
and made hundreds of phone calls advocating for services requested by her son's
physician, and mental health therapist.

In yet another meeting on October 27, 2015
Oregon Health Authority Director Lynne Saxton replies to Jeri's request 
for services needed was,

"Or we could do nothing."

Since the services her son's doctor and therapist requested
 requested were ignored again, Jeri guesses she meant it!

Here is a paragraph from one of her latest letter...

Dear Lynne,

...My son needs a psychiatrist to adjust and manage his medication 
as he was released from the state hospital in worse condition than 
when he arrived. In fact in worse condition than he has ever been. 
Extremely delusional to the point I had to put locks on my doors 
inside of the house.

Your advocacy is needed!!! 
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and how you CAN HELP!!!

  Report to the  United Nations:
JULY/August 2014
M.O.M.S. Collaborated with CHRUSP (Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry) and other organizations to submit a paper to the United Nation Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) in July, 2014. We will be traveling to Geneva, Switzerland in August 2014, to personally talk to consulates and others about the report.

Please read my comments below leading up to the link...

It is entitled:

Report on
forced psychiatry and psychiatric abuse against African Americans as intersectional discrimination based on race and disability

CHRUSP is The Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry. (CHRUSP) provides strategic leadership in human rights advocacy, implementation and monitoring relevant to people experiencing (or labeled with) madness, mental health problems or trauma.  In particular, CHRUSP works for full legal capacity for all, an end to forced drugging, forced electroshock and psychiatric incarceration, and for support that respects individual integrity and free will. 

We presented the report to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It condemns forced psychiatry and psychiatric abuse against African Americas as intersecting discrimination based on race and disability, making the link between psychiatry, racism and eugenics. 

SectionIV. is entitled
African American Chronology of Genocide and Eugenics in America: The Chameleon may change its colors, but the canary in the coal mine is Black….
Vigilance is necessary to identify the ever changing camouflaged intent of eugenics.

It connects the dots from  former Pres. George W Bush's 2002 New Freedom Commission's  push for T-MAP and mental health screening of 52 million American Children, back to Dr. Ben Rush's diagnosis in 1779 that negritude (being black) was a disease similar to leprosy, and forward to Rep Tim Murphy's current bill in 2014, pushing for expanded powers of the police and government to support forced  commitment and forced drugging of the American People. 

M.OM.S believes this chronology also demonstrates how  the attempt at social control through forced commitment and forced drugging is a growing threat to All Americans, because the majority of the American Workers are No Longer Needed...of any color.

 The eugenics of the African American race, IS the canary in the coal mine for the American people.

Please read and distribute widely.

shadow report to the United Nations

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                      1. Beyond Soteria
                 2. A Legally Binding Community Bill of Rights

Update: April 2015   4 years plus-Detention without trial to prove his innocence! Dominique, only 21 when entering this abusive unjust system is still being heavily drugged with unwanted potent psychiatric drug injections while still being confined and traumatized at Western State Hospital, in Lakewood WA... Free Dominique Call Senator Murray today!  information is under Under Alert below!!!
Dominique Jamerson: Was it meant to be a cruel, inhumane and  degrading form of retaliation/torture against a young 24 year old African American Man by Seattle, WA's pros atty office because we dared to protest his continued abuse? YOU be the judge !!!
Scroll to green column below

Scroll down to read Dominiques' Story  in the green column
Hectors' Story  is in the lavender column
Peace Health Hospital is Siddharta's Story, read below "From Compliance to Activism"
Telling our Stories:
The mental illness label is very often a target for persecution, where one is stripped of constitutional and  human rights and sometimes even the right to life...
Telling Our Stories purpose is to stand  together, as a village, to help heal ourselves and our communities. Telling your story can be a critical step in exposing the tragic and cruel abuse of a system with tyrannical control, and a first step or a last step in your healing process. as well as creating the change we want live in, in  the world..Please email your story to

A Mother's Journey
by Rob Wipond
Through years of turmoil and confusion, Cindi Fisher’s enduring love for her involuntarily committed son gradually changed her from compliant mom to mental health civil rights activist. That’s when authorities banned her from even contacting her son. But could she be a bellwether of a coming nation-wide wave of protestors? Read more 
and then return here for the story of Justina Pelletier

  The Video is worth a thousand words, a thousand testimonies, and  One Life...
                             Hector Ilias's Story

NOW OHSU must advocate to have the charges dropped/vacated!

March 4, 2014 Update:  Hector was released from prison on February 7, 2014, on one of the snowiest days of the year. Yet I imagine the feeling of the cold snow washing over his face was magical, tasting like freedom! Now OHSU must use their influence to undue the wrong committed by their staff and SAVE HECTOR'S LIFE
You see, we believed that since he was freed that the deportation process had been stopped. Last week he received a letter that he is still scheduled for deportation for a crime he DID NOT commit.
OHSU does not need to operate to save this life. They just need to do the right thing and use their influence to save the life they are responsible for endangering. Hector left Honduras with his family when he was only 2. This is his home country where his family and many friends are.  Honduras is experiencing major civil unrest. Hectors life would be endangered were he to be deported into a land where is now a stranger
OHSU Must advocate strongly to have the charges DROPPED/VACATED IMMEDIATELY!!
Jan. 24, 2014 UPdate: Once again, heart and hand together, the Village people Won!  OHSU produced a video! Only Hector's Mother was allowed to see it. Hector always proclaimed his innocence and the VIDEO IS worth a thousand OHSU's staff testimonies. He is innocent! OHSU must now see that JUSTICE is done.!The video is proof that their staff lied; his former attorney Britt lied; his current attorney failed to demand a retrial basd on this video. Actually this video was never mentioned in the court papers; the court trial in 2011 said they had a video of the testimony of staff and doctor witnesses. This video was of Hector in "real time" proving his innocence and exposing their lies. OHSU Administration must view both videos and determined who should be held accountable for sending a young innocent African American man to prison isolation for 3 years and who is now ready to be deported for a crime he did not commit.
Call OHSU 503-494-7959 and tell them "strongly advocate for charges to be dropped against HECTOR ILIAS(Il-ee-us)
The VIDEO proves his innocence!

   59 minute You tube video interview of Cindi Fisher with Dr. Don in 2012: 
My Son's story is told mostly in the last 30 minutes  Click Here
Cindi Fisher November 5,  2013    1 week before Hunger Strike     
at Sen. Patty Murray's Office in D. C  
reporting abuse and retaliatory acts of Western State Hospital, Lakewood, WA

Cindi Fisher advocating for Dominique Jamerson  in Seattle   
31 days into Hunger Strike
 Dominique was finally released
from the hospital BUT not to freedom.
Read what Pros Atty Eric Satterberg's Dept. did
just 3 Days before Dominique was to walk Free!

Waging Was against our Young Black Males!
3 days and a Million Dollar Bail! Read about it in the green column below...

We need 20 people to write an email to
PeaceHealth CEO Sy Johnson....
(thankyou for your very powerful and passionate email letters...)
Let's keep writing...

Click on Chapter 4 for current Urgent Alert Details!
Chapter 3: Oh Happy Day!
The Power of the Village People United and
Civil Rule 60 Victory (soon to be posted)

Chapter 5  Siddharta's Sory featured on internet blog magazine MAdi-n-America

of Siddharta Fisher began Jan. 4, 2014
Today is DAY 26  
Siddharta was forced to return to
Western Hospital in mid-february
Is this a setup to cause a breakdown under these cruel, inhumane, and degrading conditions ?
He has displayed amazing strength, courage, and cooperation.
Pray that he may survive this continued torture in a goodway!



Does the pharmaceutical industry use psychiatry
 to make obscene corrupt profits;
 and target, cripple and control generations of Americans?
After  reading each topic below, reflect back on this video  

ADA deficit and schizophrenic brain disorder that NAMI and pharmaceuticals claim(clik here and listen to lecture at 8 min 8 sec  and click here for 2003 study "proving so called brain disorder of mental illness.
Brain abnormalities and actual significant destruction of brain cells were  later proved to show up  only in patients who had been given psychiatric drugs long term...  click here for proof that anti-psychotics shrink the brain

We Do Not need more more psychiatric ; We Do Not need stronger more expanded forced laws;
We DO Not need more screening in that always results in more students being drugged
THE U.N. Statement on Forced including Involuntary Commitment ...Powerlessness and the Doctrine of Medical Necessity Equals Torture... read more
The US Obligation under the UN prohibition against torture and Ill more
    the petition HERE Tell Pres. Obama and the Senate to 
               Ratify the U.N. Convention on the  Rights of  
                    without , Understandings, and Declarations (RUD's)
"We seek to be pro-active and preventive in our care for persons. We promote relation based approaches for troubled and distressed children and adults and encourage the development and implementation of community based . We advocate for juvenile justice reform and for an system that inspires a zeal for learning and is respectful of innate strengths and abilities. We believe in the development of community based . We are opposed to force and coercion in the system.."
National Empowerment Center () Calls for Delivered Services
instead of more forced . "The best means to help people recover from issues is to fund more voluntary consumer-based services delivered by people who ourselves have recovered." Dr. Daniel Fisherread more
MOMS Challenge... The informational links above concerning psychiatry's targeting of Americans are very powerful, informative, disturbing and could be overwhelming if read alone. Each Monday, beginning September 30, 2013 I will post a on face book for discussion  ... share your thoughts, your stories, your outrage, and "your Light," the entire week. Friend me and like me on ... OR to  for  a  weekly highlight  click here
Cindi Fisher Vancouver, WA
  (sorry...If  you are unable to read this column try opening your in explorer)
                                        62 year old Grandmother  RETALIATED  AGAINST  BY  WESTERN  STATE      Tacoma, WA
Clark County Guardian  Ad  Litem  Lisa  Rasmussen
AS  THE  COURT 6  MONTH  PROTECTION  ORDER  severing her from her son !!!
Return soon for updates of her next steps and how YOU can take action!
Cindi Fisher, pictured here, and above advocating in front of Western State Hospital, is a mother and grandmother, who went on a 16 day Hunger Strike earlier this year  and with other MOMS walked 100 miles to Western State Hospital last year, to shine a light on Western States broken and cruel system and to protest the abuse of her son , Siddharta Fisher and other adult sons and daughters. In retaliation, July 10, 2013 she was taken to court and "found guilty" for exercising her first amendment right, which the accusers claimed was a form of abuse and caused harm to her son.
Through faith and nationwide , she defended herself pro-se against their lawyer , Rachel Brooks.  The requested- "up to 5 year" -vulnerable adult protection order was reduced to 6 months. However she is still outraged that exercising her first amendment right of free speech to advocate for her son's constitutional and ADA rights were used to punish her, and she is deeply grieved, and gravely concerned that she has been completely severed from with her son, who is now without the strong protection advocacy of his mother, until a 6 months January 3,  2014.
Return soon for updates of her next steps to rescind the entire order and how you CAN TAKE ACTION! or contact her at  360-254-8703 
(Cindi and other MOMS are spending 60 to 70 hours a week  advocating for our sons and and financial support is much needed!)
The M.O.M.S. are looking for a downtown Vancouver,WA central location to be used as a meeting place, as well as a shared  residence. We are under a non-profit fiscal sponsor umbrella. We welcome your volunteer hours and financial support.
Seattle's Trayvon Martin is still alive! You can Help,
He was wearing a "Back Hoodie"
profiled by Seattle police!
He has been held without trial since January 2012
The DNA proved him innocent!
UPDATE March 4, 2014 Outrage!!!
Dominique has been returned to Western State hospital from the jail to the CRIMINAL SIDE of the Hospital!
Everyday by phone he begs his mother "get me out of here!

to be drugged once again out of his right mind at  a $600 dollar plus a day ticket.
Outrageously this young man has now earned his captors collectively well over a million dollars.
Questions to ask the  the Washington State Appealate project regarding DOMiniques' case coming soon!

Was it Retaliation
by Chief Prosecutor Daniel Satterberg's Office?
You Decide...
Our call ins made a difference. In Novemebr 2013, the hospital had finally informed Dominique he was going to be discharged in 30 days. This, after almost TWO YEARS of being persecuted for being African American and talking to himself on the streets of Seattle.The 30 day wait was because they had to give the pros attorney's office a 30 day window to decide if they wanted to now proceed with the charges, since he originally was committed to restore competency (for a crime he clearly did not commit they heavily drugged him for 12 months supposedly to try and restore competency and then they transferred him to the "civil side"because basically they claimed he was "too mentally ill" to restore competency)
His Mother shared how excited he was to Finally Be Going Home... He counted down the days... 30-29-28....5...4....3 WHAT HAPPENED! #? !# with only 3 days to go; Chief Pros Atty Daniel Satterberg's Office sent police to Dominiques' room; with NO Warning, handcuffed him and took him to be CHARGED AGAIN with the same crime he did NOT commit! AND they gave him a bail of ONE MILLION DOLLARS...interesting enough 1 /2  of that is about what the hospital made for those 2 years they stole of his life; the drugs may have stolen his future as well; most of the drugs they are forcing our African American Men and Women to  take have sterility as a side effect. Is  this a form of racial genocide via mental health treatment. Since his new incarceration, he has been to court 3 times and had it continued, because, it appeared nobody knew what the pros. atty wanted. WEll now it is clear...At his last court date Dominique was ONCE AGAIN DECLARED INCOMPETENT TO STAND TRIAL and is being drugged behind bars guarded by an outrageous MILLION DOLLAR BAIL devastating and destroying his precious young life! 
Watch the two videos below and
then call Chief Pros Atty Daniel SATterbergs' Office and tell him to 1.)drop the charges completely and arrange for Dominiques' fREEDOM, and financial support for his mother to care for the severe trauma and damages they have done to this innocent young African American Man.

Urgent Alert for Dominique Jamerson read about the systemic enslavement of African Americans in our mental health systems
click here or read details below and then take action
at the bottom of this green column!
The New Jim Crow Part 2...  African American Men are
Denied their due process "Day in Court" to prove their innocence and thus/
by declaring them "incompetent to stand trial"/
hospital bars and chemical restraints are substituted for  bars/

**Video -Prof Amos Wilson
Discusses oppression and genocide of  our
by medicalizing societal problems.
They are then forced by court order to take mind and body altering drugs that for many cause sterility, agitate one into violence and confusion, destroy one's ability to critically think, cause suicidal and homicidal urges. Although Dominique, Was NOT on any psychotic drugs and was only walking down the street; for those forced onto these drugs, the actions that are drug induced are criminalized!!! and the vicious competency restoration repeats itself  over and over again.  Yet any abrupt withdrawal from these dangerous psychotic drugs that are not carefully monitored can cause even worse inner terror and serious physical medical harm. (DO NOT encourage any loved one  or others to abruptly withdrawal from these dangerous drugs;)The UN has declared forced psychiatric treatment as torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading here to read more and then return here to help save Dominique's life
 (some psychiatric drugs,  MAY indeed be needed short term, HOWEVER, solid research has proven, they are only effective for 15 to 20 % of the adult population in general and  --for others , long term use causes destruction to the mind and body and on the average a 25 year early death rate...)
And the hospital masters earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in one year alone/for one "patient." This hospital has earned almost $$ ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS $$  for Dominique's crime of walking while Black and wearing a Black Hoodie..Each day they to imprison him behind hospital bars, they earn an additional $580 PLUS....
The New Jim Crow part two is this...
African American men are "forced to pop pills instead of pick cotton"!
(Although many, many others are caught in this web of mind and body control and destruction, one of  the main targets seem to be  African American Men...(see the book Targeting Children of Color, by Peter Breggin)
(After reading this be sure and return to read next article below in the blue box "The Pathologizing of  African Americans by Psychiatry)
Trayvon Martin, a young African American Man wore a , and jeans,  and the person who took his life goes free.
Dominique Jamerson, 23, a young African American Man was walking the streets of Seattle, Washington in early 2012, wearing a black hoodie, , and back shoes. Dominique lost his freedom without his day in court to prove his innocence.
Dominique feels he was targeted by police for no other reason than walking while black... was it again the back hoodie?   He has not yet lost his life, but it is a slow and early death he is possibly facing.  The side effects of the drugs he has been court ordered to take are scientifically proven to cause 25 early death in  many of its long term users. Forced to take these drugs over a year, Dominique says both his mind and body are suffering serious side effects.
He lost his freedom  without his day in court to prove his innocence. He was picked up by police because they said he looked like the person they were looking for who committed a crime across town. He  was alleged to have  stabbed another man a dozen times a few hours earlier.
When Dominique was taken downtown to be interrogated; his back hoodie, black pants, and black shoes were taken by detectives for DNA testing. Dominique's mother says she was told by his defense attorney, his clothing came back negative for any signs that would implicate him in the crime. IN REALITY, AT THAT POINT,the pros. atty should have DROPPED THE CHARGES and set Dominique FREE.   18 months later,  Dominique is still locked behind hospital bars, begging to be set free or at the very least have his day in court, because he knows he will be found innocent. He is GRAVELY CONCERNED about the effect of the medication on his mind  and body and yet his plea is steadily being denied.
Update:Dominique lived almost 22 years of his life without psych medication(his father, now deceased, stopped the schools attempt early in Dominique's life after only 1 week on ritalin, and upon seeing the lethargy in his son, refused the schools coercion to continue drugging his son) During those 22 years he was never convicted of any crime.  
Finally AFTER many calls to Sen. Murray, the discharge process is being considered.  Now after 18 months of drugging with drugs KNOWN to cause aggression, inhibit impulse control, and create apathy,the hospital has DECLARED DOMINIQUE  GRAVELY ILL AND A DANGER TO OTHER AND ARE DEMANDING A CONDITIONAL RELEASE WHICH WILL MANDATE THAT DOMINIQUE CONTINUE BEING DRUGGED IN THE COMMUNITY OR FACE A RETURN FOR MORE FORCED COMMIMENT AND DRUGGING.  This whole abusive and unjust process as been declared by the U.N. in 2010 as CRUEL DEGRADING and INHUMANE treatment, a form of torture.
Western State  Hospital in Lakewood, WA earns approximately $580 a day PLUS doctor and prescription charges. So in one year Dominique has earned the hospital well over $250,000. It appears, each day of his loss of freedom, the hospital gains financially.
Is this the New Jim Crow part 2 that will make sure you don't get your day in court.
You see Dominique was yet another case that was "flipped" by Western State hospital in Washington. Flipped means, first he is  refused his day in court, because he is "declared" incompetent to stand trial by his own attorney; this means you are denied the right to GO TO TRIAL for your alleged crime -YOU GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND HAVE TO EARN BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS FOR UP TO 6  MONTHS, BEHIND LOCKED DOORS  WHILE YOU RECITE YOUR ALLEGED CRIME AND THE SENTENCING FOR IT...THEY SAY COMPETENCY RESTORATION IS  LEARNING HOW TO ASSIST YOUR ATTORNEY IN YOUR DEFENSE...
How much assistance does an attorney need to present DNA testing that will prove your innocence?
Then, after two or more six months periods of  their evaluation of  you that says they were unable to restore you to competency," then your diagnosis is "flipped" and now you are civilly committed as gravely disabled or a danger to others, for up to ANOTHER 6 MONTHS, and that can go on seemingly indefinitely.
A report to Washington State congress in 2009 says that Western State does this "flipping" significantly more than the other  hospitals its size. 
This also could account for why Washington's Eastern State Hospital keeps  only
21 % of its patience longer than 1 year, and Western State Hospital keeps 47% of its patience longer than 1 year !!   Can it be that Western State really has over twice as many "danger to others" patients than Eastern State. I believe Eastern State Hospital actually draws from a population that has a higher prison incarceration rate!
 Over 15 months later and DOMINQUE is  still  begging to have his day in court and the hospital is ticking off another $580/day...   ???
Is  popping pills the new form of picking cotton?
It is time to free Dominique Jamerson! 
Dominique talks to his mother often, and he has willingly allowed himself to be tape recorded by me during one of our phone calls. I did this because some drugs administered can disable one's ability to speak or think rationally over night, and it is a tool, to help prevent retaliation against Dominique, who is now a vulnerable adult in their care.
During this stressful forced detention and isolation from his family and community, Dominique has tried to keep his connection with the outside word through phone calls. There is little to do on the ward after the mandated classes end at 2:30. Dominique says the classes are of absolutely "no value or meaning.". He is very considerate and if others need to use the phone, he is willing to share the phone. However, most others have lost that outside connection to family and friends. Dominique has now been told he can no longer call as much as he has desired to do so. His level of frustration and powerlessness is growing.
Growing up Dominique may have had trouble in school expressing himself, and did not find a lot of success in school, and he will tell you that he talks to himself,  but  in my hour of taped conversation, and other conversations, he always answers clearly and stays very present whenever we are talking. He seems to be very aware of  his surroundings and  speaks clearly about the events of his  arrest, which he believes was racially profiled and about  acts that he sees are discriminatory where he is confined. It is not a crime to learn at different rates than others or talk to one's self, or to be Black. He  is very clear on what happened that day, and it seems that the DNA evidence would support his clarity and his  innocence.
According to another report, by a Washington State official, Washington State seems to have an unexplained increase in  referring people to competency restoration. 
CALL, EMAIL Washington State Senator Murray 
Tell her
 1) FREE Dominique Jamerson, locked up in Western State hospital in Tacoma WA,
 and Investigate Why the charges were not simply dropped after the DNA Testing proved him innocent. Dominique Jamerson was NOT FREED nor did he ever got his day in court after the DNA Testing but  instead he was  declared incompetent to stand trial!
2) Investigate Washington State Courts and the increase in Competency Restoration Orders,
3) Investigate Western State Hospital's high percentage of "flips'  from incompetent to stand trial to "gravely disabled" or "a danger to others" and their 47% long term commitments, while their sister hospital, Eastern State Hospital only has a 21% long term commitment rate.
4) Investigate if  Washington State's increase in Competency restoration and their "flip" process targets and discriminates against African American men and women...
To contact Cindi Fisher, the author of this story  and owner of the website click here

Psychiatry's New Jim Crow part 2...
A war w/psych drugs
The pathologizing, criminalizing, institutionalizing to neutralize
the African American Male
I have interviews with   several African American men who all were or are held at western State hospital  for  1  to 10 years. Western State hospital was noted to have 47% of its patients locked up for more than a year, while Eastern State Hospital only had 21%.
Check back here soon for more on this topic. In the meantime start with
this article The Pathologizing of African Americans by Psychiatry part 1  click here
written by Gary Null

Vancouver's NAACP  Meeting  third Saturday, 2013 10:00am
Place TBA
Portland's NAACP Meeting Fourth Saturday, 2013 NOON- 1:30pm
Emmanuel Temple   Church     1033 N. Sumner Portland OR
Campaign to End The New Jim Crow  Saturdays 11am-1pm 1rst and 3rd Saturday
Cascade Branch PCC Student Center
Peer-Delivered Community Services instead of more Forced Treatment
"The best means to help people recover from mental nealth issues is by funding more voluntary, community-based services delivered by people who have ourselves recovered: people who relate mutually or peers. Peers uniquely connect with the persons in distress in a non-stigmatizing, egalitarian manner because we have been through siimilar exoeruences. Peers operate respite centers, which are alternatives to more traumatic hospitalizations, and work as wellness coaches in health centers to help integrate mental health and medical care. Peers also teach the public how to help each other through emotional distress by a peer-developed program called emotional CPR (eCPR). Also peers are learning community-based, voluntary open Dialogue from Finland. Click here to view press release
"The frequency of schizophrenia in that region
went from one of the highest in the world.........    
to one of the lowest!"click here to read more
Since the use of drugs as the standard of care of schizophrenia in the U.S. our mental health disability rate has increased 300%.
  Guardian UPDATE: July 11, 2013   Siddharta has been placed under a professional guardian. I have a protection order that says that if Siddharta returns home, I am not to speak to him about medication and I am suppose to inform the guardian if he returns home. However, it is also my understanding that I am not allowed to know her identity. I will be  seeking clarification and also filing other court papers this week. Return here for updates...
Guardianship Hearing  Friday April 19, 2012 Clark County Courthouse 1:30
12th and Franklin  Vancouver, WA 
Update 5/2013: Thanks to all of you who showed up. There were at least 18 people at the court wearing the MOMS symbol around their neck...a heart, symbolizing "creating communities where the heart can heal."  Round 1 had both victories and challenges. The guardian chosen by GAL Lisa Rasmussen disqualified himself because I entered his citations into the court record.For round 2, I have the support of an amazing attorney who is guiding me. I am still fighting to be the guardian of my son. I will keep updating here.
Be sure and scroll way down to the breaking new video on risperdal, the very toxic drug they are injecting my son with, despite their horrendous side effects and the diseases this drug has induced in my son.The treatment team, especially social worker David Getty and G.A.L.Lisa Rasmussen have been thoroughly informed of the dangers of this drug and its extremely toxic effect on my son. This is one of the most expensive forms of the drug, and its cost is added on top of the $580/day the hospital charges medicare for this so-called treatment. 
Details about Western State Hospital (WSH), located in Lakewood, Washington, NOT Licensed as State Hospital in turquoise #1 box below...
SORRY FOLKS... My homepage crashed or was hacked...I will be rebuilding it with details about the hospital's lack of licensing and many other stories soon. Most of the information can also be accessed by just clicking on the white links on the left near the bottom.SomeStories still on the home page include drugging of America's Children, and Veterans suicides and psychiatric drugs.
  Click here for heart wrenching Mother's Stories. Their voices were silenced when protesting very disturbing Human Rights abuses of their adult children in mental health hospitals in Washington and throughout our nation...
  Click here for  the story of two Mothers, one middle aged and one a 62 year old elder,  who walked 100 miles in July of 2012, to amplify their voice, so that the truth could be known. They meet with  WA. Gov. Gregoire's assistants and end their journey with a talk with Western State Hospital's current CEO at that time Click here for picture album of walk
Rethinking Psychiatry.. Great Film Series is over but you can still see the great line up of films. Conside having your own film series (click here for details)
The M.O.M.S. Movment and Vancouver Community Rights Organization
are sponsoring the
Women's International League Ten week course  on
Challenging Corporate Power/Asserting People's Rights
Opening sessions Tuesdays April 30,    Vancouver, WA
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Siddharta's guardianship hearing was suppose to happen March 1, 2013.
January  - March 16, 2013  Guardian Ad Litum (GAL)Lisa Rasmussen 
& Western State Hospital's  unethical behavior has caused the delay of a guardianship hearing for up to another 60 days. Details soon to follow...
Return soon for Urgent Alert to  report Treatment Team unethical behavior and demand that Guardianship of Siddharta be granted to his mother, Cynthia Fisher...
Be sure and scroll down to watch NEW Shocking video on the drug they are injecting my son with.
62 year old Mother's Hunger  Strike Ends
began on MLK Day, January 31, and ended on February 15, 2013
16 days,17 pounds lighter, click here for letter from MOM-Cindi
and the transformational work continues
Thursday February 28, 2013  NOON-1pm
Vigil and Rally -- A SUCCESS!!!  for pictures click here , face book page (temporarily unavailable) 
Picking Cotton... The New Jim Crow part 2
 Although the dragnet of incompetent to stand trial  effects people of all races and genders,
this forced lock-up, especially targets young African American men; and treatment is reminiscent of the slave days.  Western State has labeled many young African American Men incompetent to stand trial and locked some up for years, without ever getting their day in court. As property they make their master's profit, not by picking cotton, but by popping pills... confined by law, restrained by tranquilizers to the plantation. (coming soon, article on unexplained increase in Washington State's  "Incompetent to Stand Trial Rulings.")
Breaking New Video on Risperdal the most recommended
pill for popping / for profit and its devastating effects!
Horrendous side effects, including breast growth and need for masectomy by men and Multiple Lawsuits
Why has Siddharta Fisher not recovered from any of  his traumas reported in
WSH hospital records since 1995??? Could it be he has not been treated for them?
2013 dollar count as of May 5 ..$580/day x 125 days
Watch the above video...My son is one of those they talk about
1. given prescription off label at age 17
2. first prescription was over 1000%  above recomended dosage
3. currently, at age 36 is given injectible form of risperdal discussed in movie as the best money make maker
4.  multiple articles emailed to doctor and multiple objections by his former Durable  Power of Attorney completely ignored.
Another MUST WATCH VIDEO about the WRONG Treatment click here,  scroll  down to last short video first, and then watch the other 2
Cost to payers for hospitalizing but NOT treating my son, Siddharta Fisher, for trauma at WSH in 2012 Over $250,000.00
In the over 15 times he has been hospitalized at WSH and NOT treated for traumas reported in his hospital records , 
 click here for details .
Grade F for 2012  Treating Doctor Jerry McGuire  and Social Worker David Getty
Grade F 2013 interim Doctor Dr. Aulekh and Current Doctor Wainer
Social Worker Director Laura Kelso and Senior Staff Dr. Waiblenger, for details.
 Washington sued in 2012 and won? Why are they still letting doctors prescribe this drug?
This forced treatment is reminiscent of the slave days...because Westrn State has been directly involved in labeling many young African American men incompetent to stand trial and locked them up for years.  Seems like instead of picking cotton for profit, they are forced to pop pills for profit, pills that harm the mind body and Spiritzz
M.O.M.S. Movement  click here to read more
Siddharta of modern times (my Son's story) read more
Six Mothers' Stories read more
...scroll down this column to read about the
3rd leading cause of death of young people age 15-24;
millions of preshool and older children being drugged;
1 in 6 soldiers in war given antipsychotic drugs... and then you will understand the need for
FACT: The 3rd leading cause of death of young people age 15-24 is suicide! Many more attempt it and are hospitalized!
What is it about our society, our community, our families, that our Young People
are saying NO to with such  finality! Could it be
the village could give them a
vision worth living for?
 FACT:  Psychiatric drugging of  preschool and elementary children to "fit in" our schools, our communities, and our homes has risen 35 fold in the last 20 years!"As of 2008, upwards of a million children in the United States—in many cases preschoolers—are on "mood-stabilizers" for bipolar disorder alone, even though the condition remains unrecognized in the rest of the world.
Is the natural wonder, curiosity, and desire to learn really broken in millions of  our preschool and school age children; and the antidote is drugs as strong and addictive as cocaine???(250 children a day are added to the social security disability roles.) or is it that the mentorship, and true education  are a function of the village
FACT: Military doctors are medicating 1 in 6 soldiers with psychotropic drugs.
Use of psychiatric drugs has spiked; concerns surface about suicide, and 
The war on terror proved to be a major deception of the worst kind...perhaps it was/is a war on us! Will 1/3 of these US Soldiers return home only to become the new generation of prison inmates, homeless, or death by suicide or homicide statistics ...NOT because they suffer from PTSD, but from the horrendous side-effects of homicide or  suicide thoughts and actions induced by psychiatric drugs? Not only are they given these drugs while fighting  on foreign soil, but they are often given them when they return home to deal with the nightmare war, waged in their own mind.They too need the Village to heal and keep from perishing .
I believe...
It takes a Village to raise a child.
Without a Village the children will perish ,
Without a (Village) Vision the people will perish!
Its Time to Raise the Village!
Extra Extra!!  READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!
Download your copy of the
Insider Newspaper Today! click here
Over 4000 copies distributed state wide!
Terry Dorn  and his publishing company ConsTal Publishing recently distributed several thousand copies of his newly published newspaper,"The Insider"!
ConsTal Publishing stands for CONSumer TALent! Many of you may already know the founder, Terry Dorn. Terry has been a long time advocate of empowering people all over the state of Washington, who have been marginalized, stigmatized and labeled as mentally ill. He has published several books including his own powerful Recovery Story,
"The Cross and the Psychiatrist."  Recently, Terry decided there was a strong need to start publishing his newspaper again! He heard the stories of Mothers with children in the mental health system, and decided to give them front page picture and headline coverage. The latest editions headline is Mothers and Mental Health Rights! Click to read pdf file
Over the years, many of those he has touched with his ministry of seeing the person behind the symptoms, AND their  Gifts and Talents,  have credited Terry with turning their lives around. He is affectionately known as "The Chaplain of the Streets.
Click here to read about the 
M.O.M.S. Movement            
It matters not the age.
A Mother's Love is forever.
Click here to read the tragic and painful stories of Mothers whose children were/are involuntarily trapped
(treated) in mental institutions...
Click here to find out about alternative, successful, healing,empowering models  in other countries!
Targeting Our Children:
This is what we are up against!
(This is a quote from Dr. Peter Breggin's Website...)
The widespread diagnosing of children is a subtle form of social control that suppresses children rather than providing them with what they need to fulfill their basic needs in the home, school and family (and I would add, the community/village).
"... the medical and scientific authorities, and the weight of the universities and government, wholly support this rampant abuse of children. From the systematic abuse of women, children and minorities throughout the ages to the institution of slavery and the Holocaust, those in authority have condoned and benefited from these abuses. Authority at the top of society always justifies these widespread abuses, otherwise the abuses would never get started, nor would they persist.
Reject the authorities. Rely on common sense, sound ethics and real science. Allow yourself to become empathic toward these abused children. Then become angry, energized, motivated and engaged. Educate yourself. My books and those of many others will introduce you to a new world of science, education and philosophy about childhood and children. Find your own way to protest and to make a difference. Join us at in our efforts to protect our nation's children from psychiatric abuse and to offer them genuine love, inspiration, service and education."
For more information about social control and youngsters see the Children's section under Special Topics and Children's section under Scientific Papers, as well as several of Dr. Breggin's books, especially
Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry
(1998).  Dr. Breggin's blogs often address current children's issues.
InToxic Psychiatry (1991)
Psychotropic Drugs and Children Video
by Award Winning Research Journalist
Robert Whitaker
The National Institute of Mental Health's 3 year long term research  results of the  effect of psychiatric drugs on children: increased mania, additional bipolar diagnosis, stunted growth, weight loss, increased violent aggression, brain damage (research was suppressed until 2010) WHY?
Thank you to the Over 500 people in the  area who came to hear Robert Whitaker lecture on his book
Anatomy of an Epidemic
in Vancouver and Portland!
"The FDA has put the interests of drug companies and the psychiatric research establishment ahead of those of America's children. It is time for the public and concerned professionals to take a stand against unethical pharmacological research on children." Dr. Peter Breggin
"False claims, kickbacks (to doctors)
felony crimes and civil fraud... it seems that the truth about pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer is finally starting to emerge."
"The FDA has put the interests of drug companies and the psychiatric research establishment ahead of those of America's children. It is time for the public and concerned professionals to take a stand against unethical pharmacological research on children. Dr. Peter Breggin
Read about the
The War Against Children of Color
Psychiatry targets children of color especially foster children.
The diagnosis of African American men as having schizophrenia, by public and private institutions, is 15 times as high as whites Click here to read about the exploitation of minorities:by Gary Null
Dear Reader, the following is a quote from  Dr. Peter Breggin, the author of the book"The War Against Children of Color." Words in parenthesis are mine, Cindi Fisher
by Dr. Peter Breggin
I am white and Jewish. It feels like a special honor to work in close association with African Americans on behalf of human liberty and mutual respect. As I look back on the fight against the first and second violence initiatives,(these initiatives are actual government documents that focused on targeting Afrcan American children) it strikes me that the victories would not have been won without the vigorous participation of African Americans. Often the dominant white society seems indifferent to the various psychiatric abuses, whether they affected blacks or the entire society. For example, I had little success in opposing the return of lobotomy until its effects on the blacks aroused their concerns. Right now the drugging of children in general escalates in America, with millions of school-boys and girls on Ritalin and other psychiatric medications. Yet it is only among blacks that I have found any concerted ethical or spiritual outrage over the medical diagnosing and drugging of America's children. It is ironic indeed that the black community remains a bulwark of ethics, social conscience, and empathy for children within the very society that so oppresses it.
9/02/2010 A MOTHERS FAST Day 2
for dignity and long term recovery
for her son, Siddharta Fisher, and for empowerment for the Movement of Mothers Standing-up-Together!
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